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67 Metaphors for  swift

67 Metaphors for swift

As the first Ryzen 7 4700U laptop we've seen, Acer's pedestrian Swift 3 is suddenly a sprinter, delivering unprecedented performance for a laptop this light and this small.

Swift is thy spirit's path, and strange withal, And hot thy love and hate, where'er they fall.

Dean Swift is a case in point.

It takes generations to lift a man up a single degree; but so swift is the effect of war, when men live a year in a day, that he is demonized in a month.

Nor let us forget that Swift was himself the inventor of the phrase "Sweetness and light.

"Well, then, this kid told the truth in every particular, even when he declared that Dick Swift is a dirty liar.

Taylor Swift is no stranger to critical and commercial accolades, and on Friday, she collected one that few artists ever achieve: a diamond certification from the RIAA for her smash hit โ€œShake It Off.โ€

Swift was a clergyman and politician; Addison was secretary of state; other writers depended on patrons or politics or pensions for fame and a livelihood; but Pope was independent, and had no profession but literature.

But thatโ€™s the thing: huge as she is, at her core, Swift is a songwriter who serves the song.

"Great is the earth, high is the heaven, swift is the sun in his course.

The town was taken the next day by storm, so swift were the conquests of this invincible captain.

Swift as memory came that picture; and swift upon its heels, blotting it out, the present returned.

The last of his race, where the first saw the light, The monarch had met, and triumphed in fight: Swift, swift was the steed, o'er Shinar's wide sand, But swifter the arrow that flew from Death's hand!

Where else could one watch the gentle conflict between sounds and silence with such dreamy joy?or make idleness seem so nearly like meditation?or more nimbly chase the dreams of night with even brighter day-dreams, wondering every day what has become of the day before, and each week where the week has gone, and in autumn what has become of the summer, that trod so noiselessly that none knew how swift were its footsteps!

Swift as a lightning flash suspicion became certainty.

As if great Atlas from his height Should sink beneath his heavenly weight, And with a mighty flaw, the flaming wall (At once it shall), Should gape immense, and rushing down, o'erwhelm this nether ball; So swift and so surprising was our fear: Our Atlas fell indeed, but Hercules was near.

So swift was Doone's coming that, by the time she had reached her feet again, he was beside her, and they leaned over John Mark together.

So swift and so sharp was the pain that she could not hide it.

Swift are the steps of Woe.

Dr. Johnson one evening roundly asserted in his rough way that "Swift was a shallow fellow; a very shallow fellow."

Johnson says in his "Life of Savage," that it was his hero's "practice to walk in the dark evenings for several hours before her door in hopes of seeing her as she might come by accident to the window or cross her apartment with a candle in her hand." Swift and Defoe were steady enemies, although I do not find that either mentions the other by name.

Dean Swift was the mightiest journalist that ever stirred the sluggish soul of humanity.

The whole village has vanishedin its place is nothing; so swift is the change that the mind scarcely credits the senses.

A ray for a ruddera thought for a sail Swift, swift was each bark as the wing of the gale.

That Swift is the most original writer of his time, and one of the greatest masters of English prose, is undeniable.

The swiftest was Reelfoot, the Placerville cattle-killer that could charge from a thicket thirty yards away and certainly catch a steer before it could turn and run, and that could even catch ponies in the open when they were poor.

Swift is the storm, roaring against the ice and frost of the late spring of English life.

Benoit loved a horse; and Willan Blaycke's black stallion was a horse to which any man's heart might well go out, so knowing, docile, proud, and swift was the creature, and withal most beautifully made.

He did not see Long Jim, so intent was he on looking up; but when the cockney drew a pistol he screamed shrilly and fled into the passage, his long queue sticking out behind like an attenuated pennant, so swift was his flight.

If you dream about creating apps for Appleรขโ‚ฌโ„ขs devices, Swift is a key language to learn.

Swift was a cynic; his pen was driven by hate, but Thackeray's by love, and it was not in bitterness but in sadness that the latter laid bare the wickedness of the world.

When Swift was a young man, and not so well acquainted with the world as he afterwards became, he wrote some Pindaric Odes.

Swift, not then a deserter to the Tories, was a friend of Steele's, who, when the first 'Tatler' appeared, had been amusing the town at the expense of John Partridge, astrologer and almanac-maker, with 'Predictions for the year 1708,' professing to be written by Isaac Bickerstaff, Esq.

Swift are his feet.

Before Bishop Wilkins alludes to his flying chariot, he remarks, that even if men could fly, the swiftest of them would probably be half a year in reaching the end of his journey; and hence a problem would arise, "how it were possible to tarry so long without sleep or diet?"

Swift is thy spirit's path, and strange withal, And hot thy love and hate, where'er they fall.

There is a Latin line, I know not whose, but Swift was fond of quoting it, "Vertiginosus, inops, surdus, male gratus amicis," which I have whispered to myself, with prophetic lips, in the long, long watches of my lonesome nights.

Swift through the eyes unto the heart within All lovely forms that thrall our spirit stray; So smooth and broad and open is the way That thousands and not hundreds enter in.

Swift is the eagle among the birds of the air, who seizeth presently with his feet his speckled prey, seeking it from afar off; but in low places dwell the chattering daws.

So swift was the progress of the little craft that, within fifteen minutes after bearing up, Raoul and Ithuel, who again occupied their stations on the forecastle, saw the headland where they had so lately been concealed, and ordered the helm a-port in order to sheer out and give it a berth.

And if you had been indeed as much an Astrologer as you pretended, you might have known that his word was no more to be taken than that of an Irish evidence [SWIFT was now Dean of St. Patrick's]: that not being the only Tale of a Tub he had vented.

And so swift was that descent that, when the girl, idling down the steps across the street, came onto the sidewalk, Bill Gregg rushed out from the other side and ran toward her.

And thus she uttered her prophetic tale; 'Hail, great physician of the world, all hail; Hail, mighty infant, who in years to come Shalt heal the nations and defraud the tomb; Swift be thy growth!

Yet not before the goal of honour won, All parts fulfill'd of subject and of son: Swift was the race, but short the time to run.

Swift is his messengers' going, But slowly he saps their halls, As if by delay deluding.

Even the eye of Dryden was unable to discover the wit and the satirist in the clouds of incomprehensible pindaric obscurity in which he was enveloped; and the aged bard pronounced the hasty, and never to be pardoned sentence, "Cousin Swift, you will never be a poet."

Swift and certain was the aim!

Before the startled warriors could gather to attack him he plunged once more into the wilderness, carrying his prisoners and plunder, and driving the captured horses before him; and so swift were his motions that he got back in safety to the settlements.

Now, Taylor Swift is the latest music act to postpone her tour.

Taylor Swift is the cutest baby in 1990 throwback video as she posts Mother's Day tribute to mom Andrea: 'Our talks are everything to me'

Swift was her goingher head on my breast Drooped like a flower that winter has pressed Elana, Elana!

Swift is the subject of would say; and would say introduces the clause after it, as what would be said.

He cleaves the air like a bullet, and so swift is his career that the eye can scarcely trace his flight.

This Swift, who nests in chimneys, is the sooty-colored bird that flies and feeds on the wing like a Swallow, and when he is in the air looks like a big spruce cone with wings.

So swift is its current and so erratic its course, that it frequently bursts its banks, and careers through the jungle, forming a new bed, and carrying away cattle and wild animals in its headlong rush.

Swift, like Addison, was a great master of style,clear, forcible, and natural; and in vigor he surpassed any writer of his age.

A swift is a yarn holder that replaces โ€ฆ well, you.

So swift indeed was the passage of the boat, as to denote pressing haste on the part of the solitary individual it contained.

Then, swift as grace itself, had come his answer.

On purely political questions Swift was too independent a thinker to be influenced by mere party views.

To Swift it was easy enough to be a staunch Churchman and at the same time expose the fallacies underlying the faith in the sovereign power; but then Swift was here no party fanatic who would use the "Church in danger" cry for party purposes.

so swift was the French movement that lines of communication were not guarded.

Nor, when corn-fields were cleared, and partridges, almost as swift as bullets and as numerous as locusts, were driven to and fro across the open, was his aim to be foiled by a flight little less rapid than the shot that arrested it.

The move was as swift as lightning, but the parry of the smaller man was still quicker.

"Haste me to know't, that I, with wings as swift As meditation or the thoughts of love, May to my revenge."

It had been as swift as telegraphy could make it.

Then suddenly, more swift than wind, more wild than comet's glare, Jerama's bull, far famed was he, rushed on the crowded square.