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102 Metaphors for « statements »

102 Metaphors for « statements »

  • "I don't think that at the time any one in the room realized how important the doctor's statement was, a statement which, by the way, was confirmed in all its details by the district medical officer, who had conducted the postmortem.
  • Better cautions readers not to place undue reliance on forward-looking statements provided by Better, as such forward-looking statements are not a guarantee of future results or performance and actual results may differ materially.
  • " CHAPTER VI CIRCUS TALK Andy knew that the circus actor's vehement statement was an exaggeration, still there was no doubting the fact that he was intensely pleased and grateful.
  • As regards Barbadoes, I have spared no pains to discover whether such statements were facts, and I now am happy to say, that not a single instance of unnatural conduct on the part of the negro parents to their children has come to my knowledgefar, perhaps too far, the contrary is the case; over indulgence and petting them seems in my judgment to be the only matter the parents can be, with any justice, accused of.
  • "Positive statements like that are a mistake."
  • Taken as a whole, and in connection with notorious facts, these statements are fair examples of manifest tendencies, which certainly are not on the decline.
  • Both statements are bare faced lies.
  • Remember that mere statement is not argument.
  • Lord Kitchener's statement that on the Eastern front the Germans had "almost shot their last bolt" is a better summary, and when we reflect on their enormous superiority in artillery and equipment, that is a great tribute to the strategy of the Grand Duke in conducting the most difficult retreat of modern times.
  • These statements were the substance of a formal report which he had just prepared for the eye of Sir Lionel Smith, and which he was kind enough to read to us.
  • Indeed, we have the express testimony of Polybius that the statements which we read in Livy of Marcellus, Nero, and others gaining victories over Hannibal in Italy must be all fabrications of Roman vanity.
  • This statement is no attempt upon my part to indulge in levity concerning the most frightful situation I have encountered in nearly twenty years of active newspaper work; it is the sober, unexaggerated truth.
  • Later on, when Sharpman declared boldly that Ralph's statement on the witness-stand was a carefully concocted falsehood, the bluntness of the charge was like a cruel blow, and the boy's sensitive nerves shrank and quivered beneath it; then his lips grew pale, his breath came in gasps, the room went swimming round him, darkness came before his eyes, and his weak body, enfeebled by prolonged fasting and excitement, slipped down to the floor.
  • The "banal" statements made about Belgium and the United States of America by the men who directed Germany's war policy were precisely the sort of thing most calculated to harm the people from whom they came.
  • They do not realise that the statements of fact are Cook's, whilst the deductions and ornamentations are Hawkesworth's, and were strongly resented by Cook.
  • The statement was effectively a coup against Morgan Tsvangirai, who I am certain won the disputed plebiscite.
  • I do not suppose that a statement of the real truth, namely, that there is no friction at all, will be creditedit is so generally thought that the many rubs of such a life as this are quietly and purposely sunk in oblivion.
  • If, in telling about a baseball game, you mentioned a particular "fly," your statement was description or narration; but if some one should ask what you meant by "a fly," your answer would be general in character; that is, it would apply to all "flies," and would belong to that division of composition called exposition.
  • However, it was not clear exactly what the paraphernalia was and the statement issued Friday is the first detailing of that.
  • This mid-term review statement is a total disaster,Biti charged.
  • The anxiety that Barrett’s nomination and confirmation have caused to members of the Notre Dame community is very real, and Jenkinsblanket statement of support is a blatant disregard for this fear.
  • [Footnote 76: Ibid., p. 16.] This statement is a gross distortion of the truth.
  • But all statement of the case is a division of an argument.
  • [Footnote: This statement is an error on the part of Xiphilinus, who thought that "Comazon" (in Greek=The Reveler) was a nickname for a certain Eutychianus.
  • The Mumbai court cited a recent Supreme Court judgment which said that statements or confessions before an NCB officer are not admissible evidence.
  • Here the statement about the 'spirit' is a mere savage philosophical explanation.
  • EFFEMINATE MEN AND MASCULINE WOMEN If all these statements were real factsand we shall presently see that they are notthey would prove no more than that the modern Hottentots, like their neighbors, the Bushmen, are hen-pecked.
  • As the refreshing rain which accompanies the thunder gust instills new life into vegetation, and covers the ground parched by summer droughts with leaves and grass, so the statement in the myth that the fragments of the flint-stone grew into fruitful vines is an obvious figure of speech which at first expressed the fertilizing effects of the summer showers.
  • Your feelings are like a harp, and your statements, or auto-suggestions, are the fingers which pick the strings.
  • Careful statement and nice theological distinctions were not her forte.
  • But a statement of high moral purpose from the author of "The Dunciad" was almost inevitably the stalking-horse of an unworthy action.
  • I know this terrible statement to be absolutely truegambling-houses and dens of infamy speak of their "best season" when wives leave town for summer outings, just as a farmer speaks of his harvest season when crops are ripe.
  • The searcher for inerrant information about witchcraft in Connecticut may easily be led into a maze of contradictions, and the statement last above quoted is an apt illustration, with record evidence to the contrary on every hand.
  • Surely such a statement is an impeachment of both the wisdom and goodness of God.
  • The popular statement of the opponents of the war abroad is the impossibility of our success.
  • His statement that he had no definite reason for pretending to be Leekthat it was an impulse of the momentwas received with mute derision.
  • His last statement was so obviously inapplicablewhat he actually did see was so very far removed from what he said he sawthat he decided to relinquish the point.
  • The continuous agitation against Germany, under the tacit approval of the Government, which is kept up not only by the majority of the Press, but by a strong party in the country, the latest statements of English politicians, the military preparations in the North Sea, and the feverish acceleration of naval construction, are unmistakable indications that England intends to persist in her anti-German policy.
  • "Because," said the Colonel, deliberately, "that statement is infamouslyyes, damnably to your discredit, sir!"
  • A press statement is information given to reporters.
  • In answer to our inquiry at the principal office of the Würtemberg State Railways we were informed that the statements are pure inventions."
  • !and I assumed the statement was a joke.
  • Statement, method, imagery, selection, tenacity of memory, power of dealing with facts, of illuminating them, of sinking them by ridicule or by diversion of the mind, rapid generalization, humor, pathos, are keys which the orator holds; and yet these fine gifts are not eloquence, and do often hinder a man's attainment of it.
  • All who are competent to express an opinion on the subject are, at present, agreed that the manifold varieties of animal and vegetable form have not either come into existence by chance, nor result from capricious exertions of creative power; but that they have taken place in a definite order, the statement of which order is what men of science term a natural law.
  • Both these statements are manifestations of what Lamb called his "matter-of-lie" disposition.
  • The statement attached to that person’s name is no joking matter and should be investigated properly by the Ethnic Relations Commission, the police and the party’s Executive to arrive at the truth.
  • The statement that competition is not an effective regulator of railroads often is misunderstood to mean that it in no way acts on rates.
  • The legendary statement that the origin of Masonry is coeval with the beginning of the world, is only a philosophical myth to indicate the eternal nature of its principles.
  • "My statement is a mere narration of events.
  • The queen speaks as if the cardinal had alleged that he had given her a rose; while his statement really was that Oliva, personating the queen, had dropped a rose at his feet.
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