107 Metaphors for suns

[806] "The sun is a little warm, when this star appears in winter" (Editors of Specimens of Bushman Folklore).

"The next mornin', I got up just as the sun was risin', and a little way down on the shore of the lake I saw a buck.

The sun is but a small potato in the midst of the countless systems of the sidereal heavens.

They declared that he represented the hidden and mysterious power which created and sustains the universe, and that the sun was the symbol of this power; they therefore added his name to that of R[=a], and in this form he gradually usurped the attributes and powers of Nu, Khnemu, Ptah, H[=a]pi, and other great gods.

'Mr. Horton says sun and wind are the best doctors for you.

Father Simon says gagua is "el nombre del mismo sol," though ordinarily Sun is Sua.]

I was impressed as if some ancient and altogether admirable family had settled there in that part of Concord, unknown to meto whom the sun was servant.

From that sun proceed both heat and light; but as that sun is pure love, the heat thence derived in its essence is love, and the light thence derived in its essence is wisdom; hence it is manifest what is the source of spiritual heat, and that spiritual heat is love.

The sun is my father, and the earth is my mother; on her bosom I will recline;" and he seated himself on the ground.

The eyelids of the morning are awake; The dews are disappearing from the grass; The sun is o'er the mountains; and the trees, Moveless, are stretching through the blue of heaven, Exuberantly green.

The sun that warms thy native soil Has ripen'd not thy knowledge; 'Tis obvious, from that vacant air, Though Padua gave thee birth, thou ne'er Didst graduate in her College. "'Tis true thou nam'st thy motley freight; But from what source their birth they date, Mythology or history.

The sun was shininga warm winter sun like that of a February thaw in our Northern Statesglistening on the snowy fields and slopes among the forests and tree-clad hills of the mountainous country.

Behind her, between the black tree trunks, the setting sun was a liquid red splendor, daubing some low clouds with rosiness, and all about her, in the turn between day and night, the world, which before was a blend in the strong light, now divided into a myriad sharp tints.

Cousin Sun is lookin' sad, As de market is so bad; 'Pon him han' him res' him chin, Quietly sit do'n thinkin' Of de loved wife sick in bed, An' de children to be fed What de laborers would say When dem know him couldn' pay; Also what about de mill Whe' him hire from ole Bill; So him think, an' think on so, Till him t'oughts no more could go.

The sun is up at last, and Colonel Pennant's grim slate castle, towering above black woods, glitters metallic in its rays, like Chaucer's house of fame.

He asked Jonas why this path had not dried, as well as the main road, where the chaises had gone; and Jonas told him that the sun and the wind were the great means of drying the open road, but that this narrow and secluded path was shaded from the sun, and sheltered from the wind, and that the water consequently remained a long time among the moss, and roots, and mire.

When they talk of things thus obscure and unintelligible, not merely to offer their opinions as conjectures, but boldly to urge and insist upon them: to do everything but swear, that the sun {161} is a mass of liquid fire, that the moon is inhabited, that the stars drink water, and that the sun draws up the moisture from the sea, as with a well- rope, and distributes his draught over the whole creation?

What is that open window, garnished with flowers, that room hung with rose, and at the back those white curtains which the morning sun is gilding?

The sun and the moon are the torches by which we study its splendid pages, turning diurnally for our perusal, and in star and flower alike dwells the lore which we cannot formulate into thought, but can only come indescribably to know by loving the pictures.

The sun is above the horizon nearly a fortnight, and below it as long; of course the day here is equal to about twenty-seven of ours.

The sun is life as well as light to all that is on the earthas we of the present day know even better than they of old.

His bed is the earth and the heaven is his canopy, the sun is his summer's comfort and the moon is his winter candle.

She will be no more an adjective than the sun is an adjective in the solar system; no more idle than Nature is idle.

It is long past noon; the sun is a huge red shield; the world is smoke.


107 Metaphors for  suns
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