6 Metaphors for transportations

The transportation to the coast was the point of difficulty on Rancocus Island as well as elsewhere; none of the cattle being yet old enough to be used.

To abandon to it the transportation of the whole would be a sacrifice which ought not to be expected.

"Transportation" might be the subject of a book in which a chapter was given to each important subdivision of it; but it would be quite as difficult to treat such a subject in three hundred words as it would be to make use of three hundred pages for "The Transportation of Milk at Toledo.

Rape was punished with death and confiscation of goods, as in England till a late period, when transportation for life became the penalty.

The annual mail transportation on these routes is about 36,228,962 miles, having been increased about 10,359,476 miles within the same period.

" Sir William Scott is no less precise: "The transportation of two or three shiploads of ammunition is necessarily a limited assistance; but, by despatches, the whole plan of the campaign may be transmitted in such a manner as to destroy all the plans of the other belligerent in that part of the world."

6 Metaphors for  transportations