3 Metaphors for splash

That line of red therea lovely bit of warm orange you'd call it, Rautthat's the puddlers' furnaces, and there, in the hot light, three black figuresdid you see the white splash of the steam-hammer then?that's the rolling mills.

A faint splash could have been a muskrat near at hand or a caribou far away.

But a fitful sleep, and soon again I woke; and a long time I lay so, gradually becoming conscious of a slow dripping at one spot in the cave: for at a minute's interval it darkly splashed, regularly, very deliberately; and it seemed to grow always louder and sadder, and the splash at first was 'Leesha,' but it became 'Leda' to my ears, and it sobbed her name, and I pitied myself, so sad was I.

3 Metaphors for  splash