11 Metaphors for tailor

Since the so-called tailor is no tailor at all, but a "button-holer" or "baster," it is obvious that the working of such a system requires some one capable of general direction.

The tailors, bakers, carpenters, gardeners, must all be Mrs. Tailors and Mrs. Bakers.

Somebody cheated me out of it next day; and my new pair of breeches, just sent home, cracking at first putting on, I exclaimed, in my wrath, "All tailors are cheats, and all men are tailors."

But this tailor is no common Snip.

Tailors are indiscriminately Parsees, Mohammedans, or Hindus, the latter-named being the least desirable, as they will neither eat, drink, nor cook in a European manner, and are always eager to get away by half-past four in the afternoon.

A TAILOR Is a creature made up of threads that were pared off from Adam, when he was rough cast; the end of his being differeth from that of others, and is not to serve God, but to cover sin.

Can any one imagine that the tailor and the tanner would be impartial judges?

I slept at the house of an Albanian tailor (all the tailors in Montenegro and the Berdas are Albanians) and was made comfortable.

Thus the Tailor became a King, and so he lived for the rest of his life.

Tailors are good men, and in the term-time they wear good clothes.

His tailor is his creator, and makes him of nothing; and though he lives by faith in him, he is perpetually committing iniquities against him.

11 Metaphors for  tailor