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66 Metaphors for  sped

66 Metaphors for sped

Speed has been the mantra for the actions El Salvador has taken: As soon as the first case in the Americas was known on January 22, epidemiological surveillance at entry points to the country, mainly the international airport, was reinforced.

The speed, of course, is always the same, whether up or down hill, or on level ground.

For caucus-goers, accuracy is more important than speed, but for TV news, speed is the greater value: You get something to report immediately, and if it turns out to be wrong, that's a story, too.

The 33MHz clock speed was premium stuff.

Senior police officers maintain that the speed of filing chargesheets in these heinous crimes against women is a prelude to the forthcoming Disha Act.

Speed and silencethese are the qualities required of you to-night.

The average speed upon such work is 1,200 stitches per minute; but many lock-stitch machines are run at 1,500 and 1,800 per minute, and even at much higher rates.

Speed is a matter of temperament.

The heightened speed of the consequences was in a sense merely an unwelcome proof of their system's efficiency.

'Go,' said the bishop, 'and speed be thine Thank God!

The results have varied according to the point of view from which the subject was approached, but all, directly or indirectly, sought the same goal (the obvious one, since speed is the essence of telegraphy), to find the best means of sending more messages over the wire in a given time.

Speed was his best safety now; he pushed on boldly, cheered by the thought that if seen by any of the posse he would be taken for one of their own number.

Because it usually takes years to produce a vaccine, Project Warp Speed was an overly ambitious timeline for this initiative.

High-speed is usually 200,000 bit/s or faster.

There is no heating, vibration, and the speed is 1 spot/slide/pin (61,000 genes are spot- ted in 3.5 h).

One glance at their shape tells you that speed is not their strong point.

The speed of rotation is 68 revolutions a minute.

John Speed, the historian, was a Cheshire tailor.

The speed of the wind was about 100 kph.

Uploading hundreds or thousands of megabytes from tens of thousands of computers would have been a logistical nightmare for the crooks, especially given that the upload speed of a typical home internet connection back then was no more than 1 mbit/sec.

Moreover, those who have read his manly autobiography know that this speed was by no means all "ease," as witness the almost tragic composition of The Bride of Lammermoor.

The speed of descent of head will be 0.015 inch per minute.

The paper tray holds 120 sheets, and our tests showed that printing speeds were around 13.3 pages per minute (ppm) for black and white, while Canon claims up to 10.4 ppm for color.

Its top speed is about 372 km/h (231 mph).

The proper speed of the engine was 75 strokes per minute, but if allowed to go at that speed the vacuum fell to 130 of the sugar maker's gauge, or 28-1/2 inches of mercury.

The speed of the wonderful little American boat, however, was not the result of any new invention, but was due to the perfection of old methods.

Which speed is the thing I want.

A Stealth aircraft is diving vertically downwards at Mach 5 in a region where the speed of sound is 330 m s and the Earth’s horizontal magnetic field strength is 20.6 ξT.

If therefore the speed of the Fairy be 13 knots, the speed of the new vessel will be 22.49 knots, although the proportion of power to sectional area, which is supposed to be the measure of the resistance, is in both cases precisely the same.

Speed plus dynamism plus scale is a proven recipe for risk, and today’s modern environments do indeed introduce new security, operational, and compliance challenges.

Also notice how the fastest access speed listed here is less than one quarter of the access speed in Japan.

On the first run Bluebird's speed was 297.6 mph (478.9 km/h) which was fast enough to be a new record, but not quite as fast as Campbell wanted to go.

Boston Frank in sheer desperation again urged the rapidly tiring horse to one last effort, but soon the best speed he could get out of the animal was a slow trot.

The speed of light is a constant (Einstein, 1905) and is accepted to be 2.99792458 x 10This was experimentally determined using a Michelson Interferometer immersed in gases of various known indices of refraction (Castellan, 1987).

Hasdrubal was sprung from the same father; trained up in the same hostility to Rome; equally practised in battle against their legions; and, if the comparative speed and success with which he had crossed the Alps were a fair test, he was even a better general than his brother.

Police are investigating if speed and possibly inexperience were factors in the crash.

The vital experience of the glad animal sensibilities made doubts impossible on the question of our speed; we heard our speed, we saw it, we felt it as a thrilling; and this speed was not the product of blind insensate agencies, that had no sympathy to give, but was incarnated in the fiery eyeballs of an animal, in his dilated nostril, spasmodic muscles, and echoing hoofs.

At 30 miles an hour the speed of the pistons will be 457.8 feet per minute, and 7018.4 lbs.

Telco giant PLDT said it is providing a speed boost for fiber customers in Greater Manila – Metro Manila, Rizal, Bulacan, Laguna, and Cavite – so that the minimum speed will be 25 Mbps.

The police estimated from measurements taken at the scene that the speed of the vehicle as it left the road was about 119 kilometres.

Minerva's speed, strength, & martial arts skills are the cream of the crop and she can create magic portals that can disorient the enemy or redirect their attacks.

" CHAPTER VI WAMPUS SPEEDS "So this is Albuquerque," observed Patsy Doyle, as they alighted from the train.

Very high speed is generally a delusion, and either results in indifferent work, or actually retards its progress.

At a water depth of 40 m, the speed would be 20 m/s (about 72 km/h or 45 mi/h), which is much slower than the speed in the open ocean but the wave would still be difficult to outrun.

“The speed at which this new vaccine has advanced into late-stage clinical trials is testament to Oxford’s ground-breaking scientific research,” AstraZeneca executive Mene Pangalos said.

The average speed of the Draco was, however, 8.625 knots, or 207 miles per day, the engines making on the average 57.5 revolutions per minute, while the Kovno did only 8.1 knots, or 194 miles per day, the engines making 55.5 revolutions.

The optimal curtailment wind speeds for minimizing impacts to bats are unknown, particularly the benefits of increasing cut-in speeds above 4.5 m/s or incorporating additional environmental parameters into curtailment triggers.

The specialist affirmed that the speed of care is extremely important in these emergencies, as well as the early detection of medical problems.

Q.But perhaps under such circumstances the speed of the screw vessel will be the greater of the two?

The speed of a caravan is the speed of its slowest camel."

Speed and stunts are the main goals for off-road bike sports.

Average speed is total distance divided by total time.

Rb-156 (600 x 900 mm) should be used where the posted speed is 70 km/h or greater.

The maximum speed attained on this wire was 65 words per minute.

Operation Warp Speed is the Trump administration's crash program to make a vaccine available in record time.

With this end in view a still further addition to the minelaying fleet became necessary, and since the mining would be carried out at leisure in this case and speed was no great necessity for the minelayer owing to the distance of the minefields from enemy waters, an old battleship was put in hand for conversion.

The acceleration of a cheetah allows it to reach speeds of up to hundreds of kilometers per hour in three seconds (its maximum speed is 112 kilometers per hour).

By midnight, however, I was satisfied that I had not attained quite 1,000,000 miles, or 275 terrestrial radii; also that my speed was not greater than 45,000 miles (11-1\4 radii) per hour, and was not, I thought, increasing.

Speed was a key asset that made him excel.

Speed is the keynote of the present age.

Just 5.7 percent of Mainers have access to fiber optic service, and the average internet speed in Maine is 21.2 megabytes per second.

When light travels through a medium such as glass, its speed is less than ; for a typical glass the speed of light in it is only about two-thirds of the speed in a vacuum.

The speed of that flight was Mach 6.4.

A Stealth aircraft is diving vertically downwards at Mach 5 in a region where the speed of sound is 330 m s and the Earth’s horizontal magnetic field strength is 20.6 ξT.

Copy speed is the average of FCOT, ISO/IEC 24735 Annex D. ADF copy speed is the average of ESAT in a General Performance Test for the default simplex mode, ISO/IEC 24735.

"Speed and violence is the proper attitude of youth, just as strength with a more measured pace is the proper gait for older folk.