12 Metaphors for sunshine

Indeed, by this time the sunshine was, fast vanishing, too, for heavy clouds were gathering overhead, while those in the west were gilded on their lower edge.

After such momentary rifts the mist thickened again, and swooped forward as if to involve our station, but noon sunshine, reverberated from the plains and valleys and lakes below, was our ally; sunshine checked the overcoming mist, and it stayed overhead, an unwelcome parasol, making our August a chilly November.

Sunshine and glow were the characteristics of the first school, grayness and sobriety of the second.

It was enough thought for him to listen to the whispered stories of the sisters in the long evenings, and, half-heard, try and make an end to them; to look drowsily down into the garden, where the afternoon sunshine was still so summer-like that a few hollyhocks persisted in showing their honest red faces along the walls, and the very leaves that filled the paths would not wither, but kept up a wholesome ruddy brown.

Oh! you alone these tears can stay; Alone, the pale rose can renew, Whose sunshine is a smile from you.

The day was sultry, but sunshine is always a great treat to me, and it was never too hot.

"Fresh air and bright sunshine are very different things from the close rooms in that dark house.

It seems highly probable, therefore, that to increase the wealth of our capitalist-manufacturers we are allowing the climate of our whole country to be greatly deteriorated in a way which diminishes both its productiveness and its beauty, thus injuriously affecting the enjoyment and the health of the whole population, since sunshine is itself an essential condition of healthy life.

I could only say to my employer, that this was no act of mine, though I felt very sure that the sunshine which astonished them in Messrs. Gobelin's carpet-store was the very sunbeam that shone through the window of the factory on the 27th of May, that summer.

Thus long in mutual bliss they lay embraced, And their first love continued to the last: One sunshine was their life, no cloud between; Nor ever was a kinder couple seen.

Sunshine, cushions, and flowers were Mr. Brown's personal tastes; and plenty of these characterized the cottage.

Beautiful, too, as autumn sunshine is maturity looking down with gentleness on the ideal it has surpassed, and reverencing it still for old ideas and associations.

12 Metaphors for  sunshine