108 Metaphors for sighting

[Illustration: Where the Queen Played] CHAPTER VIII MARIE ANTOINETTE Stereotyped sights are rarely the most engrossing.

The sight, says Addison, is the most perfect of all our senses; and this is unquestionably true.

She forgot the crumbs and the robins for, although her letter was two days old and she knew exactly what it contained, the very sight of the written words was joy to her.

" "But I would not let you go," he replied, "you must never leave us again, and besides I cannot fancy that sight is such a very precious thingdescribe to me what it is.

Daily he attended the sales at the Board, with apparently exhaustless resources, bearing pitilessly, triumphantly, until the unlucky bulls came to think the sight of his face was an ill omen.

The outline of a leafy forest is in comparison hard, gross and blotchy; the clouds of night do not more certainly obscure the moon than those green and monstrous clouds obscure the tree; the actual sight of the little wood, with its gray and silver sea of life, is entirely a winter vision.

The sight he saw was our starry firmament!

But the dismallest sight was a bloody shape, with face to the ground, fingers clutching the grass with aimless eagerness, and shivering silently with an invisible wound.

"A sight" was a prospect for a robbery, and to commit it was, to "raise the sight," or if it was a burglary or a highway robbery, the man robbed was "raked down."

There were many reasons which influenced him: the sight of that immense battlefield, strewn with the bodies of the slain, the determined resistance of the Austrian soldiers, the difficulties which would have to be faced in the Quadrilateral, the hostile attitude of Prussia, were all motives which combined to sway the French Emperor's mind.

The traveller was hungry; but this sight was a damper upon his appetite.

But the grandest sight was the cavalry, comprising the flower of the French aristocracy, and displaying finely wrought weapons, mantles of gorgeous brocade, velvet banners embroidered with gold, chains of gold, and other precious ornaments.

After this, I went on board; but the first sight I met with was two men drowned in the cook-room, or forecastle of the ship, with their arms fast about one another.

When Napoleon's Old Guard was advancing up the hill, the only sight they could see was the duke and a few mounted officers, till a voice was heard, "Up, guards, and at them!"

Except in the well-kept palaces of the great, houses in Italy are more like dens than habitations, and a sight of them is a sufficient reason to the mind of any inquirer, why their vivacious and handsome inhabitants spend their life principally in the open air.

The old man used to say that the prettiest sight he ever saw was the smoke arising from a 'Snake' branding-iron.

The dial-sight was a complicated affair of prisms and lenses which probably cost the Bosch about sixty pounds, and we felt a little sick at having overlooked such a find.

I am upland bred, and to me, too, the sight was a comfort as I stood beside him.

A gay sight were famous Finsbury Fields on that bright and sunny morning of lusty summertime.

To see that mountain monarch had been the chief object of my climb, so, recognising that the sight of him was a hope deferred, I made haste to scramble down to the tarn below, stopping here and there to fill my pith hat with wild rhubarb, and to pick or admire the new and always fascinating wild flowers as I passed.

The first sight they beheld was Mahomet, tearing open his own bowels, and calling out to them to mark him.

Later we are to see several thousand French prisoners; but now the sight is at once a sensation and a novelty to us.

The mere sight of the blue-white beams was the best possible stimulus to call him to himself.

The sight of a boarded house or glass window was a great rarity; a cordial welcome to any connected with the American army still greater.

" A large proportion of the prisoners work in a stone quarry without the walls; and the most painful sight I saw at Sing Sing were the sentinels placed on prominent points commanding the prison, with loaded muskets and fixed bayonets, who have orders at once to shoot a convict who may attempt to escape, if he does not obey the order to return.

108 Metaphors for  sighting