44 Metaphors for settlements

Even before this date, there had been straggling settlements of Pennsylvanians and Virginians along the head-waters of the Ohio; but these settlements remained mere parts of the colonies behind them, and neither grew into a separate community, nor played a distinctive part in the growth of the west.

Austria, it has been intimated, might be induced to sell Venetia to Italy, and this is possible, though such a settlement of the question in dispute would be an extraordinary confession of weakness on the part of the aristocratical military monarchy of the Lorraines, and a proceeding of which it would be more ashamed than it would be even of a generous action.

Any settlement, then, must be a compromise between national and economic interests.

Their successful settlement was a feat which by comparison utterly dwarfs all the European wars of the last two centuries; just as the importance of the issues at stake in the wars of Rome and Carthage completely overshadowed the interests for which the various contemporary Greek kingdoms were at the same time striving.

In a few days or weeks their settlement is a place of stench, turning to disease; and thus it was, that, notwithstanding their fresh bread, and good cookery, and clever arrangements, they were swept away by cholera and dysentery, to an extent unrevealed to this day, while the British force, once well fed and clothed, had actually only five per cent sick from all causes, in their whole force.

This settlement at St. Annie's is the remotest on the whole plantation, and I found there the wretchedest huts, and most miserably squalid, filthy and forlorn creatures I had yet seen herecertainly the condition of the slaves on this estate is infinitely more neglected and deplorable than that on the rice plantation.

The baronet in a voice trembling with emotion at the sufferings of his own child, congratulated the merchant that things were no worse; while Denbigh curled his lips as he read the epistle, and thought settlements were a greater inconvenience than the bansfor it was a well known fact, a maiden aunt had left the Jarvises twenty thousand pounds between them.

The settlement was their world; work, seasons, crops were the adventures of their life.

The settlement of Kentucky was a much more adventurous and hazardous proceeding than had been the case with any previous westward extension of population from the old colonies; because Kentucky, instead of abutting on already settled districts, was an island in the wilderness, separated by two hundred miles of unpeopled and almost impassable forest from even the extreme outposts of the seacoast commonwealths.

Lord Cornwallis's permanent Settlement of 1793 was a revolution as drastic in its degree as that which Prance was undergoing.

But in a large view of history it is irrelevant, for beyond all doubt the settlements effected through the war of 1866 and 1870 were sound settlements and left the German nation and Europe in a healthier condition than that which preceded them.

Much more was ultimately given back to the insurgent tribes, and the settlement of the rest was naturally a tardy and difficult process.

The chief settlements were Novgorod and Kieff, which became the capitals of independent principalities, Novgorod especially becoming an important commercial and trading centre.

If no other measures are adopted this settlement will remain many years in the same unhappy condition and be useful only to foreigners."

Settlements under watermen up in trees callin' to us to stop for the love of Godmen in boats crossin' our channel, headin' us off, thinkin' nothin' o' the risk o' bein' run down.

Ministers are extremely economical of information: the anticipated settlement still hangs fire, and there are increasing fears that it will not hold water.

All these little settlements were merely fur-trading posts.

Probably the Roman settlement of Durnovaria was a parvenu town to the Celts, whose closely adjacent Dwrinwyr was also an upstart in comparison with the fortified stronghold two miles away to the south; the "place by the black water" being an initial attempt to establish a trading centre by a people rather timidly learning from their Phoenician visitors.

Your settlement, I do believe, is all a sham, and yourself no better than you should be; but if you had all the wealth of the Indies, your son should never match in our family, with the consent of ORSON TOPEHALL.

The so-called settlement of the question of national education is the most recent and most deplorable illustration of what comes of refusing to examine ideas alleged to be impracticable.

Their settlements were factories.

The settlement of the estate, so far as the world knew, was an easy matter.

In 1769, the year that Boon first went to Kentucky, the first permanent settlers came to the banks of the Watauga, the settlement being merely an enlargement of the Virginia settlement, which had for a short time existed on the head-waters of the Holston, especially near Wolf Hills.

"The Indians readily discover," says M. de Tocqueville, "that the settlement which is proposed to them is merely a temporary expedient.

The Otago settlement was the outcome of the Scottish Disruption; its pioneers landed in March, 1848.

44 Metaphors for  settlements