139 Metaphors for threes

Of the four first of these manuscripts, three of which are folio volumes, I have complete copies taken with my own hand; and of the copious extracts from the others, those from Olympiodorus on the Gorgias were taken by me from the copy preserved in the British Museum; those from the same philosopher on the Philebus, and those from Hermeas on the Phaedrus, and Damascius Peri Archon, from the copies in the Bodleian library.

The rhyme-scheme is a b a b b. Seguidillas are strophes composed of seven verses, three of which are heptasyllables and four pentasyllables.

Mariette Shaw Pilgrim (A); 20Jul67; R414114. PINKERTON, KATHRENE. Three's a crew.

The great case of monopolies, reported in full in the seventh volume of the State Trials, is a perfect mine of information on this subject, having been argued many months at great length by the greatest lawyers, three of whom later were chief-justices of England.

"They have not said so in words; but I can assure you it is their ambition, because all three are sensible, spirited, young women, who live in this age and not the one you yourself knew a half century or so ago.

One Sioux killed, and three wounded, was all the loss of the northern party.

The three had been a long time in the village and had inspired all the people with a great dread by telling them of a giant race who wore fierce beards like the walrus; who killed with a great noise at long distances, and who would break any jail except one of ivory.

The other three were Stage, Bloss, and MacManus.

PERKINS, GRACE B. Three were thoroughbreds.

The Three are "In Trouble," of that there's no doubt; Stroke mutters, "Obstruction!"

Three were renegades.

The number of ships which were seeking protection from the weather in this port amounted to ten, of which three were schooners.

Nearly three of the members of the choir are really good singers; the remainder are what may be termed only moderate.

Then four other men in uniform came in, and it turned out that three of them were privates like himself, and the other a sergeant.

Three were Gentiles: Hector, Alexander, and Julius Cæsar; three were Jews: Joshua, David, and Judas Maccabæus; three were Christians: Arthur, Charlemagne, and Godfrey of Bouillon.

Three of its chief characteristics are simplicity, flexibility, and energetic directness.

These three are the only opulent deaneries in the whole kingdom, and, as I am informed, consist all of tithes, which was an unhappy expedient in the Church, occasioned by the sacrilegious robberies during the several times of confusion and war; insomuch that at this day there is hardly any remainder left of dean and chapter lands in Ireland, that delicious morsel swallowed so greedily in England, under the fanatic usurpations.

Three of the prisoners carried to Portugal by Gonzales were Moors of some rank and considerable opulence; who each promised to pay ransoms for their safe return to their native country, and to give, besides, six or seven slaves each to the captors.

When first we met she was three feet high, And three, I think, was her age as well, A touch of the heaven was in her eye; I cannot say she was very shy, (As you'll see by her actions by and by), But the way I behaved I blush to tell.

Indeed, there were only three boys out of the twenty in the form, who did not resort to modes of unfairness far worse than the use of cribs, and those three were Russell, Owen, and himself; even Duncan, even Montagu, inured to it by custom, were not ashamed to read their lesson off a concealed book, or copy a date from a furtive piece of paper.

All three were orphans and had had a hard time in the world thus far.

To his confine" is a line, three of the chief words of which are Latin importations that come unfamiliarly, bearing their original interpretation with them.

A large number of ancient many-storied, many chambered communal houses are scattered over New Mexico, three of the most important of which are Isletta, Laguna and Acoma.

Three of the most eminent men with whom Johnson came in contact in later life, had also been students at Oxford.

For Marcos and these three were the only men who knew the way over the mountains to Torre Garda.

139 Metaphors for  threes