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104 Metaphors for  stage

104 Metaphors for stage

The biggest stages I’ve ever been on were Best of The Best and Sumfest.

The next stage was an arrival in London in the middle of a lovely May morning, a swift drive to Celia Lennard's flat in Bedford Court Mansions, the hurried rummaging of its owner amongst an extraordinary mass of papers, books, and documents, and the ultimate discovery of the French maid's address.

The five stages are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.

The stage is a world of make-believe, and it is the business of the lady of sixty to give you the impression that she is a sweet young thing of seventeen.

Men's Singles Qualifying stage was a pre-tournament, played by competitors who were not automatically qualified for the main draw.

The stage is his arena.

"Look here, gran, that's a very exploded old notion about the stage being a low profession.

Seven Stages to Eternal Bliss (by the way, the full title is Seven Stages to Achieve Eternal Bliss by Passing Through the Gateway Chosen by the Holy Storsh (wow)) may not be the name of a movie you’d immediately recognize.

The stage is the one thing in the world privileged to deceive.

We hope to live to hear operas in English; but meanwhile we must have music, and, at present, the Italian stage is the only common ground.

That they would ever reach the mine the explorers could not hope; they and their horses were in a state of extreme weakness, the distance to the mine was one hundred and sixty miles, and to the highest point on the Murchison, where Gregory had found water, their first stage was ninety miles.

The stage will become art only in the future, now it is only struggling for the future.

As the advance continued, the next stage of the proceedings would be the telescoping of the Divisional lines from the rear by the forward movement of Divisional headquarters.

The next stage was an arrival in London in the middle of a lovely May morning, a swift drive to Celia Lennard's flat in Bedford Court Mansions, the hurried rummaging of its owner amongst an extraordinary mass of papers, books, and documents, and the ultimate discovery of the French maid's address.

The next stage (7) is the Hospital Ship, specially fitted out, waiting in the harbour for its complement.

We must therefore assume that the second stage in the Government programme will be repression growing in violence in the same ratio as the progress of non-co-operation.

A preparatory stage is beatification, and the beatification and canonisation of a saint are promoted by a long, tedious, and costly process, much resembling a suit at law.

Indeed the preliminary stage has scarcely been reachedthe stage in which public opinion grants to every one the unrestricted right of shaping his own beliefs, independently of those of the people who surround him.

Based in Washington, DC, Restorage Stage is an independent theatre company.

"Boys, take my advice, the stage is not the question, But whether at three score you'll all have my digestion.

The next stage of the prosecution was the seizure of our book packets and letters in the Post-office by the Tory Government.

The stage is a primitive affair.

"One must not whistle on the stage; the stage is a temple.

Stage 1 was a loop around Besisahar of Lamjung district, allowing racers to experience the trails and views before the race started climbing around the circuit.

These three stages of development: deconstruction of content, demystification of technology and finally do-it-yourself or participatory authorship are the three steps through which a programmed populace returns to autonomous thinking, action and collective self-determination.

The hour of noon was past, when the stage was a second time filled with the privileged.

The next stage of development through which it was destined to pass was the Presidential election of 1860, where, necessarily, the final result would depend largely upon the attitude and relation of parties, platforms, and candidates as selected and proclaimed by their National conventions.

The three formerly mentioned stages Jusch, Aitomir, and Belligraoch, must either be villages of too little importance to find a place in geographical maps, or their names are so corrupted as to be unintelligible.

The four stages are: i.e. the advisory role in the family circle; Total renunciation of the world and its cares.

For the Stage being the Representation of the World and the actions in it; how can it be imagined that the Picture of Human Life can be more exact than Life itself is?

The biggest stage for Yang and Winters now is the State Capitol in Oklahoma City.

The talks have now concluded with the remainder of the negotiating to take place between Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and his counterpart with some suggesting that the next stage is the freeing of American spies incarcerated in North Korea.

The next stage is good doctrineI use the word, as St. Paul uses it, for instruction in righteousnesschiefly by means of allegory, all attempts at analysis being made through personification of qualities.

Rather this desire of well-doing and this doom of frailty run through all the grades of life: rather is this earth, from the frosty top of Everest to the next margin of the internal fire, one stage of ineffectual virtues and one temple of pious tears and perseverance.

Now shall you have three ladies walk to gather flowers, and then we must believe the stage to be a garden.

The first stage is a mother's feeling going out to her child.

Stage Two of the project will be the implementation of office and civic space anticipated to commence in January 1999 and take approximately two years to complete.

The first stage, under review, there's 67 claims.

Established at Constantinople, her next stage would be Trieste; and the ultimate Russification of all the little Slavonic nationalities of the Balkans, of which she is now the champion, becomes inevitable.

This is merely a corollary from the fundamental principle that the stage is the realm of appearances; not of realities, where paste jewels are at least as effective as real ones, and a painted forest is far more sylvan than a few wilted and drooping saplings, insecurely planted upon the boards.

The stage of her coming adventure was beautifully setthe conventional stage for the adventure of a young girl, her mother's drawing-room.

The next stage is good doctrineI use the word, as St. Paul uses it, for instruction in righteousnesschiefly by means of allegory, all attempts at analysis being made through personification of qualities.

They satirize or denounce abuses of Church and State, and introduce living personages thinly disguised as allegories; so that the stage first becomes a power in shaping events and correcting abuses.

The stage is generally a temporary erection improvised in a market-place, and the stage arrangements are of the most primitive character; no scenery is employed, and the actors introduce themselves in a sort of prologue, in which they state the name and character they represent in the drama.

Stage 1 was the Bologna Time Trial over 5km.

The first stage was of course the long Napoleonic war, during which the seed was sown broadcast; the second, the era of reaction and political exhaustion (1815-1848), when all that was best in Europe concentrated in the Romantic movement in literature, art, and music.

epitomists of Nature, we must here, too, acknowledge Shakespeare's great merit; only we deny, at the same time, and that to his credit, that the stage was a worthy sphere for his genius.

The precise stage of the proceedings at which such order may be made is a matter of municipal regulation exclusively, and not to be complained of by any other government.

The stages into which you analyze a change are states, the change itself goes on between them.

According to the Israeli-provided images, the construction stage was pre-concrete pour, meaning graphite columns would logically be in place.

All the stages of the journey,all the forms which cross or overtake the pilgrims,giants and hobgoblins, ill-favoured ones, and shining ones,the tall, comely, swarthy Madam Bubble, with her great purse by her side, and her fingers playing with the money,the black man in the bright vesture,Mr. Worldly-Wiseman, and my Lord Hategood,Mr. Talkative, and Mrs. Timorous,all are actually existing beings to us.

The first stage is simply the encoding of qubits; the second stage is getting multiple qubits to interact; the third stage is successfully managing error correction.

To drive away the hideous phantasmagorias that tortured him, as with the stings of demons, he had recourse to gin, and soon became a confirmed drunkard: the next stage was lunacy; and he was confined for fourteen months in Saint Luke's Hospital for the insane.

Variable Temperature Stage for Microscope – is an easy to use heating and freezing stage specially designed for accurate temperature measurements.

The first stage is moral sensitivity – recognising when an issue is one of morality, rather than a personal preference or practicality.

The anal stage is the second and is from 1-3 year olds.

The first stage is recognition intelligence, in which algorithms running on increasingly powerful computers recognize patterns and extract topics from a small sample of text or sentences.

The stage at this time was so much the care of the state, that when any disputes arose, they were generally decided by his majesty himself or the duke of York, and frequently canvassed in the circle.

When you're looking out on a sea of people and the stage is twenty feet in the air and you're performing, and you're feeling your music, how do they expect us to see something bad going on?"

In more scientific language an opposite polarity is induced, giving rise to a current which stimulates a particular mode of sensation, which sensation in turn becomes a fresh starting-point for still further action; and in this way each successive stage becomes the stepping-stone to a still higher degree of sensationthat is, to a Fuller Enjoyment of Life.

However, as the number of cores increases, the floorplanning stage becomes the bottleneck.

The stage was a platform set on this floor space with its back against one side of the yard, where perhaps one of the inn-rooms served as a dressing room.

“If we do nothing, Stage 8 will be a regular event by June 2021,” Eskom said, referring to an outage of 8 000 megawatts, in documents submitted this week to the Standing Committee on Public Accounts, parliament’s financial watchdog.

The stage alone is a quarter of an acre in extent, being 128 feet wide by 85 feet long.

I plainly deny his Minor Proposition: the force of which if I mistake not, depends on this; that "the Stage being one place, cannot be two."

The second stage, appearing by 4 months, is the development of crops of "daughter yaws"; papules that crust, ulcerate, and form exophytic growths resembling raspberries.

These stages are pre-processing, watershed segmentation, region merging and finally boundary extraction.

The third stage of the reasoning process is decision, based on belief, and it comes inevitably, provided the other two processes have been performed rightly.

The first stage is a lossy compression that can introduce artifacts or banding.

My submission is, that a properly-conducted stage might be the most powerful ally of the pulpit.

His first stage was Arqua; then Ferrara, where he was inspired, by a sight of the Italian poet's prison, with the Lament of Tasso; the next, Florence, where he describes himself as drunk with the beauty of the galleries.

From this stage, all stages become survival formats, and keen.

If the revolving stage should ever become a common institution in English-speaking countries, dramatists would doubtless be more tempted than they are at present to change their scenes within the act; but I doubt whether the tendency would be wholly advantageous.

The Pleistocene stage or epoch was a long period of time.

The Elizabethan stage was the ancestor of our music-hall, and to the modern music-hall rather than to the theatre it bears its affinity.

The stage is with him the fixed orb around which the whole world revolves; there is nothing worthy of a moment's devotion one hundred yards from the green-room.

The next stage is pasteurization.

The stage on which he was called to act was not the most public; the part which he had to perform was unobtrusive; but when the value of strengthening the weak, comforting the afflicted, and, above all, skilfully dividing the word of truth in the anointed ministry of the gospel, comes rightly to be estimated, it cannot be said but that the fruit was in some sort commensurate with the power of the call and the extent of the preparation.

As I have said, I am not concerned about the amount the government is spending in this budget on their own initiative, but the stage it has set for the future of the Yukon and the amount of spending it has set by this supplementary budget is a concern.

The first stage is modulation where I got to set the frequency.

These various stages or faculties are, however, not distinct parts of the soul, as in the old psychology, in opposition to which Descartes emphatically defends the unity of the soul.

The second stage, appearing by 4 months, is the development of crops of "daughter yaws"; papules that crust, ulcerate, and form exophytic growths resembling raspberries.

The final stage was the despatch of Kew to call on Nana in the Brown Borough.

They say the pushing stage was about an hour, but it really didn't feel that long.

RSC Energiya reports that the Proton's upper stage used for this mission (Upper Stage DM 11C861-01) "is the 242nd successful flight of US of D and DM types."

The Stage is England.

“Of course we are thinking about the summer, but the next stage for them is these qualifiers in March.

The next that mounted the Stage was an Under-Citizen of the Bath, a Person remarkable among the inferior People of that Place for his great Wisdom and his Broad Band.

It is, of course, a Latin word, and means "for all"; that is, the stages were public conveyances for the use of all.] %323.

If Punch grow extravagant, I shall reprimand him very freely: If the Stage becomes a Nursery of Folly and Impertinence, I shall not be afraid to animadvert upon it.

If there still linger in the remoter parts of Cromarty or the Balls Pond Road certain unsophisticated persons who believe that the stage is one long glad symposium of wine, woman and song they will be interested to know that Mr. KEBLE HOWARD has written his latest novel, The Gay Life (JOHN LANE), with the express objector so he saysof disillusioning them.

Above, the trees were hinting that life might still be lived acceptably, as in Eden days; though they seemed to suspect that the stage of it to which they were amazedly awakening must be at least the autumn, and timidly clothed themselves accordingly.

The Democratic stage will be the smallest yet for next Tuesday's Iowa debate, with just six candidates set to qualify.

Also, the improvised stage is an ideal test-bed for machine learning systems.

The first stage is germinal life; the second, youth; the third, maturity.

* * * * * When the stage is clear Lord Brumpton and his servant Trusty enter.

And so my boyhood came to an end, and the first stage of my Great Expectations was o

The first stage was the insight that the whole situation was my fault.

But the first stage is the death of slavery.

The higher stage is the knowledge of this unconscious unity, which underlies the classical form of art and which it has rendered capable of complete plastic embodiment.