57 Metaphors for thicker

The cañon grew narrow as they descended, and the brush thicker, so that to follow the bed of the stream was the only way to get along.

Edgar A. Guest Thick Is the Darkness......................

Thick is the ivy over Alulvan, And crisp with summer-heat its turf; Far, far across its empty pastures Alulvan's sands are white with surf:

The thickest and strongest tendon in the body is the tendon of Achilles, which connects the great muscles in the calf of the leg with the heel bone (sec. 49).

About him the dead flocked as thick as bats, hovering around, and cuffing at his head: he stands with his dreadful bow, ever in the act to shoot.

Marching up to the windows, 'where they were as thick as bees,' they threw hand grenades into the house, which was hurriedly evacuated; numbers of the enemy leaping into the river, where some of them were drowned.

"Plenty of them," was her reply, "lords were as thick as blackberries during the Revolution.

So Jack Kinaley, as behoves my first cousin's son, stay you with me here this blessed night, for betune (between) you and I, it an't lucky to stay by one's self in this ruinated old rookery, where ghosts, God help us, is as thick as bottles in Sir Theodore's cellar!"

Of College labours, of the Lecturer's room All studded round, as thick as chairs could stand, 65 With loyal students faithful to their books, Half-and-half idlers, hardy recusants, And honest duncesof important days, Examinations, when the man was weighed As in a balance!

It was just after luncheon, and we was sitting in the summer-house at the end of the garden, looking out over the roses and pinks and all sorts of old-timey flowers growing as thick as clover heads, with an air as if it wasn't the least trouble in the world to them to flourish and blossom.

It creeps in the sand and mud, with green leaves growing up as thick as corn in a cornfield.

Now boil the whole again till it becomes as thick as cream, and keep continually stirring; bottle it when quite cold, cork well, and seal the corks.

As nigh they drew, The town was emptied to its very babes, And spread as thick as daisies o'er the fields.

Where had she seen before this grotesque saurian head, with eye-lids as thick as lips and lips as thick as ear-lobes?

Alas for sonnetting, 'tis as the nerves are; all the summer I was dawdling among green lanes, and verses came as thick as fancies.

"May your arguments be as thick as fireflies, O Doge!"

Real estate agents are as thick as fleas around that section.

Away in front of them, between two dark tree clumps, lay a vast number of shimmering, glittering yellow points, as thick as flowers in a garden.

Fly my rhymes as thick as flies in the sun; I think there be never an alehouse in England, not any so base a maypole on a country green, but sets forth some poet's petronels or demi-lances to the paper wars in Paul's Churchyard.

With pregnancy this tendency is enormously increased, and it is no uncommon thing to find a cart-mare in this condition, with legs, as the owner terms it, 'as thick as gate-posts.'

Round about the dixie go; In the dense ingredients throw Extra bully, every lump Pinched from some forbidden dump, Biscuits crunched to look like flour, Cabbage sweet and onions sour Make the broth as thick as glue.

And all the grisly sprights of griping hell With mumming look hath dogg'd thee since thy birth: See how the spirits do hover o'er thy head, As thick as gnats in summer eveningtide.

As soon as he peeped in the light went out on him, and still he could see crowds of people, as thick as grass, just as you see 'em at a fairso thick they hadn't room to standand they kept swaying back and forth, courtesying like.

Then he incidentally mentions a desert where he saw devils as thick as grasshoppers.

Well, what does he do, but he catches salmon and puts them into tanks, and every day added more and more salt, till the water was as thick as gruel, and the fish could hardly wag their tails in it.

57 Metaphors for  thicker
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