144 Metaphors for  streets

144 Metaphors for streets

Market street is then the most dazzling of boulevards, every aspect of it in motioncrowds, taxis, cars and the colors of advertising displays.

The street is not a straight line and, because it has a jog in it, people are accidentally parking in a driving lane causing a safety hazard, says Alexa Stone, engineering inspector with the Town.

Wall Street is their adored mistress, and the wives are just their family.

I expected that a city whose streets are canals and whose carriages are all boats, would present a very unique appearance, but when I once saw them, they were so exactly what I had anticipated, that I felt disgusted and left the city without doing justice even to the vast collection of paintings in the Ducal Palace, which alone is worth going a great distance to see.

Bideford streets are a very flower-garden of all the colours, swarming with seamen and burghers and burghers' wives and daughters, all in their holiday attire.

These streets are in reality narrow crooked lanes paved with pebbles, slanting towards the gutter in the centre.

In the older parts of the city the streets were, of course, narrower; but even here one had the compensation of wonderful bits of architecture at unexpected corners, splendid relics of an illustrious past.

Canal Street is the fashionable promenade of New Orleans.

Thousands have never seen the homely clock that ticks over the chimney, nor the capacious, hospitable-looking fire-place under, both as they stood half a century ago, when Fleet-street was the emporium of literary talent, and every coffee-house was distinguished by some character of note who was regarded as the oracle of the company.

Seven thousand miles from home, alone, in an unknown sea, and uncertain of ever finding the place he sought, this man had picked his way among mountains and fields of ice, with perhaps less hesitation and reluctance than a dandy would encounter the perils of a crossing, when the streets were a little moistened by rain.

That's how we ran local politics, invented the Caucus: Corporation Street is the result.

The situation of Dartford is thus very picturesque, and as we might suppose its main street is the old Roman highway that the pilgrims used.

The two principal streets are the Rua Direita, the widest in the city, and the principal scene of commercial transactions, and the narrow Rua do Ouvidor, filled with shops, many of which equal in the richness and variety of their goods the most splendid establishments of European capitals.

While one can question the practicality of mesh nets keeping hungry gulls away from garbage, aesthetically, net-lined streets are a comparatively charming alternative to the bulky plastic garbage bins which line the sidewalks in most other cities.

The narrow streets were black tunnels into which Parisians plunged with an exquisite frisson of romantic fear.

The streets, of which there are 3,770, with the exception of two or three, are narrow, irregular, badly paved, and exceedingly dirty, the only scavengers being vultures and half-starved dogs.

The first street you see is a desolation, empty and sinister.

The principal streets were: Pine (now Main), Market and Forsyth.

All the streets and pavements are pure gold, I warrant you,at least, I know an alchemy that turns her mud into that metal: a mind that loves to be at home in crowds.

The lower town was subdivided into two sectors the north-south arterial street was the main commercial area flanked by shops of rich and ordinary merchants and craftsmen.

STREET, GEORGE EDMUND, architect, born in Essex; was the architect of the New Law Courts in London; had been trained under Gilbert Scott (1824-1881).

The street, as I looked out, was now quite deserted save for one or two prowling policemen, who, apparently bored with their hiding-places, had come forth to patrol in the open.

"The principal street is the High Street, running from Magdalen Bridge to Carfax Church," &c New Oxford Guide, p. 3, 8th edit.

The junction formed by Market, Kearny, Geary and Third streets is the heart of downtown San Francisco.

The streets are mere alleys seven or eight feet broad, knee-deep in dust or mud, and as irregular and puzzling to a stranger as the maze at Hampton Court.

Back Street is a 1932 American drama movie directed by John M. Stahl and is based on the novel of the same name by Fannie Hurst and was remade in 1941 and 1961.

The street that we followed was, of course, the open sewer for the houses on either hand, and its condition was a credit to the mangy curs that so resented our intrusion.

The streets are the fairest that euer I saw, as straight as a line from one gate to the other, and so broad that tenne or twelue men may ride a front thorow them.

Every street was a desert; every room in every house was empty.

The street is the scene of a great harvest-home.

Such a street was the Rue des Cordiers, close adjoining the Rue des Grès, where Rousseau lived and wrote; and the Rue du Dragon, where might then be seen the house of Bernard Palissy; and the Rue des Maçons, where Racine lived; and the Rue des Marais, where Adrienne Lecouvreurpoor, beautiful, generous, ill-fated Adrienne Lecouvreur!died.

He came to the Wisconsin Conference by transfer this year, and Cotton Street was his first charge.

There'll be a new name over the door, In a place where he's never been before, Where the neighbors never visit, they say, Where the streets are echoless, night and day, And the children forget their childish play.

You remember that on the first floor, next the street, were the room of our father, the dining room, and the children's room.

In consequence of this regulation, the streets never look checkered by old and new houses contrasting with each other, but the external appearance of the buildings is made to harmonize, and each street is a unit in appearance.

Perhaps the chief street in Ypres is the wide Rue de Lille, which runs from opposite the Cloth Hall down to the Lille Gate, and over the moat water into the Lille road and on to the German lines.

Wall Street is the benchmark in global stock markets.

True, the streets are a litter, the Government almost unseen as to modern uplift, the natives are indolent and life moves without bustle or goal.

This street was the principal cotton market, and here the article which, in those days, was personified as the commercial "king," was bought and sold, and whence it was shipped, or stored, awaiting an advancing price.

So our Safer Streets, Safer Lives Action Plan is a three-pillared approach.

And that is all I think worth seeing as sights, except that the streets and shops of Paris are themselves the best sight.

The narrow streets of Ghent, Louvain, Liege, Mechlin, Antwerp, Ypres, Bruges are thus full of household memories and saintly traditions.

The main street, now full of French soldiers, was in ruins, the church on the edge of the ravine smashed and gaping, and a few peasant women stood about, arms folded patiently, telling each other over and over again what they had seen.

In a little blacksmith shop at 1114 Madison Street, Palatka, is a busy little horse-shoer who was born in slavery eighty-seven years ago.

For instance, it has been gravely suggested that all streets bearing the names of saintsand there are hundreds of themshould be renamed in commemoration of Republican heroes, dates, exploits, etc.

For the sky in these torrid latitudes is all full of clouds overhead, and as hot as any blanket, and when the sun shone forth it streamed down upon the smoking sands so that the houses were ovens and the streets were furnaces; so it was little wonder that men died like rats in a hole.

The streets of London are his fairy-land, teeming with wonder, with life and interest to his retrospective glance, as it did to the eager eye of childhood; he has contrived to weave its tritest traditions into a bright and endless romance!

The streets were a tangled vortex of motorcars and taxies, all filled with men and women in evening dress.

The streets by it are awful, badly paved and hideous architecture, immense tall houses here and there, gaunt and staring like giants who have seen Medusa's head and been turned into stone.

There had been a good deal of rain, and the streets of the lower part of the town were perfect quagmires of mud nearly knee-deep.