5 Metaphors for tarts

" The tarts, indeed, were wonderful things to look at, resembling, as Miriam had said, a plateful of little chimneys, with a sort of swallow's nest of jam at the top, but Ralph did not laugh at them.

Figs, alone in the school-room, was blundering over a home letter, when Cuff, entering, bade him go upon some message, of which tarts were probably the subject.

In these few lines are several gross errors: (1) cream-tarts should be cheese-cakes; (2) the charge was "that he made cheese-cakes without putting pepper in them," and not that he made "cream-tarts with pepper;" (3) it was not the vizier, his father-in-law and uncle, but his mother, the widow of Nouredeen, who made the discovery, and why?

A fruit tart is so common a sweet that it is scarcely necessary to give any directions concerning it.

Apple-tarts were then my passionnow it is love, truth, liberty, and crab-soupand not far from the statue of the Prince Elector, at the theatre corner, generally stood a curiously constructed bow-legged fellow with a white apron, and a basket girt around him full of delightfully steaming apple-tarts, whose praises he well knew how to call out in an irresistible high treble voice, "Here you are!

5 Metaphors for  tarts