52 Metaphors for soiled

A light sandy or gravelly soil is the best to produce a wealth of bloom.

"Can it be possible that the poor forest soil is the source of all this?" The eagle flapped his wings again, and went over to Aln Island, which lies opposite Sundsvall.

The soil was the deposit of centuries, and the inclination, from the woods to the stream, was scarcely perceptible to the eye.

And he said to himself: The soil, and the rain, and the air are my raw materials.

The soil is freeno man hath claim thereon.

Soil, &c.A mixture of old well rotted stable manure, with one-third the quantity of good fine loamy earth, and a small portion of sand, is the best soil for carnations.

Left the encampment at 8.10 a.m.; steered north 135 degrees east magnetic over sandy country, covered with coarse scrub; at noon passed a narrow strip of wooded grassy land, the soil being limestone and red loam.

For seven miles the country continued gently to ascend, the sandstone giving place to trap boulders, yielding a very rich soil, clothed with short green grass and melons, the soil being too stony for agricultural purposes, although I have seen country of a similar appearance in the island of Mauritius producing fine crops of sugar.

Old stalks succumb slowly; the bed soil is quagmire, settling with the weight as it fills and fills.

Just outside the city-limits, near the northeastern corner of the wall, lies the Cemetery, on a piece of undulating ground traversed by deep gullies, and unadorned even by a solitary tree,the only vegetation sprouting out of its parched soil being a melancholy crop of weeds interspersed with languid sunflowers.

The soil most suitable for them is a compost of leaf-mould, loam, and sand.

Low grounds that form the banks of rivers are, of all others, the best adapted for the growth of fruit trees; the alluvial soil of which they are composed, being an intermixture of the richest and most soluble parts of the neighbouring lands, with a portion of animal and vegetable matter, affording an inexhaustible store of nourishmentTrans.

These uplands, locally known as the Piedmont, were separated from the tide-water tract by a flat and sandy region, the "pine barrens," a hundred miles or more in breadth, where the soil was generally too light for prosperous agriculture before the time when commercial fertilizers came into use.

Up to this point the country had been fertile, the soil being an alluvial clay, resulting from volcanic rocks; but after getting clear of the line of hills, the soil became poor and hungry, yielding little else but triodia and acacia bushes; water was procured in several places in the course of the day's march; our course having been nearly due south.

Should the soil be clayey, and hold water, make V-shaped drains, 3 ft. below the surface, and let 2-in.

This causes the soils of these forests to be much drier, and also increases the danger from fire.

The soil is fertile, growing cereals, fibres, tobacco, and grapes; silkworms and bees are a source of wealth; horses, cattle, and swine are raised in large numbers.

Only consider, in those days of terror, When human floods swamped land and folk together, How every one, how great soe'er his fear, All that he treasured most, hid there or here; So was it 'neath the mighty Roman's sway, So on till yesterday, ay, till today: That all beneath the soil still buried lies The soil is Cæsar's, his shall be the prize.

There are several orchards in the neighbourhood well stocked with apples, peaches, &c.; and the soil being rich alluvion, the farms are productiveso much as fifty dollars per acre is asked for cleared land, close to the town.

To successfully cultivate the Amelanchiers a good rich soil is a necessity, while shelter from cutting winds must be afforded if the sheets of flowers are to be seen in their best form.

A green soil and a red skyIn a black coffin is a half-naked woman, with a Phrygian cap on her head, endeavouring to push up the lid with all her might.

The soil near the river was often deeply-cracked mud, water very scarce, and grass seldom seen.

The soil in which they grow here is half pitch pavement, half loose brown earth, and over both, shallow pools of water, which will become much deeper in the wet season; and all about float or lie their pretty fruit, the size of an apple, and scaled like a fir-cone.

It must be rendered impossible for Turkey to repeat such outrages: the soil where her alien peoples dwell must be hers no more, and any Turkish aggression on that soil must be, ipso facto, an act of war against the European Power under the protection of whom such a province is placed.

The soil of the park at Weald Hall, where they have been kept ever since, is moist, and the situation is much exposed.

52 Metaphors for  soiled