51 Metaphors for surfaced

That is to say, the true surface of the earth is the line of twenty-four-hour axial rotation; the line where gravity and apergy exactly balance; where a moon would have to be placed to revolve once in 86,400 seconds.

That metal surface was a section of one of the most powerful horseshoe magnets ever invented in the United States, and was to be imbedded in the woodwork of the door.

Elytra at the base in the middle with a blunt slightly hooked spine, they have two prominent keels, the external the longest, the surface is deeply punctured, in some parts almost pitted, grey, a black line on sides and extending over the back, so as to form an oblong black spot from the middle to near the base, a dagger-shaped spot on the suture behind, and a few black spots on the elevated line.

The cylinders of Gooch's engine are each 18 inches diameter, and 24 inches stroke; the driving wheels are 8 feet in diameter; the fire grate contains 21 square feet of area; and the heating surface of the fire box is 153 square feet.

The lunar surface is now a dreary waste of rugged lava and ashes, covered with the matter ejected from craters once in a state of furious eruption.

The available electrode surface in each cell was 256 sq.

The grate area is 17 square feet, and the heating surface is, tubes, 1,145½ square feet; fire-box 133 square feet; total, 1,278½ square feet.

Were it not for this mental vision supplying the deficiencies of ocular vision, the coloured surface would be an enigma.

' The Inferior Surface is an exact reverse of the superior.

The surface was undulating, the ground being well covered with verdure even thus early in the spring.

The upper surface of most of them is the usual clear sugar-sandstone: but the under surface of many has round pebbles imbedded in it, looking just like plums in a pudding; the smaller above and the larger below, as if they had sunk slowly through the fluid sand, before the whole mass froze, as it were, suddenly together.

Place the pans in a frame, and when the soil becomes dry stand the pans in water nearly up to the rims until the surface is moist.

The surface is a mass of intricate pattern work and perforations.

The main surface was a rough sort of thing, and, on regarding it closely, it looked as if it was made of frozen porridge, being slightly rough, and of a grey-brown colour.

The wheel base to the center of the bogie pin is 18 ft. 6 in.; the heating surface is, in the tubes, 1,112; fire box, 104; total, 1,216 sq.

The bound of the ball on these courts is absolutely uniform, the surface being hard sand.

Supposing the surface to be the prior and the centre the posterior, would not the prior in such case subsist from the posterior, which yet is contrary to the laws of order?

The openings are so many and so close together that the whole surface is practically one solid sheet of very hot blue flame.

He broke off a piece, and the fresh surface was a creamy white, that changed like magic in the space of ten seconds to a yellowish-green colour.

Joseph Surface, to go down now, must be a downright revolting villainno compromisehis first appearance must shock and give horrorhis specious plausibilities, which the pleasurable faculties of our fathers welcomed with such hearty greetings, knowing that no harm (dramatic harm even) could come, or was meant to come of them, must inspire a cold and killing aversion.

AWE, LOCH, in the centre of Argyllshire, overshadowed by mountains, 25 m. in length, the second in size of Scottish lakes, studded with islands, one with the ruin of a castle; the scenery gloomily picturesque; its surface is 100 ft. above the sea-level.

ZEALAND, the largest island in the Danish Archipelago, situated between the Cattegat and the Baltic, being 81 m. long and 67 m. broad, with COPENHAGEN (q. v.) on the E. coast; the surface is nearly everywhere fiat, and agriculture and cattle-rearing the chief industries.

But if repeated and continued, the congestion becomes more intense, the red color deeper and darker; the entire surface is the subject of chronic inflammation, its walls are thickened, and sometimes ulcerated.

Inasmuch as the endwise compressive strength is sometimes not more than five times the shearing strength, the shearing surface should be less than five times the surface to which the load is applied.

Remember that the broader the surface that propels the ball the greater will be the accuracythat is, the ball has less chance of sliding off to one side when the striking surface is large.

51 Metaphors for  surfaced