67 Metaphors for tragedy

Tragedy and comedy are simply questions of value: a little misfit in life makes us laugh, a great one is tragedy and cause for expression of grief.

Till then the English authors had no thoughts of writing upon the model of the ancients: their tragedies were only histories in dialogue, and their comedies followed the thread of any novel, as they found it, no less implicitly than if it had been true history.

We must remember (1) that a Tragedy is a Threnosa Trauerspieland, however much it develops in the direction of a mere entertainment, the Threnos-element is of primary importance.

The tragedy that overshadows many of the seemingly most successful men of to-day is the memory of the iniquitous methods whereby they have acquired wealth or mounted to power.

The tragedy "Frederick, Duke of Brunswick-Lunenburgh," known to be of her make, was a complete failure, and "Love-Letters on All Occasions" (1730) with "Collected by Mrs. Eliza Haywood" on the title-page never reached a second edition.

And I believe this, that this Greek tragedy, with its godlike men and manlike gods, and heroes who had become gods by the very vastness of their humanity, was a preparation, and it may be a necessary preparation, for the true Christian faith in a Son of Man, who is at once utterly human and utterly divine.

Our first real domestic tragedy was the destruction of the waterworks on the 30th of September.

Tragedy, to him, was a first cousin of comedy; to-night he had set out to kill, and, instead of killing, he had run like a jack-rabbit for cover.

My tragedy will be a medley (as I intend it to be a medley) of laughter and tears, prose and verse, and in some places rhyme, songs, wit, pathos, humor, and if possible, sublimity,at least, it is not a fault in my intention if it does not comprehend most of these discordant colors.

This tragedy is perhaps, in European literature, the first great expression of the spirit of pity for mankind exalted into a moving principle; a principle which has made the most precious, and possibly the most destructive, elements of innumerable rebellions, revolutions, and martyrdoms, and of at least two great religions.

Tragedy is the everlasting piling up of little things.

The tragedy on which Mr. Walmsley founded his expectations of Johnson's future eminence as a dramatic poet, was the Irene.

Hence it was that the tragedies of Byron were his least successful performances.

Tragedy was not this author's talent; he was totally without tenderness, and was so far unqualified for tragedy.

Although more has been written about Lucknow, yet the tragedy of Cawnpore is to me the more thrilling in several particulars, and that city was the scene of the greater agony.

" THE REAL TRAGEDY OF WAR It is not a pleasant picturethis story of the French soldier.

The tragedy of the horse is the tragedy of all who loved them.

Were we not speaking the other day of how the old tragedies are the new ones?

"Comedy," he says, "is a jocose poem beginning in sadness and ending in joy: a tragedy is a poem composed in the grand style beginning in joy and ending in grief."

But he seemed rather to suggest that the tragedy was our fault.

The Centralia tragedy was the culmination of a long series of unpunished atrocities against labor.

" A tragedy (or was it a comedy?) seems written in these few words.

"The whole must centre in the query, whether Tragedy or Comedy are hurtful and dangerous representations?"Formey's Belles-Lettres, p. 215.

"Tragedy, we know, is wont to Image to us the minds and fortunes of noble persons: and to pourtray these exactly, Heroic Rhyme is nearest Nature; as being the noblest kind of Modern Verse.

They are all here in any American commonwealth at the close of our century: the great tragedies are numberedthe oldest are the newest.

67 Metaphors for  tragedy