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59 Metaphors for  settlements

59 Metaphors for settlements

Even before this date, there had been straggling settlements of Pennsylvanians and Virginians along the head-waters of the Ohio; but these settlements remained mere parts of the colonies behind them, and neither grew into a separate community, nor played a distinctive part in the growth of the west.

Austria, it has been intimated, might be induced to sell Venetia to Italy, and this is possible, though such a settlement of the question in dispute would be an extraordinary confession of weakness on the part of the aristocratical military monarchy of the Lorraines, and a proceeding of which it would be more ashamed than it would be even of a generous action.

Any settlement, then, must be a compromise between national and economic interests.

The seven other settlements were (present-day St. Peter's), (present-day Brudenell Point), (present-day Hillsborough River), (present-day Savage Harbour), Tracadie, and (present-day East Point).

Their successful settlement was a feat which by comparison utterly dwarfs all the European wars of the last two centuries; just as the importance of the issues at stake in the wars of Rome and Carthage completely overshadowed the interests for which the various contemporary Greek kingdoms were at the same time striving.

Other settlements in the district are Dar (administrative post Veracruz), Hera (Cristo Rei) and Metinaro (Metinaro).

This government is about fulfilling our commitment to have the settlement of land claims be a top priority.

In a few days or weeks their settlement is a place of stench, turning to disease; and thus it was, that, notwithstanding their fresh bread, and good cookery, and clever arrangements, they were swept away by cholera and dysentery, to an extent unrevealed to this day, while the British force, once well fed and clothed, had actually only five per cent sick from all causes, in their whole force.

This settlement at St. Annie's is the remotest on the whole plantation, and I found there the wretchedest huts, and most miserably squalid, filthy and forlorn creatures I had yet seen herecertainly the condition of the slaves on this estate is infinitely more neglected and deplorable than that on the rice plantation.

The baronet in a voice trembling with emotion at the sufferings of his own child, congratulated the merchant that things were no worse; while Denbigh curled his lips as he read the epistle, and thought settlements were a greater inconvenience than the bansfor it was a well known fact, a maiden aunt had left the Jarvises twenty thousand pounds between them.

The settlement was their world; work, seasons, crops were the adventures of their life.

The settlement of Kentucky was a much more adventurous and hazardous proceeding than had been the case with any previous westward extension of population from the old colonies; because Kentucky, instead of abutting on already settled districts, was an island in the wilderness, separated by two hundred miles of unpeopled and almost impassable forest from even the extreme outposts of the seacoast commonwealths.

Lord Cornwallis's permanent Settlement of 1793 was a revolution as drastic in its degree as that which Prance was undergoing.

The settlement closest to his latest location is Woodville, a small town of approximately 600 residents, located roughly 20 km west of Lindsay, and almost 20 km north of Lake Scugog.

The seven other settlements were (present-day St. Peter's), (present-day Brudenell Point), (present-day Hillsborough River), (present-day Savage Harbour), Tracadie, and (present-day East Point).

The oldest known settlement in Estonia is the Pulli settlement, which was on the banks of the Pรคrnu River.

The early human settlement where Simcoe his tent in the summer of 1793 was already about a century and a quarter old.when the British party's sailing ship arrived at the entrance to Toronto harbour.

Much more was ultimately given back to the insurgent tribes, and the settlement of the rest was naturally a tardy and difficult process.

The seven other settlements were (present-day St. Peter's), (present-day Brudenell Point), (present-day Hillsborough River), (present-day Savage Harbour), Tracadie, and (present-day East Point).

The chief settlements were Novgorod and Kieff, which became the capitals of independent principalities, Novgorod especially becoming an important commercial and trading centre.

The reason the French presented the British commissioners with these photographs would appear to be that they were evidence to support the French claim that English settlement along the treaty shore was a hindrance to the French fishery.

According to some accounts, the first settlement was a few years earlier, but the dates of the early travellers are very unreliable.

All these little settlements were merely fur-trading posts.

Probably the Roman settlement of Durnovaria was a parvenu town to the Celts, whose closely adjacent Dwrinwyr was also an upstart in comparison with the fortified stronghold two miles away to the south; the "place by the black water" being an initial attempt to establish a trading centre by a people rather timidly learning from their Phoenician visitors.

Your settlement, I do believe, is all a sham, and yourself no better than you should be; but if you had all the wealth of the Indies, your son should never match in our family, with the consent of ORSON TOPEHALL.

The capital of the Territory of Cocos (Keeling) Islands is West Island while the largest settlement is the village of Bantam (Home Island).

The so-called settlement of the question of national education is the most recent and most deplorable illustration of what comes of refusing to examine ideas alleged to be impracticable.

These settlements became thriving communities in which were concentrated the loot of some of the oldest and richest countries on earth.

So, MbS better come to the conclusion quick that a settlement in Yemen is the key to his near-term survival.

Their settlements were factories.

The settlement of the estate, so far as the world knew, was an easy matter.

In 1769, the year that Boon first went to Kentucky, the first permanent settlers came to the banks of the Watauga, the settlement being merely an enlargement of the Virginia settlement, which had for a short time existed on the head-waters of the Holston, especially near Wolf Hills.

"The Indians readily discover," says M. de Tocqueville, "that the settlement which is proposed to them is merely a temporary expedient.

The Otago settlement was the outcome of the Scottish Disruption; its pioneers landed in March, 1848.

The first English settlement (1788) was a convict colony at Port Jackson (Sydney).

The settlement in part at least is the outgrowth of a desire to find a place in which certain new notions of enlightening men and women could be freely tested and applied.

The nearest white settlement is Rio de Oro, about a hundred miles to southward; and even if we could reach that, harassed by the Beni Harb, we might all be executed there, as pirates.

The Academy (Big Dry Creek) settlement is the origin of Clovis.

The settlements along the coastline with access to the Bight and facilities are Ceduna and Eucla.

Another settlement was the Pacific Islander Kanaka Ranch, at the foot of Denman Street.

To have inquired whether our settlement at port Egmont was any violation of the Spanish rights, had been to enter upon a discussion, which the pertinacity of political disputants might have continued without end.

The settlement in the purported class-action lawsuit was a key component of the initial bankruptcy plan.

The first permanent settlement was Harrodsburg, then called Harrodstown, founded in 1774, but soon abandoned, and only permanently occupied on March 18, 1775, a fortnight before Boon began the erection of his fort.

The country of Nansemond had long abounded in nonconformists, and the settlements on Albemarle Sound were the result of spontaneous overflowings from Virginia.

Settlement was the strategy that the government, families in need, and the unemployed chose in those days to handle practical matters such as putting food on the table and a roof over one's head.

Even as late as that time of the American colonies, the little scattered settlement at Henlopen, made up of English, with a few Dutch and Swedish people, was still only a spot upon the face of the great American wilderness that spread away, with swamp and forest, no man knew how far to the westward.

Archeologists have found evidence that shows the settlement was a Celtic trading port.

But between an effort on the part of Maine to preserve the property in dispute from destruction by intruders and a military occupation by that State of the territory with a view to hold it by force while the settlement is a subject of negotiation between the two Governments there is an essential difference, as well in respect to the position of the State as to the duties of the General Government.

The settlement of Eastport, Happy Adventure and Sandy Cove was essentially a single phased operation from the 1850s into the 1870s.

The settlement of the finances and the establishment of various industries were his most beneficial acts.

The settlements are Puerto Harris, Puerto San Antonio and Puerto Almeida.

A settlement of these claims was necessary and the military triumphs are but the prelude to a great accommodation of intellectual interests.

This settlement of Mrs. Cadurcis and her son in the neighbourhood was an event of no slight importance in the life of the family at Cherbury.

His very settlement and occupancy was a proclamation of ownershipan assertion of rightthe most satisfactory, and so the Court would say.

The settlement is probably a landmark in Balkan history in that it brings to a close the period of tutelage exercised by the great Powers over the Christian States of the Balkans.

The first settlement in Ohio, the settlement which had most effect upon the history of the Northwest, and which largely gave it its peculiar trend, was the work of New Englanders.

The seven other settlements were (present-day St. Peter's), (present-day Brudenell Point), (present-day Hillsborough River), (present-day Savage Harbour), Tracadie, and (present-day East Point).

In the first place, almost every settlement made by the Quakers was a center to which Negroes repaired for enlightenment.

According to the account of Strabo these Italian Boii were driven by the Romans over the Alps, and from them proceeded that Boian settlement in what is now Hungary about Stein am Anger and Oedenburg, which was attacked and annihilated in the time of Augustus by the Getae who crossed the Danube, but which bequeathed to this district the name of the Boian desert.