7 Metaphors for symmetry

Defuit una mihi symmetria prisca,"The antique symmetry was the one thing wanting to me," said Leonardo da Vinci; and he was an Italian.

It is a product of the rich fancy of the East, splendidly ornate, and not without a high degree of symmetryyet here the symmetry is that of ornament alone, and not the pure, absolute proportion of forms, which we find in Grecian Art.

What must not an Englishman feel about our deficiencies in this respect, as the sense for beauty, whereof this symmetry is an essential element, awakens and strengthens within him!

Symmetry of form is a rare and exquisite gift, but there are other conditions quite as indispensable to beauty.

Now could it be shown that the two-dimensional symmetry observed in nature is the result of a three-dimensional movement, the right-and left-handed symmetry of solids would by analogy be the result of a four-dimensional movement.

That this character attaches to such ideas should keep us on guard against framing theories whose symmetry is sometimes their condemnation' ('Daily Chronicle,' December 10, 1897).

The exact symmetry with which they are placed is the ornament of the face; and He that made them has kindled in them

7 Metaphors for  symmetry