40 Metaphors for trained

I imagine Homer would have been considerably surprised, if anyone had told him that the vast train of tragic events caused by the gross and insupportable insult put by Agamemnon, the mean mind in authority, on Achilles, the typical herothat this noble and profoundly human theme was a second-rate subject.

Our little train of five wagons, ten men, one woman and three children would not be a formidable force against the Indians if they were disposed to molest us, and it looked to me very hazardous, and that a larger train would be more safe, for Government troops were seldom molested on their marches.

A long train is Luisa's little game.

As we drove to the station, we passed the group of ancient "chatries" or tombs of dead and gone Ranas of Mewar, and halted for a short inspection, as, the train by which we were to travel to Chitorgarh being a "special," we were not bound to a precise moment for our appearance on the platform.

The train that took us to Cairo was own sister in looks and fittings to any South African trainfor which I loved herbut

The morning of the trial, so long looked forward to, had at length arrived, and the train of events which it has been my business to chronicle in this narrative was now fast drawing to an end.

Twenty trains per day, of thirty cars each, one car holding two yards, would be twelve hundred yards per day; two million, divided by twelve hundred, gives 1,666 days.]

Well, the train I ride on is a hundred coaches long You can hear the whistle blow a hundred miles.

This thought was reassuring, as they were three to one if they combined against me, and the train was, unfortunately, not entirely a corridor train.

His train was the most motley collection of vehicles it has ever been my lot to witness.

The ammunition-train in process of being unloaded is a fearsome affair.

The train was nearly annihilateda frightful catastrophe" "He is dead!

Now both are lost: yet, wandering in the dark, 100 Physicians, for the tree, have found the bark: They, labouring for relief of human kind, With sharpen'd sight some remedies may find; The apothecary-train is wholly blind, From files a random recipe they take, And many deaths of one prescription make.

Simpson's train was a surly, overbearing fellow, and took particular delight in bullying and tyrannizing over me, and one day while we were at dinner he asked me to do something for him.

Its train, by the way, is a false tail, like the chignon of twenty years ago, or the fringe of the present day; the true tail is under it, and serves no purpose but to support it.

Besides, the train was makin' a noise; an' me not havin' my thoughts on nothin' but how cold I was, an' how far I had to drive, I mos' prob'ly wouldn't have noticedalthough I might have.

An ammunition train captured at Janow (eleven miles northwest of Lemberg) was German, while the guns taken included thirty-six of heavy caliber bearing Emperor William's initials and belonging to the German Sixth army corps.

The train was three-quarters of an hour late.

Her train she robes with liveries of Heaven, To her are all the dazzling splendors given.

Each train was a little migrating State in itself.

"We came at four o'clock," said Mrs. Miller, a handsome young woman, who might be anywhere between twenty-five and thirty, and whose complexion, in the twilight, was not distinguishable from that of a white person, "but the train was late two hours, they said.

The train was a local with only three carsbaggage, smoking and passenger.

The train was late,fifteen minutes, half an hour late,and I began to get nervous, lest something had happened.

You see I was on the lookout for a fare, but wasn't expecting one, on account of the fact that this here train was an accommodation, and folks that usually come in on it take street-cars and not a taxi.

A man come up there and say a free train was comin' to go back to Africa.

40 Metaphors for  trained
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