59 Metaphors for  sleep

59 Metaphors for sleep

Hence, that sleep is the most refreshing, which is undisturbed by dreams, or, at least, when we have the distinct recollection of them.

"And now, Mr. Montgomery, sir, you've done enough for this evenin', an' a nine-hours' sleep is the best trainin' before a battle.

She was glad that this girl who was sleeping as though sleep had been a treasure long withheld, was knowing to-night the balm of a good bed, glad that she could sink so unquestioningly into the lap of protection.

Modern psychological science has little to offer of a positive nature in answer to this world-old question, but it has at least effectively disposed of the absurd theories of the materialists who would have us believe that sleep is a mere matter of blood circulation or of intoxication by accumulation of waste products in the system.

Nothing but hunger and hard rocks can convert him, and then but his upper deck neither; for his hold neither fears nor hopes, his sleeps are but reprievals of his dangers, and when he wakes 'tis but next stage to dying.

Sleep is the interruption of our intercourse with the external world: it is the laying down of our arms in the struggle of life.

Her uncle said sleep was God's contrivance for giving man the help he could not get into him while he was awake.

"Enough sleep ain't such a bad cure for gaps," she said.

The so-called "sleep of plants" is another similar movement.

The wind was frosty and the fire burned low, but my sleep was none the less sound, and the evening constellations had swept far to the west before I awoke.

Sleep was duty.

And sleep is life to him, so wake him not.

Disturbed or insufficient sleep is a potent factor towards producing a fretful, irritable child.

We both knew that sleep was the safest thing we could do, and to bed we went accordingly without further delay, having first thrown sand on the fire and taken the provision sack and the paddle inside the tent with us.

Sleep is a critical.

Then there are the larger physiological cycles, like that wherein sleep is the alternation of waking.

Sleep is the station grand Down which on either hand The hosts of witness stand!

Sleep is, first of all, a filter, or sieve.

And presently she did sleep, as I perceived by her breathings; and surely it did seem to my spirit that she had an utter and dear content in this arranging of our slumber, so that she did be all at peace in all her being, because that she did be nigh unto me, that did be her Own Love.

Sleep is a highly active process, which helps the body process the day's events and works to restore us physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Sleep is the only power that still has life in them.

No sleep is dreamless.

Sleep is a truce with the world."

Sleep was an utter stranger to my eyes that night: yet nature, spent and tired, submitted to a silent repose the next morning, and then joining reason with fear, I considered that this delightful and pleasant island might not be to entirely forsaken as I might think; but that the inhabitants from the other shore might fail, either with design or from necessity, by cross winds; and if the latter circumstance.

So after prolonged mental exertion, or in fact any effort which involves an expenditure of what is often called nerve-force, sleep becomes a necessity.

"Thou wilt sleep there for a time, at least until 'is Ludship's guests 'ave gone; the nurseries 'ave been turned into guests' rooms,'is Ludship 'as Royalty beneath 'is roof and bade me take thethe child to the furth'rest room and keep hits squawking 'ushed!"

Twenty hours' sleep for any one but a Rip Van Winkle was rather an over-dose, and during at least half that time we could think of nothing better to do than sit around the camp-fire on bearskins and talk.

"Their sleep will be long, lady;" answered the guide, shaking his head solemnly.

Life is a dream between two slumbers; sleep is death's twin-brother; night is the shadow of death; death is the gate of life:such is the mysterious mythology wrought by the sculptor of the modern world in marble.

The passage from life to eternity had been so sudden, as to leave the usual benignant expression on the countenance of the corpse; the paleness which had succeeded the fresh ruddy tint of nature, alone denoting that the sleep was not a sweet repose, but that of death.

But sleep is not the only time in which strange and unconnected objects involve our ideas in confusion.

She knew that sleep is the chief nourisher in life's feast, and would not withdraw the sacred dish.

He woke towards eleven, and a little after twelve dropped asleep again; but this time, the effect of the sedative having worn off, the sleep was restless and uneasy.

Or it might be said that sleep is the interest we have to pay on the capital which is called in at death; and the higher the rate of interest and the more regularly it is paid, the further the date of redemption is postponed.]

de sleeps are two chanoines, whose noses are so sonorous and so untuneable as to produce a sort of duet absolutely incompatible with sleep; and one of the company is often deputed to interrupt the serenade by manual application mais tout en badinant et avec politesse

Sleep is thus a disembarrassment, the unloading of a burden wherewith we have weighted ourselves.

We were given rooms where all the noises of street and trolley could be heard to best advantage; sleep was a struggle, rest an impossibility.

Only we must not wake her; for he who fashioned her has told us that her sleep of stone is great good fortune.

Sleep is a special relaxation, relieving a special strain.

Still, on the whole, sleep would have been better company and when at last he did drop off he did not relish being wakened by the voice of Ann at his door.

The Sleep and Death of the Homeric mythology were naturally gentle divinities,sometimes lifting the slain warrior from the field of his fame, and bearing him softly through the air to his home and weeping kindred.

Sleep is a morsel of death borrowed to keep up and renew the part of life which is exhausted by the dayle sommeil est un emprunt fait à la mort.

Sleep is a luxury we crave on a Sunday afternoon.

Until the darkness of the grave and the universal law of change and dissolution shall draw the curtain of death over his sleepshall prove his apparent sleep to be veritable death.

Fitness Quote of the Day Health is the first muse, and sleep is the condition to produce it.

"Balmy sleep, sweet nater's hair restorer," which sentiment I cote from Mr. DICKENS, who, I understand from the Bosting clergy, is now sizzlin', haden't yet folded me in her embrace.

It is far more pleasing to consider, that, sleep is equally a leveller with death; that the time is never at a great distance, when the balm of rest shall be diffused alike upon every head, when the diversities of life shall stop their operation, and the high and the low shall lie down together.

"Sleep is a rest or binding of the outward senses, and of the common sense, for the preservation of body and soul" (as Scaliger [990]defines it); for when the common sense resteth, the outward senses rest also.

Scientifically speaking, sleep is the regular period in every 24 hours when we are normally unconscious and unaware of our surroundings.

Now sleep is just another manifestation of this periodic and physiological rest by which Nature refreshes us.