38 Metaphors for sermons

This fifth Sermon, excellent in parts, is yet on the whole the least excellent of Leighton's works,and breathes less of either his own character as a man, or the character of his religious philosophy.

I know what you mean as well as if I said it myself, and, moreover, short sermons are always the best.

I heard on the best authority that the sermon of the chaplain on that morning was the shortest he had ever preached as an Assize discourse, and my lord attributed it entirely to my supposed observation on that subject, so that my presence, at all events, was useful.

His sermon was like a hailstorm, the tail of the shower the sharpest.

that sermon's like: it's jest like one great rainbow all round ye, and before 'n' behind 'n' everywheres, 'n' the end on't reaches way to the Throne; it jest dazzles my eyes, that's what it does.'

"Mr. Halloway, your sermon is a dead failure,as a sermon.

that sermon's like: it's jest like one great rainbow all round ye, and before 'n' behind 'n' everywheres, 'n' the end on't reaches way to the Throne; it jest dazzles my eyes, that's what it does.'

There not only would the quaint melody of the negro "spirituals" swell instead of the more sophisticated airs of the hymn book, but every successful sermon would be a symphony and every prayer a masterpiece of concerted rhythm.

Sermons, agricultural addresses, and speeches at railroad banquets were only so many secession harangues.

The opening sermon by Professor Andrews, was a powerful exposition of Christian love, from the 13th of 1st Corinthians.

The writer's whole teaching presupposes, as we all know, a dogmatic religion; and these sermons are perhaps the best vindication of it which our time, disposed to think of dogmas with suspicion, has seen.

Mr. Prosper did not exactly mention the sermons to himself, but there was present to him a feeling that his heir had been wilfully disobedient, and the sermons no doubt had been the cause.

What is the use of the service, as we call it, if the sermon is the only or even the principal object for which we come?

The sermon was an out and out plea for the bill and obedience to its requirements.

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His sermons are not models of eloquence or style, but are practical, powerful, earnest, and orthodox.

" This memorable sermon was a strong expression of the belief common to a large body of Churchmen amid the triumphs of the Reform Bill, that the new governors of the country were preparing to invade the rights, and to alter the constitution, and even the public documents, of the Church.

When I say that the sermon was punk, I don't say it as criticism.

The sermon is the main chance, after all.

This sermon was the common topic of conversation for many days after.

But when the sermon commenced her large dark eyes were riveted on the clergyman as he gave out the text so well known to her: "I will arise and go to my father, and will say unto him, Father, I have sinned against Heaven, and before thee, and am no more worthy to be called thy son"; and though the sermon was half an hour in length, her gaze never left the pulpit.

" Sterne's twelfth sermon, on the Forgiveness of Injuries, is merely a diluted commentary on the conclusion of Hall's "Contemplation of Joseph."

From first to last, in all manner of ways, the sermons are a protest, first against coldness, but even still more against meanness, in religion.

His sermons were clear and logical and terse,not a waste word in them; and his mouth and chin are as strong as an old Roman's.

He preached mainly on the motherhood of God, and his whole sermon was a tribute to womanhood....

38 Metaphors for  sermons