7 Metaphors for transports

Our aircraft had bombed the road, and the dead men, cattle and horses, and smashed transport were ghastly sights and made the air offensive.

The transport of a million men over submarine-infested seas is no easy task.

The transport had either been a common freighter or a cattle ship.

As we were fifteen miles from Dunkirk, and as everything had to be brought out from there, transport was a serious problem.

Mechanical transport would be a public advantage on our hilly roads.

Transport and supplies were an everlasting source of worry, as it generally is with every army, great or small.

We heard later on that the transport ahead of us four days, the Zealandia, was twenty-eight hours in a cyclone and much damagedwrung and hammered and shocked until she had to put into Nagasaki for extensive repairs.

7 Metaphors for  transports