7 Metaphors for stalks

The leaves are much longer than those of the locust, and the leaf-stalk is downy.

But every grass-blade and flower-stalk is a mausoleum of vanished summer, itself crumbling to dust, never to rise again.

The leaf-stalk is half the length of the leaf.

The stalks are bladders about the size of a greengage, which enable the plant to float.

"Stalking is the most merciful way to kill a moose.

In seven months it had attained the height of thirteen feet; the stalks were ten inches in circumference, and had upwards of five hundred large boles on each stalk (not a worm nor red bug as yet to be seen).

Action irregular and turbulent may be reclaimed; vociferation vehement and confused may be restrained and modulated; the stalk of the tyrant may become the gait of the man; the yell of inarticulate distress may be reduced to human lamentation.

7 Metaphors for  stalks