155 Metaphors for  student

155 Metaphors for student

And ultimately, how do I help my students be the best that they can be?

Indeed, the top student in my course over the summer was a Black woman.

Our other students, there's an opt out if they would like.

Marine-based Archaeology InvestigationThe final activity students completed as part of the REDAS module was an investigation into marine archaeology, which looked at financing, promoting and processing marine archaeology sites, in particular shipwrecks.

In the UK, teachers' union NASUWT flagged that there Chinese students and teachers were the subject of coronavirus-related "abuse, prejudice, xenophobia and racism" with its acting general secretary saying he was "extremely concerned."

Given that my global health research undergraduate students are often the targets of these types of trips, I thought it important to combine this study with their coursework, said Dimaras.

The German students are a set of young men who certainly pursue their studies with zeal, but who nevertheless are more brutal in conduct, more insolent in manner, more slovenly and ruffian-like in appearance, and more offensive from the fumes of tobacco and beer, onions and sourcrout, in which they are enveloped, than are to be met with in any other part of Europe.

Different students with the same name are distinguishable and different names for the same person can be mapped to the person’s student number.

Under the need-based financial aid system, a rich student is a profit center while a poor student represents a financial loss.

Notes you take now as a student may be valuable years hence in professional life.

When I was campaigning, I talked to all three schools in my district, and all three schools, those students were the brightest minds, they had better questions for me in debate than I actually had at the chamber of commerce debate.

One such student benefiting from the Province’s decision is Andrew Broadbent, a 17-year-old Summerland resident, who is scheduled to start his electrical foundation program in September at the College’s Penticton campus.

Special Note about Field Studies: Students are off-campus completing field studies during most of September and April.

The students are there, half a hundred thousand of them, and the church must be there too."

EXCLUSIVE: Students skewing data is large flaw in system

The students were all current or past leaders of school organizations.

A student is a person who goes to school and is learning something.

They don’t have a specific project idea yet, but Hoffmann said it will likely promote UNK since both students are diehard Loper fans.

Students from U.A. are not the only type of students that would be able to defeat Midnight.

Thanks for the informative forecasting vGood point and I agree with you Mary-Lynne: as much as we wish that students are teachers are the biggest stakeholders, government decisions (often influenced by various lobbying groups) are the most impactful.

"But my tenure ensured that students were a top priority in every one of our negotiations with those in the corridors of power.

Many students who experience basic needs insecurity are overwhelmingly active participants in the labor force, according to the report.

Students cramming for finals aren't the only busy bees on campus.

Many students, who have passed through a regular course of instruction from me, have been invalids and were healed in the class; but experience has shown that this defrauds the scholar, though it heals the sick.

Lismore, the most famous of Mochuda's foundations, became within a century of the saint's death, one of the great monastic schools of Erin, attracting to his halls, or rather to its boothies, students from all Ireland and evenso it is claimedfrom lands beyond the seas.

Saints on the Street: What if students were president?

All these distinguished strangers from the ends of the earth were his guests, and all the students and Alumni of the University were his family.

With the matching donation, the students were able to purchase $1,100 worth of toys, an impressive contribution to the children of the community of Espanola.

If the student be a painter, or a sculptor, he will not need to be told that a knowledge of the human being, in all his complicated springs of action, is not more essential to the poet than to him.

Memorial students are explorers by nature.

One of our Sunday Schools is in this village, too, so by this time the students are welcome visitors, and whether they do much good or not, they learn a great deal of sobering truth.

Often, educators can make the mistake of assuming that all students are digital natives, however, not everyone born into this digital revolution has the same level of technological access or expertise.

Under the latter condition the student is a slave, a drudge; under the former, a god, a creator.

We also want our students to be self-starters.

Students in Okanagan College’s BUAD 309: Social Entrepreneurship class recently had the opportunity to present their class projects to their colleagues, instructor and community partners.

Browne was a scholar, and my fellow-students were gentlemen and knew something of life."

My students like the rest of Gen Z are outliers.

First-year politics, philosophy, and economics (PPE) student Noah Fry is the recipient of a Bell Achievement Award, one of the University’s most prestigious entrance scholarships.

About 56 students will be self-isolating in Saint John and about 30 in Fredericton.

Students who need loans to help pay for college must be good consumers.

She knew that the name of Grimké was confined to the Charleston family, and naturally came to the conclusion, at first, that this student who had attracted her attention was an ex-slave of one of her brothers, and had, as was frequently done, adopted his master's name.

All students are a member of a college.

Reassure students that there is no shame in changing one’s mind after weighing well-reasoned argumentsin fact, that is a sign of maturity and growing capacity for critical thinking.

The students are the exciting thing.

The number of students were more than 200 thousand and his famous student is Jiro Asuke.

Dungeons and Dragons is a role-playing game where ordinary students become the heroes of legend in a mystical land of their own creation.

Students too should be stakeholders through constant research on the viable options available for solving this imminent problem.

The students now interested in this whole class of alleged supernormal phenomena are seldom believers in the philosophy of Spiritualism in the American sense of the word.

New grad students are Peter Chen, Charles Dyer, Gretchen Hagen, David Hanes, Bill Harris, Bob Lake, Barry Madore, Catherine Riordon, Jacques Vall.e. Ted Bednarek has returned for the PhD program.

But ethnic studies students, faculty and allies said the time is past due for the CSU, the birthplace of ethnic studies and where Latino, Black and Asian American students are the majority, to create a dedicated requirement.