9 Metaphors for stillnesses

The winter stillness of animal life is a sublime subject for our meditation.

The solemn stillness was no marvel now.

In the most sultry silence of summer noons, the vital current is coursing with desperate speed through the innumerable veins of every leaflet; and the apparent stillness, like the sleeping of a child's top, is in truth the very ecstasy of perfected motion.

Whereupon her companion replied: "' ... soft stillness and the night Become the touches of sweet harmony.

Little, pale flowers bloomed everywhere, shadows only of our bright blossoms of the South; and the rare birds I saw were gray and small, and chary of song, as though the stillness that slept in this Northern forest was a danger not to be awakened.

It was still too dark to see more than outlines and masses of white and black; but even so he could see that the stillness with which Gerard was lying was the stillness of death.

Stillness of person and steadiness of features are signal marks of good-breeding.

The night was fast setting in, the shadows of the tall houses were falling deeper and deeper on the room, and the Sabbath stillness was a solemn contrast to the perturbations inside the chamber of his soul, where "the serpents and the cockatrices would not be charmed."

The stillness of night is a vulgar error.

9 Metaphors for  stillnesses