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59 Metaphors for  trained

59 Metaphors for trained

Training for match play is rather a difficult subject for me to write about, for I have never gone in for proper "training."

Training at JHU was an honor and has put him in a unique position when starting a private practice.

Our little train of five wagons, ten men, one woman and three children would not be a formidable force against the Indians if they were disposed to molest us, and it looked to me very hazardous, and that a larger train would be more safe, for Government troops were seldom molested on their marches.

"A fast train and a 'slow' neighbor," is my motto.

The train is G scale outdoor railroad equipment and tends to be a little more robust and can handle a little dirt and dust.

A long train is Luisa's little game.

Electrostar trains are the new standard on many of London’s commuter routes.

The train that took us to Cairo was own sister in looks and fittings to any South African trainfor which I loved

A sweep train is typically 1-2 feet long; a chapel train, 3-5 feet; a cathedral train, 6-8 feet; and a royal train is usually 8 feet or longer.

And I hate to hear that lonesome whistle blow Well, the train I ride on is a hundred coaches long

At a certain pointI should think about half a mile from where the train was standingthis path went underneath a rude bridge, built of bricks and covered over with turf.

This thought was reassuring, as they were three to one if they combined against me, and the train was, unfortunately, not entirely a corridor train.

His train was the most motley collection of vehicles it has ever been my lot to witness.

The ammunition-train in process of being unloaded is a fearsome affair.

Passenger trains are usually a very comfortable way of traveling.

With real train sounds and some catchy music to accompany your journey, this terrific train will be a hit with all your guests!

Now both are lost: yet, wandering in the dark, 100 Physicians, for the tree, have found the bark: They, labouring for relief of human kind, With sharpen'd sight some remedies may find; The apothecary-train is wholly blind, From files a random recipe they take, And many deaths of one prescription make.

's ornamental train (grown anew in time for each mating season) is a famous adaptation.

Simpson's train was a surly, overbearing fellow, and took particular delight in bullying and tyrannizing over me, and one day while we were at dinner he asked me to do something for him.

Its train, by the way, is a false tail, like the chignon of twenty years ago, or the fringe of the present day; the true tail is under it, and serves no purpose but to support it.

Besides, the train was makin' a noise; an' me not havin' my thoughts on nothin' but how cold I was, an' how far I had to drive, I mos' prob'ly wouldn't have noticedalthough I might have."

However, this extra train was only four carriages long instead of the normal eight.

The train was three-quarters of an hour late."

A train is not a herd of elephants galloping through the jungle.

With the first feature length film of the franchiseDemon Slayer: Mugen Train, set to release in the not too distance future, perhaps there will be an opportunity for this distinct take on the opening theme to be released when the anime hits theaters.

Each train was a little migrating State in itself.

"We came at four o'clock," said Mrs. Miller, a handsome young woman, who might be anywhere between twenty-five and thirty, and whose complexion, in the twilight, was not distinguishable from that of a white person, "but the train was late two hours, they said.

The train was a local with only three carsbaggage, smoking and passenger.

The train was late,fifteen minutes, half an hour late,and I began to get nervous, lest something had happened.

How little then, my lords, do our sagacious politicians understand their own interest by promoting drunkenness and luxury, of which the natural train of consequences are idleness, necessity, wickedness, desperation, sedition, and anarchy!

You see I was on the lookout for a fare, but wasn't expecting one, on account of the fact that this here train was an accommodation, and folks that usually come in on it take street-cars and not a taxi.

A man come up there and say a free train was comin' to go back to Africa.

Night Train is a passionate man of the fan, and I look forward to him rededicating that passion back into the Chicago community, Wilt told the team website.

While with perturbed nerves he awaited Hutchinson's arrival, he must have been surprised to see moving towards his house, not a Parisian populace, pell-mell, flourishing liberty-caps and pikes, or even a growling London mob, but a peaceful train of eleven cozy chaises, conveying a very respectable committee from a public meeting, at the head of which were Warren, Otis, and Samuel Adams.

I could see that the train of my last night's debauch was a huddled-up chaos of fallen carriages and disfigured bodies.

"What time's the next train back to Ronleigh?" asked Jack, as he paid the money for their fare to the ticket-collector.

The light-railway staff were highly delighted at their success, and the trains which they soon had running over their little system were indeed a boon and a blessing to the fighting men and horses.

Another train connecting Khokhrapar (Pakistan) and Munabao (India) is the that restarted operations on February 18, 2006 since being closed down after the 1965 Indo-Pak war.

Affordable option: Suburban trains are the lifeline for thousands of office-goers and daily wage earners travelling to the city from far-off places.

But the train was an immovable fortress, and the fortress was well garrisoned.

The fastest train of a road is the pride of all its employees; all the trainmen aspire to a place on the flyer.

The train that went through the bridge was the express.

ghastly Poverty: Thy form benign, O goddess, wear, Thy milder influence impart; Thy philosophic train be there To soften, not to wound, my heart; The generous spark extinct revive, Teach me to love and to forgive, Exact nay own defects to scan, What others are to feel, and know myself a man.

"Two freight trains collided on the bridge and broke it down," was the word that passed from mouth to mouth.

A Real Train, for example, was a poor, big, clumsy, limited thing that was obliged to go to Redhill, or Croydon, or London, that was full of unnecessary strangers, usually sitting firmly in the window seats, that you could do nothing with at all.

Ottawa's O-Train is an example.

The wagon train was a mile in the rear, and when it came up, one of the drivers asked: "How are we going down there?" "Run down, slide down or fall downany way to get down," said I. "We never can do it; it's too steep; the wagons will run over the mules," said another wagon-master.

Trains operating on the line are Mitsubishi Crystal Movers (C810) manufactured by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

Officers, handling destruction with the nonchalance of a woman handling a hat, may say what they likethe ammunition train is to my mind an unsafe neighbour.

With the train being a literal story device, the ticket guy fights the duo for wanting the anthology to stop, and when the continuity bottle's blown up, Rick and Morty end up in an act break with a musical number between Rick and Birdperson.

Little old train was no bigger dan de Dardanelle & Russellville train.

The train was one great go-cart.

Often the whole train can be standing-room only, and the seat next to me is open.

[GEORGE FRANCIS TRAIN is a native of Boston, U.S.

Like all other pitchers in baseball right now, training for me has been a struggle, Horacek told FiveThirtyEight.

The grinding of the wheels on the magnificent engine nearly brought tears of joy to those who heard it, taking them back to former days when a train pulling into Kensington was an everyday occurrence.

C751 Trains are the third generation of trains used in the SMRT Network.

The train was the Golden State Limited that had brought him from the far away East, a few months before.

Johnson’s fast train from London to Birmingham in 2030 is no use.