24 Metaphors for  string

24 Metaphors for string

To check that strings of words are well-formed sentences, only contractions are required.

In the ancient bass-fiddle, Europe, the thickest string is the German, with deep tone and heavy vibration; but once in vibration, it hums as if it would go on humming for an eternity.

Interning strings is a performance optimization, so like any other optimization you should measure it to see if it gives you any benefits.

Suppose the string in the input data stream is "abbaaaabbbbccabcbaaa".

The string is a strip of rattan three-eighths of an inch wide.

The rain stopped them from using their bows because sinew strings become slack when wet, and left them virtually defenseless as their shields also became waterlogged.

The art of causing the purse-strings to open is an art that is not so well understood, perhaps, among the orthodox as by the unorthodox.

It is a common key used in rock, folk, country and other guitarist-based styles because a guitar is naturally tuned so that all the open strings are notes in B minor.

Heere stay your wandering steps; chime silver strings, Chime, hollow caves, and chime you whistling reedes, For musick is the sweetest chime for love.

The string may either be a sequence of non-white-space characters, or a quoted string with '"'.

The string is a series of letters specifying a register.

To write a perfect prose must be your ultimate object in attending these lectures; but we must walk before we can run, and walk with leading-strings before we can walk alone, and such leading-strings are verse and rhyme.

A string of these hapless suspects, some six or seven, with their arms tied behind them, bound together like a bunch of human meat, was one afternoon marching through the excessive heat along a road that skirted a mountain, escorted by ten or twelve guards armed with rifles.

Music does not die, though one instrument be broken; thought does not die, though one brain be shivered; love does not die, though one heart's strings be rent; and no great thinker dies so long as his thought re-echoes through the ages, its melody the fuller-toned the more human brains send its music on.

The strings of brilliants that led from it were arc lights at switch crossings where the great railway lines rayed out.

Referred to as Custom Light, EJ26 strings are a D'Addario original hybrid gauge and a comfortable compromise for players who want the depth and projection of light gauge bottom strings, but slightly less tension on the high strings for easy bending.

The violin's lowest string is the "G" string and its highest string is the "E" string.

Another string to Son's bow is his mindset.

The "shoe-strings" became golden bands that bound men to fortune.

The strings are beads of different sizes strung on a thread.

In Mecca he is poet and visionary, the man who speaks with angels and has seen Gabriel and Israfil, "whose heart-strings are a lute, and who has the sweetest voice of all God's creatures."

A string is a dot elongated to the point of obsessionbut seen up close, its real nature becomes apparentat every point along a string there is tangible evidence of its prostration.

Paper-string is a good substitute widely used, although "no string" was the verbal substitute I often got when buying various articles, and it was necessary for me to hold the paper on to the parcel with my hands.

And the string on which the beads of memory were threaded was her long-repressed but profound distrust of Gregorio Macomer.