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214 Metaphors for  threes

214 Metaphors for threes

But those three are the best in the market to fill up absences brought about by the current situation.

Evidently, the warriors were moving slowly along the edge of the cliff, talking as they went, and the hunter surmised that the three were the subject of their attention.

All three of the judges can be ex-capitanes, but no ex-capitan can be teniente.

The rhyme-scheme is a b a b b. Seguidillas are strophes composed of seven verses, three of which are heptasyllables and four pentasyllables.

Three of his sons are all luchadors enmascarados (masked wrestlers) known by their ring names Black Fish, El Hijo del Fishman and El Único de Ciudad Juárez.

Of these, three were in intensive care, no change on the previous total.

The great case of monopolies, reported in full in the seventh volume of the State Trials, is a perfect mine of information on this subject, having been argued many months at great length by the greatest lawyers, three of whom later were chief-justices of England.

"They have not said so in words; but I can assure you it is their ambition, because all three are sensible, spirited, young women, who live in this age and not the one you yourself knew a half century or so ago."

These three are not the only ones taking on the left’s latest iteration of cultural totalitarianism.

The three had been a long time in the village and had inspired all the people with a great dread by telling them of a giant race who wore fierce beards like the walrus; who killed with a great noise at long distances, and who would break any jail except one of ivory.

The other three were Stage, Bloss, and MacManus.

In this situation I see the lot as divided into six regions, one of which is the sector, three are rectangles and two are congruent triangles.

PERKINS, KENNETH. Three were thoroughbreds.

Three new cases in Ida-Viru County are family-related and three are workplace infections.

Three were renegades.

The number of ships which were seeking protection from the weather in this port amounted to ten, of which three were schooners.

The three were all crab and lobster fishermen, holding a significant number of crab licenses, quotas and lobster licenses.

Nearly three of the members of the choir are really good singers; the remainder are what may be termed only moderate.

Then four other men in uniform came in, and it turned out that three of them were privates like himself, and the other a sergeant.

Three of its chief characteristics are simplicity, flexibility, and energetic directness.

In this letter, God Himself addresses these Jews, and three of the subjects He discusses are: Prayers, Prophets, and Plans.

While multiple episodes in the season got a rating of 7.4 (too many to include in a single entry), it's worth noting that three of the six with this score are the episodes where Regan joined the loft.

These three are the only opulent deaneries in the whole kingdom, and, as I am informed, consist all of tithes, which was an unhappy expedient in the Church, occasioned by the sacrilegious robberies during the several times of confusion and war; insomuch that at this day there is hardly any remainder left of dean and chapter lands in Ireland, that delicious morsel swallowed so greedily in England, under the fanatic usurpations.

Three of the prisoners carried to Portugal by Gonzales were Moors of some rank and considerable opulence; who each promised to pay ransoms for their safe return to their native country, and to give, besides, six or seven slaves each to the captors.

Indeed, there were only three boys out of the twenty in the form, who did not resort to modes of unfairness far worse than the use of cribs, and those three were Russell, Owen, and himself; even Duncan, even Montagu, inured to it by custom, were not ashamed to read their lesson off a concealed book, or copy a date from a furtive piece of paper.

All three were orphans and had had a hard time in the world thus far.

In fact, of our 365 schools, ninety-three of them are Small Necessarily Existent Schools.

To his confine" is a line, three of the chief words of which are Latin importations that come unfamiliarly, bearing their original interpretation with them.

"Plus three" was a reference to Ocasio-Cortez's colleagues - three black and minority ethnic congresswomen known as "The Squad" involved in drawing up the Green New Deal.

Three of the most eminent men with whom Johnson came in contact in later life, had also been students at Oxford.

For Marcos and these three were the only men who knew the way over the mountains to Torre Garda.

All three of the films made prior to that were box office hits, yet they struggled to win over the masses for different reasons.

All three are determinants of health.

In the late Government, besides the Prime Minister, there were also three men of letters, and I have never heard that those three were greater simpletons than their neighbours.

Three of his successors were minors; Antone was a leper; the fifth was repudiated by every one of his vassals.

The new act will have 15 members, three of them are OIC appointments and one of them is a student.

Singapore reported 11 new cases in the community, of which six are Singaporeans including a resident of Acacia welfare home three are permanent residents, and two are work pass holders.

Of the four first of these manuscripts, three of which are folio volumes, I have complete copies taken with my own hand; and of the copious extracts from the others, those from Olympiodorus on the Gorgias were taken by me from the copy preserved in the British Museum; those from the same philosopher on the Philebus, and those from Hermeas on the Phaedrus, and Damascius Peri Archon, from the copies in the Bodleian library.

But of that offence she was found guilty upon the testimony of sixteen witnesses, three of whom were clergymen.

"Between three" is an incongruity; and the text here cited is bad in several other respects.

All three are independent directors.

One had but two years in a Mission College whose course of study went no further; one carries an American degree; three are graduates of a Government College for men.

For inasmuch as he says that we consist of spirit, soul and body, and asserts that all the three are bodies; it follows, that he supposes usto be made up of three bodies.

Mr. Norris, Lieutenant Matthews, of the navy, who had just left a slave employ in Africa, and Mr. James Penny, formerly a slave captain, and then interested as a merchant in the trade, (which three were the delegates from Liverpool,) took possession of the ground first.

Two-twenty-three isn't your kindand you know it!

One of my pupils, Dobbs, did not join: the other three were Tinkler, Ogilby, and Ibbotson.

It is even difficult to determine whether the three may not be varieties of one species.

All three were pro-bowlers at one time.

Four of the nine community cases were Singaporeans, three were work pass holders, and two were work permit holders.

The first three had been my private pupils: Mr Gordon was a Fellow-commoner of St Peter's College, and had just passed the B.A. examination as Senior Wrangler, Turner being second.

While almost rivalling their masters in wit, they yet occupy a secondary place upon the stage, and rarely dwarf by their own cleverness, as do often those of Molière, their master's rôles.[130] "Three of these valets are real creations.

The next three are radio-friendly pop songs, the first five songs form a song cycle and were composed by Faye Wong herself, marking her further development as a songwriter.

Three were Gentiles: Hector, Alexander, and Julius Cæsar; three were Jews: Joshua, David, and Judas Maccabæus; three were Christians: Arthur, Charlemagne, and Godfrey of Bouillon.

When separated from their connections, three of them are gases; and the fourth, in union with one of the others, is also a gas.

Their quarters were narrow, because sloops plying on the river in those days were not large, but the three who slept so often in the forest were not seekers after luxury.

Dr. Eaton's study of the bones brought out the fact that eight of them were fragments of human bones representing at least three individuals, four were fragments of llama bones, one of the bone of a dog, and three were "bovine remains."

"Twenty-three, mama, ain't a boy!"

All the three were potential spreaders though only one tested positive.

Three were his sister Alice's children.

Three had not been such a structure within the palace compound since the time of Emperor Shirakawa.

At least three must be upper level liberal studies courses.

As training begins, the women are encouraged to bond with the other members of their unit, but our main three don’t exactly become instant besties.

Here was the hunter he once felt kindly toward and two other smells of far-backboth hateful; all three were now the smell-marks of foes, and a rumbling "woof" was the expressive sound that came from his throat.

He went on to say he believed that solicitor-client privilege is a principle which can be balanced with the twin pillars of transparency and accountability, as all three are essential underpinnings of our democracy.

Six were hanged on July 2d, upon Blake's lands, near Charleston,Denmark Vesey, Peter Poyas, Jess, Ned, Rolla, and Batteau,the last three being slaves of the Governor himself.

World Three, he argued, was the product of individual human beings in exactly the same sense that an animal path is the product of individual animals, and that, as such, has an existence and evolution independent of any individual knowing subjects.

Those three are watertown stations that i get most of the time with my indoor antenna.

DORIANS, one of the four divisions of the Hellenic race, the other three being the Achæans, the Æolians, and the Ionians; at an early period overran the whole Peloponnesus; they were a hardy people, of staid habits and earnest character.

So twisted and twined were they that it was hard to pick one from the other, save that the innermost was clad in black Flemish cloth, while the three who clung to him were soldiers of the king.

Vandin said, "Three kinds of born beings are produced by acts; the three Vedas together perform the sacrifice, Vajapeya; at three different times, the Adhwaryus commence sacrificial rites; three is the number of words: and three also are the divine lights."

You may be content to ship a single low value item untracked, but the three together may be oveer your comfort level.

He divorced her and gave her to Millais, and the three were life-long friends.

The club have confirmed that eight youngsters have been offered deals to play for their youth side and three of them are new additions.

These three are the main strands of elementary algebra.

Three of these electors were archbishops, one was king of Bohemia, and the others were counts of large counties in Germany like Hanover and Brandenburg.

All three were good judges of stones, and a very brief examination was sufficient, even in the feeble evening light, to enable them to see that they were not only gems of the first water, but also stones of such a size as is seldom seen in these unregenerate days.

Eight and more persons died a day from the African fever during the early colonization attempts; three of these in Anna's family alone were victims of it.

The commissioners, three of whom are a quorum, meet every Friday morning, at the office, in a court, about the centre of High-street, and nearly opposite to New-street.

He has only 17 goals in 304 NHL games but three have been game-winners.

Three of them are sheepfolds -- another is occupied by a fisherman for a cabbage cellar, and time has encrusted the ceilings with small stalactites.

But the three first are either attributes, and used with nouns, or they are substitutes.

Three of her portraits are well knownthose of Baron Thienen, General von Neuwirth, and Baron Eber-Eschenbach.

Eighty-one students participated and the top three were Sabin Cautis, Byung-Kyu Chun and Mihaela Enachescu (Dawson College, Westmount, Quebec).

All three had been leaders of Czechoslovakia's Velvet Revolution.

Three of the seven justices of the supreme court, including the chief justice, are Filipinos, as are approximately half of the judges of the courts of first instance and practically all justices of the peace.

So he wants nine justices here in Washington, three of whom will have been his picks.

My favorite hour to be working is at two-thirty in the morning two to three in the morning is kind of the sweet spot because even the Night Owls have gone to sleep.

You may be content to ship a single low value item untracked, but the three together may be oveer your comfort level.

These three were a royal mathematician, a captain in the royal navy, killed in the Flanders rebellions, and finally a royal organ-builder.

Three of the bands' hit songs were "Runaway Boys," "Rock This Town," and "Stray Cat Strut."

Five sons have you, that are my brothers; two of them are married, and three are bachelors; these last it concerns to have their garments neat and unsoiled; it may advance their fortunes in marriage: and who but I their sister should have a care of these things?

The three last to come out were Fayolle, Teillard-Latérisse, and Paulin Durrieu.

Three were Gentiles: Hector, Alexander, and Julius Cæsar; three were Jews: Joshua, David, and Judas Maccabæus; three were Christians: Arthur, Charlemagne, and Godfrey of Bouillon.

Three, four thousand "miles" were common figures on her lips in describing her distance "above"; but her distance "within" never got beyond sixty-three.

Eight of these are cultural properties and three are natural properties.

On the other side of the city are other tombes of holy Mahumetans, and euery one or them hath a tombe built vpon foure pillers, amongst which three were the companions of Mahumet, to wit, Abubacar; Ottoman, and Omar; all which are visited of the pilgrims as holy places.

All three are finalists in the Storyteller competition funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC).

"Monty tells me you three are real ripstavers, and he doesn't say that very often about anybody.

Three of them came courtesy of Rex Burkhead.

At midnight, on Monday, October 12th, Lee's army was near Warrenton Springs, ready to advance in the morning upon Warrenton, while three of the four corps under General Meade were half-way between the Rappahannock and Culpepper Court-House, expecting battle there.