1972 Metaphors for theses

These, however, are the most honest of the opponents of government; their patriotism is a species of disease; and they feel some part of what they express.

These, my lords, are surely great advantages; but these are not the greatest which we have reason to hope.

Roscoe C. Jamison THE NEGRO SOLDIERS These truly are the Brave, These men who cast aside Old memories, to walk the blood-stained pave Of Sacrifice, joining the solemn tide That moves away, to suffer and to die For Freedomwhen their own is yet denied!

Bracelets are frequently made of them and set in gold: some representing an entire eye with a white pupil, and these are the most beautiful.

For closeness of reasoning, for clearness of expression, for the wealth of knowledge and cogency of argument these are the most remarkable of his political writings.

Of all the Mysteries of the ancients these were the most popular.

These, of course, are the crude and simple lines upon which the finer and more complex evolution of the endocrine problems of the school child will build.

These are the annexed or conquered regions with settled populations already having a national tradition and culture of their own.

His fine aesthetic sense, his pessimism, his self-probings, his weariness, his overstrung nerves, his whole philosophy of negation,these are qualities belonging to this century, the outcome of our own age and culture.

These were significant signs.

These were the questions that, without ceasing, pursued each other through my mind.

These were the towers that could be seen leagues off, the first sign of Semur; our towers, which we had been born to love like our father's name.

These were qualities that no belle despised, and ill-assorted matches were, moreover, just coming into fashion in New-York.

These are not the Montmartre and Belleville guards alone; peaceful faces of citizens and merchants may be seen under the military képis, and many hands are white as no workman's are.

One of his most memorable discourses began with these words: "The lawyers, the priests, and the doctors, these are the deceivers of men."

These are very pertinent criticisms; but they do not make nearly as much nonsense of the notion of marginal utility as may seem at first.

These were the "apartments."

" "These are papers of my own, and very precious are they," returned the young man, regarding them a moment, with interest, before he laid them on the toilet.

These are the implements of war, and subjugationthe last arguments to which kings resort.

These were the little contributors to the building fund, whose money was devoted to the "Mother's room," a superb apartment intended for the sole use of Mrs. Eddy.

By such elementary tricks of legerdemain as these are guileless, honest folk deceived.

Many other varieties are obtainable in London, and are more or less used, but these are the most prominent.

The scene around us was extraordinary, and indeed these were the remains of the entire population of Antwerp.

Nay, good Sir, peace Madam, these are but wild evasions For times protraction; for your paritie, It cannot hold; since Nature does enforce Noe child to obey his parent in an act That is not good and iust.

These were the six-deep human phalanx which would presently slant down at him from tiers of steepest balconies and stand frankly emotional

1972 Metaphors for  theses