236 Metaphors for  spirit

236 Metaphors for spirit

And lastly the Spirit must be Joy, because, working on these lines, it cannot do otherwise than find pleasure in the Self-expression which its works afford it, and in the contemplation of the limitlessness of the Creative Process by which each realized stage of evolution, however excellent, is still the stepping-stone to something yet more excellent, and so on in everlasting progression.

Publick spirit, where it is to be found, is the result of reflection, refined by study and exalted by education, and is not to be hoped for among those whom low fortune has condemned to perpetual drudgery.

So likewise the Spirit of God, whatever suffering it might be capable of in the Son, yet, inasmuch as it could not suffer in the Father, the fountain of the Godhead, but only in the Son, it evidently could not have suffered, as the Father.

Such are the best teachers: a dogma learned is only a new errorthe old one was perhaps as good; but a spirit communicated is a perpetual possession.

But the spirit in America today is the same as in England the first year of the war,a disposition to exclude women from full service.

But is a "vow" necessary to convince us that the true spirit for learning any art, most especially an art of charity, aright, is not a disgust to everything or something else?

"The spirit of your mother, my sweet wife, has indeed been our guardian angel," said the count, as he watched a fresh sea-breeze lift up the long dark curls, and call the crimson into Giulietta's cheek.

In our everyday life we do this by measuring the power of God by our past experiences and the deductions we draw from them; but there is another way of putting Man in the place of God, and that is by the misconception that the All-Originating Spirit is merely a cosmic force without intelligence, and that Man has to originate the intelligence without which no specific purpose can be conceived.

Yet, the spirit underlying the diverse celebrations of the Chinese New Year is the same: a sincere wish of peace and happiness for the family members and friends.

That very spirit of doubt, inquiry, and fanaticism for private judgment, with which Romanists reproach Protestantism, is its stamp and token of authenticity,the seal of Christ, and not of the Fisherman.

Hence, the Holy Spirit called Saturday the Sabbath day in this age, and surely it is the Sabbath.

This spirit of her father was probably the source of the Christian charity as well as piety of Lady Rachel's life, appearing in her letters and animating her whole conduct.

Why, valour is but the courage of a man; courage is, as they say, the spirit of a man; and the spirit of a man is the greatnes, as we call it, of his stomake.

The selfish, worldly, hard, brutal temperaments have almost invariably a far better time of it in the world; yet both the exalted spirit and the brutal spirit are undeniable facts; the lofty, unselfish, pure spirit is as real and existent as the vile and sensual spirit.

God's Spirit is a tree of life, producing life-giving fruit (Galatians 5:22-23).

This speculative spirit was a powerful stimulus to the settlement not only of Kentucky, but of middle Tennessee.

I remembered that in past years I had expressly disowned, as obviously unscriptural and absurd, prayers to the Holy Spirit, on the ground that the Spirit is evidently God in the hearts of the faithful, and nothing else: and it did not appear to me that any but a few extreme and rather fanatical persons could be charged with making the Spirit a third God or object of distinct worship.

In one instance, where the Spiritual garments were not white, but particolored (the Spirit was a Scotch girl and wore the tartan), the effect of de-materializing was capitally given by the Spirit's standing just inside the slightly parted curtains, and then allowing the whole outer costume, even to the head-dress, to fall swiftly to the floor.

Therefore the Spirit is Truth.

Spirit, I think, that is the word; the spirit of youth, of corps, of service, of the sea, of a ready, buoyant definitenessyes, spirit was the word to characterize these leaders.

The spirit of romance was abroad to-nightin the enchantment of the moonand she was wistful and imaginative as never before.

Danni Black aka Smells like Two-Spirit is a Blackfoot babe and femme daddy.

The Spirit is the Formless principle of Life, and the vehicle is a Form in which this principle functions.

Speaking about the Sunday's game the U-20 players Opa Clement and Protasia Mbunda said the spirit in the camp was ceiling high, calling for support from fans.

The Spirit of Generosity is a defining trait of our community.

The spirit of enterprise and the love of military renown had become as much a characteristic of the merchant nobles of the commercial republics as they had been, in a preceding age, distinctions of the barons in feudal monarchies.

That spirit of self-restraint is the essence of the American Constitution.

Wherefore, when we gaze on you, we regret no longer that we may not meet with Pheidias, Apelles, or Vitruvius, whose spirits were the shadow of your spirit."

The spirit of obedience is the controlling impulse that dominates the receptive mind and the hospitable heart.

About this time another company was formed, whose moving spirit was Mr. E. Stone, a man of worth and talent; the object of which was to locate another village at the head of navigation and about half way between the mouth of the river and Rochester, which they called Carthage.

Far from being broken, the spirit in him was happy, masterful, triumphant.

The spirit of the people is not a phrase, an empty name, but a real force, not the sum of the individuals belonging to the people, but an encompassing and controlling power, which brings forth in the whole body processes (e.g., language) which could not occur in individuals as such.

The spirit, volatile and fiery, is the proper emblem of vivacity and wit; the acidity of the lemon will very aptly figure pungency of raillery, and acrimony of censure; sugar is the natural representative of luscious adulation and gentle complaisance; and water is the proper hieroglyphick of easy prattle, innocent and tasteless.

You will have noticed that but two things are necessary in going through the first stage: (1) Prefect spirit of non-violence is indispensable for non-co-operation, (2) only a little self-sacrifice, I pray to God that He will give the people of India sufficient courage and wisdom and patience to go through this experiment of non-co-operation.

The spirit of this interdict is not a rooted antipathy to the grant of mere powerless empty titles, but to titles of nobility; to the institution of privileged orders of men.

The finest spirit among them was "holy George Herbert," whose Temple was published in 1633.

The Bound Spirit was a Sisseton.

And the spirit of the Vedas is purity, truth, innocence, chastity, humility, simplicity, forgiveness, godliness, and all that makes a man or woman noble and brave.

This spirit, indeed, is the key to his entire plan.

The pseudo-national spirit of Jingoism is the meanest and the most dangerous.

The Spirit Of Christmas is the latest Christian Christmas songs collection sung by various artists leading by American Christian worship leader, singer, composer, musician, Micheal W. Smith.

The moving spirit of this organization was Denmark Vesey.

Accordingly we find the great Law that, as Spirit is the Alpha of the Creative Process, so solid material Form is its Omega; in other words the Creative Series is incomplete until solid material form is reached.

Referring to the analogy in Figure 2, when the spirit being’s highest possible frequency is less than 16 Hz, the difference frequency would be lower than the physical frequency of 8 Hz.

In other words, the spirit of the poor is a blessed spirituality.

The Spirit of Christ is an ever-present reagent, neutralizing every rancor of human strife and blending all grief into harmonious concord.

The propelling spirit is devotion to the Fatherland: each believes himself a cog in the machine chosen of God to achieve His purposes on earth.

"May the spirit of Lord Jesus Christ," is his pious remark, "be with, and direct you all in the great work of leading souls into the kingdom of his grace!

A daring spirit in the nineteenth century would have been but a timid nursery soul indeed in the sixteenth.

Such a spirit of self-abnegation, the Reader must admit, is true love.