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14 Metaphors for « slaughter »

14 Metaphors for « slaughter »

  • 'And that first slaughter, which Jonathan and his armour-bearer made, was about twenty men, within, as it were, an half-acre of land, which a yoke of oxen might plough.'
  • This slaughter of Comyn was a rash and cruel action; and the historian of Bruce observes that it was followed by the displeasure of Heaven; for no man ever went through more misfortunes than Robert Bruce, although he at length rose to great honor.
  • Bill Slaughter is commission chairman for Lowndes County, which sits just over the Florida border.
  • In our opinion, however, early slaughter is the most economical course to adopt, and certainly the wisest advice to give to the ordinary client.
  • The merciless slaughter of two entire garrisons is a hideous deed, and a deed, too, which appeals with peculiar force to the popular imagination.
  • The slaughter, therefore, remains an enigma.
  • Robert P. Slaughter and his brother, Thomas Slaughter, were both officers in the volunteer service and just previous to the rebellion were engaged in the real estate business.
  • UNCHIVALROUS SLAUGHTER OF WOMEN Emotions are the product of actions or of ideas about actions.
  • Slaughter of an enemy, or mere murder of a slave, are other reasons for tattooing.
  • The slaughter on the first approach of the enemy was very severe, scores falling at every discharge of rebel guns.
  • Scipio, thinking that that slaughter was a signal for the revolt of all the Gauls, and that, contaminated with the guilt of that affair, they would rush to arms as if a frenzy had been sent among them, though he was still suffering severely from his wound, yet setting out for the river Trebia at the fourth watch of the following night with his army in silence, he removes his camp to higher ground and hills more embarrassing to the cavalry.
  • People are being slaughtered like animals in their own country.
  • If it takes the first form, and if we assume, as Lord Ampthill probably does, that the North European racial type is 'higher' than any other, then the slaughter of half a million selected Englishmen and half a million selected Germans will clearly be an act of biological retrogression.
  • He had seen the natives slaughtered like sheep in a pen, and the butchers laid bets with each other upon their dexterity in cleaving them asunder at a stroke.

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