114 Metaphors for  stations

114 Metaphors for stations

The first and the last business of every human being, whatever his station, party, creed, capacities, tastes, duties, is morality: Virtue, Virtue, always Virtue.

Community radio stations are usually small organizations that are run by volunteers.

9 The station was Creil, the headquarters, at that time, of the British forces.

In Tampines, the other two stations are Tampines West and Tampines East.

Metcalfe Station (Slater Street) is also the only far side stop in the Central Area Transitway system.

The next station is Stoffelhohe, from which the railroad leads very near to the abyss on the way to Righi-Stoffel, and from this point it reaches its terminus (Righi-Kulin) in a few minutes.

Stations affected will be Birmingham Curzon, London Euston, Old Oak Common, Oxenholme, Penrith and Stafford.

Within the last year the largest railroad station in the world, in the yards of which there is an immense amount of traffic, and from whose signal towers are worked switches and signals innumerable, has been opened.

After this station, the next stations will be 28th Street and 14th Street Union Square.

From Euston, St. Pancras, and King's Cross the night trains for Scotland had run in triplicate, crowded by men and gun-cases and kit-bags, while gloomy old Perth station was a scene of unwonted activity each morning.

The little station at which I changed from the train to an open two-seated carriage in waiting for me was the usual rural village, with its one main street, its commingled post-office and dry-goods and grocery store, and its small white meeting-house.

The stations now were mere board shelters for a commandant and a soldiers' lunch-room; the bridges, timber bridges flung across by the pioneers; and the sawed-off telegraph-poles, spliced between railroad rails to save cutting new ones, were stuck back into the ground like forks.

One such station is the immensely influential Z100 New York.

The first station he arrived at was Quauhtitlan, where there was a lofty and spreading tree.

The astronomical stations on the west line were: Intersection of Halls Stream by the west line, Lake Memphremagog, Richford, Rouses Point, John McCoy's, Trout River, St. Regis.

Station am Horizont.

My action station was the forward 63 director which controlled twin 4-inch mountings in AA control.

For the people of the City of Joy, the newly opened Phoolbagan station of Kolkata Metro’s East-West Corridor is a Durga Puja gift!

The railway station is a long, low, rakish thing of boards, painted a muddy maroon color.

With this, these two stations will become Indian Railways first two airport-style hubs.

On November 25, 2000, the station became KACE, and KMGR by December 31, 2000.

The other station is Bank.

This station had been a big, fine stone farmhouse, but was now a complete ruinwounded and dead lay all about.

The next station of this station to west is "Ekoda".

"The sewage pumping station is a key piece of infrastructure, and it is imperative that it is properly maintained and upgraded to ensure its continued service for the residents of the town."

The railway-station is a shapeless mass of blackened bricks, broken stones, glass, and iron-work; the cutting where the trains used to pass is half filled up with the ruins.

After this station, the next stations will be 47th and 50th Streets Rockefeller Center and 34th Street Herald Square.

The biggest station is Dresden Hauptbahnhof (Dresden Main station) with an ICE (

These three stations are important placces for commuters, locals, students and tourists who travel to the Orchard Road shopping and business district.

The nearest station on the Green Line is Columbia Heights.

The nursing station, to be built in the spring, will be a key component of the new Brock and Willa Wellness Centre in the Muskoka Lakes area that will also include a hospice and retirement residence.

The Test Station is a 3-dof planar robot, on which a test object is placed.

The Khayelitsha Site B police station has become the latest to be closed in the Western Cape after a staff member, who tested positive for Covid-19, returned to work without undergoing further tests to verify his status.

By TTC the closest station is Queen's Park.

The station is a long way from the town, as the Maharana, a most staunch conservative of the old school, having the railway more or less forced upon him, drew the line at three miles from his capital, and fixed the terminus there.

The nearest Met Office weather station is St. Mawgan/Newquay Airport, about 3.5 miles to the north east of the town centre.

Most net radio stations are small outfits offering specialty content to a handful of listeners.

The stations are: Lake Memphremagog, Richford, John McCoy's, Trout River.

In Spain the chief station of the Phoenicians was the primitive Tyrian settlement at Gades (Cadiz).

Longwood Station is a unique village style neighborhood shopping centre located on the Island Highway in North Nanaimo.

The new station at Kintore is a vital project for the area and will ensure communities in and around the town will be better connected to Scotland’s rail network.

The highest producing stations are the Sir Adam Beck GS on the Niagara River, the Saunders Power Dam on the St. Lawrence River, and Des Joachims GS on the Ottawa River.

the celebrated winter station among the pines, situated on the shores of a landlocked bay; and Morcenx [Footnote: See Appendix.] (68 miles), is likewise the junction for the Tarbes line and Bigorre.

The two principal stations have been Yanghi-Hissar, where the train stops ten minutes, and Kizil, where it stops a quarter of an hour.

Our station was really a very nice building; and while we were there a caravan of pilgrims to Mecca, some women in front and the men following, all mounted on their patient camels, passed by.

Mini Metro 's stations each are a different shape.

The dressing-stations are mere offices for their redirection, where they are carefully ticketed, but where little else is done.

The closest station on the Metropolitan line and Piccadilly line is Ickenham which is 1.1 km from West Ruislip Station.

Perhaps two miles above the entrance the canyon widens to its greatest width; and in this portion of the little valley,which extends some five miles to where the walls again draw close,located on the benches above the boulder-strewn wash of Clear Creek, are the homes of several mountain ranchers, and the Government Forest Ranger Station.

The South Surrey Chevron gas station on 176th Street and 8th Avenue was the subject of nine complaints for selling toilet paper rolls for $10 each.