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102 Metaphors for  troubles

102 Metaphors for troubles

Troubles, cares, are not these the money with which lovers pay for their pleasures?

Now we of the army conclude, with prayer and tears, that these troubles are a penalty for our backslidings, conferences, compromises, and the like; that "if the Lord bring us back in peace," Charles Stuart, the Man of Blood, must be called to account.

Troubles are certainly a great advantage, if we manage them correctly.

Three of Job's friends came to comfort him (see ), but they too became Job's accusers because they wrongly presumed that righteous Job's troubles were wrath from the LORD.

"His present trouble is nervous strain, aggravated by the unaccustomed confinement, and some mental excitement under which he is laboring.

His only trouble was the thought that perhaps the expedition of the Flying Legion had ended before it had really begun.

"The trouble was," continued Godfrey, "that I didn't look for him so early in the day, and so he was able to send me on a wild-goose chase after a sensation that didn't exist.

One minor trouble both to Prometheus and Elenko was the affection they were naturally expected to manifest towards the carcase of the wretched eagle, which many identified with the eagle of the Evangelist John.

" "Your man belongs to a union, doesn't he?" "Sure!" "Well, the trouble is our people here don't know these things.

"The Trouble with Lions, Jerry Haigh`s fast-paced memoir of his years practicing wild-animal medicine in the jungles and plains of Africa, is as disturbing as it is fascinating: a rare glimpse into a little-known and quickly vanishing world."

The trouble is Semyonov, the doctor.

โ€œThe trouble with a lot of traditional modelling packages and traditional computer game-making software in general is you kind of need to plan what youโ€™re going to do,โ€ Healey said.

That trouble is at last over, mamma."

The trouble is that only certain types of men and womenthe expressive types which are useful to usappeal to our observation.

The bottom trouble of the world in which we live is the enormous over-multiplication of our wants.

The states of this province furnished the model of the States-General; and the particular troubles which broke out in the provinces of Brittany and Dauphiny were the forerunners of those of the nation at large.

Indeed, the troubles in Jamaica had been the immediate cause of that resignation of the ministry in 1839 which has already been mentioned.

"The trouble of the superior man will be his own want of ability: it will be no trouble to him that others do not know him.

The trouble with having friends is the upkeep.

The only trouble was the necessity of walking on, of accompanying his embraces and protests of love with the incessant activity of walking.

"My only trouble with regard to pressing my court is the fact that my lovely Leah is never allowed outside her father's house, save in his company or that of his sisteran old maid of dour mien and sour disposition, who acts the part of a duenna with dog-like tenacity.

Weren't you advising the necessity of getting acquainted with people and finding outtactfully, of courseyou made a point of tactwhat the trouble was?" "

The only trouble was his English was negligible and the tro-tro was not headed to the mall.

I am not displeased at this row, though the extreme trouble it causes to private persons, domestic persecution, tyrannical efforts at conversion and the like, are the most serious and painful matters-but I mean in its public bearing.

Yet she looked as if trouble had been no stranger to her.

September Song, 11. Gentleman Friend, 12. I Feel So Smoochie, 13. Trouble Is A Man, 14. Itโ€™s Magic.

But holdI feel my gout decrease, My troubles laid to rest, And truths which would disturb my peace, Are painful truths at best.

The chief trouble in the mind of Albert was not the probability of imprisonment, nor the overthrow of his educational schemesthough all of these were cups of bitterness.

Other Jamaican troubles of some note were a revolt in St. Mary's Parish in 1765, and a more general one in 1832 in which property of an estimated value of $1,800,000 was destroyed before the rebellion was put down at a cost of some $700,000 more.

Troubles there have been, disturbances, an expedition or twobut there's no real change.

He had already been married eight years, and his only trouble was a debt of twenty-four dollars, which the illness of his wife had caused him.

Those who were quarreling at that time and causing all the trouble were Trebellius and Dolabella: Antony did no wrong and was active in every way in our behalf, so much so that he was entrusted by us with guarding the city against those very men, and not only did this remarkable orator not oppose it (he was there) but even approved it.

But to many others, across the political spectrum, the trouble is not so much activism, but plain arrogance.

The trouble was merely a slight astigmatism which bothered me only in reading or close inspection.

All this trouble among the peasants is his handiwork.

The main trouble that seems to come on the poor wretches is the icing up of their hindquarters; once the ice gets thoroughly into the coat the hind legs get half paralysed with cold.

ad sermon still seeking what sacrifice he may offer to his golden god, per fas et nefas, he cares not how, his trouble is endless, crescunt divitiae, tamen curtae nescio quid semper abest rei: his wealth increaseth, and the more he hath, the more he wants: like Pharaoh's lean kine, which devoured the fat, and were not satisfied.

How many people are blistered for spinal disease, or blanketed for rheumatism, when the real trouble is a little fiery spot of inflammation in the lining of the stomach!

Some of the plingers amongst this riff-raff must have recognized their mate, and thinking that the trouble was merely a case of a street beggar insulting a citizen, and noting that this one wore the hated uniform of a railroad manevery tough's sworn enemythey made common cause and the next moment Joe saw a heavy beer bottle descending upon his head, then all was darkness.

And ever the trouble in his dazed brain grew the deeper; once, as they crossed a broad glade she rode up close beside him, and beneath her hood he saw a strand of her glorious hair, bright under the moon.

Has not thy trouble been straightway transformed into gladness and rapture?

The war that brought a fortune to Jo Hertz, and transformed him, over night, from a baggy-kneed old bachelor, whose business was a failure, to a prosperous manufacturer whose only trouble was the shortage in hides for the making of his productleather!

Many have the feeling in their waking hours that the trouble they are aching with is, after all, only a dream,if they will rub their eyes briskly enough and shake themselves, they will awake out of it, and find all their supposed grief is unreal.

The troubles of the child, the broken toy, the slight from a friend, the failure of an expected holiday, are mole-hills to be sure, but in his circumscribed horizon they take an Alpine magnitude.

"Now the real trouble at the bottom of all this was the state in which Religion found itself.

The trouble with Dan ain't his woundit's his mind that's keepin' him low.

"My trouble ain't heart only," said Dan. "Stomach?" suggested Pete.

Our greatest trouble in Vermont has been the wasteful scattering of each man's energies over a variety of tasks.

And the trouble wi' Britain is that sae many o' her sons ha' flocked tae the cities and the toons that the country's deserted.

Oh, a trouble's a ton, or a trouble's an ounce,

"Well, where will the trouble be, Mancy?" said Patty.

The second part is an allegory, in which the troubles of the seaman are symbols of the troubles of this life, and the call of the ocean is the call in the soul to be up and away to its true home with God.

A boy's troubles are always the fault of the other boy.

Even the personal troubles of Mr. Trumpโ€™s former campaign manager, Brad Parscale, whom the president has attacked in private for months and whom Mr. Trump demoted over the summer, became a vehicle for assigning blame.

Let thy disgrace then be what it will, quod fit, infectum non potest esse, that which is past cannot be recalled; trouble not thyself, vex and grieve thyself no more, be it obloquy, disgrace, &c.

Then they began to think these troubles were punishments for doing wrong.

Oh, a trouble's a ton, or a trouble's an ounce,

Helga Greene (E); 13Dec66; R400568. Trouble is my business.

His one trouble was Mr. Purnip, that estimable gentleman, who seemed to have a weird gift of meeting him at all sorts of times and places, never making any allusion to his desertion, but showing quite clearly by his manner that he still hoped for the return of the wanderer.

The only trouble in her existence just then was her holiday-task, and that she steadily refused to relinquish unless her father gave her leave.

The trouble was the put-off reckoning for past extravagance was at hand and he shrank from asking his wife to pay.

Googleโ€™s very thinly veiled intimations of pulling out of the worldโ€™s largest Internet market highlights the issue of industrial espionage that troubleโ€™s many foreign firms doing business in China.

One trouble which had, of course, to be faced from the outset was the human element in the problem.

These troubles and distresses that you go through in these waters, are no sign that God hath forsaken you; but are sent to try you, whether you will call to mind that which heretofore you have received of his goodness, and live upon him in your distresses.

Only trouble isthere are so many different ways of spillin' the beans that we're takin' a chance no matter what we do.

The trouble with "Kappa's" particular public-school boy is his unlit imagination, the apathetic commonness of his attitude to life at large.

Worldly trouble is the tonic of the soul.

His troubles granted, one may easily concede his character, and his troubles are, mainly, no fanciful invention.

The poor little chap had been ailing half the winter, it seems, with indigestion and various aches, until the doctor told his mother that she must take him to the country and try a change, as he feared the trouble was chronic appendicitis; so the entire establishment has arrived to stay until the Newport season, and the boy's every movement is watched, weighed, and discussed.

On the contrary, these troubles and difficulties are strong antagonists pitted against us, and we may conquer them, if we will, in the Olympic game of life.

"The trouble with the Nationalist movement," he insisted, "is lack of unity.

They never spent any time in pitying themselves; the trouble that alone ever clouded their sky, was the suffering of others.

This trouble in Chiltistan is your opportunity.

The trouble is, these campaigns in this day and age, really are about slogans and not about issues anymore.

"The trouble is," observed Fleck, "that Dean is getting infatuated with the girl.

My only trouble is my increasing reluctance to rise in the morning.

The motor gave no trouble whatever, while the only trouble with tires was a single puncture caused by a spike when they tried to avoid a bad stretch of road by running on a railroad track.

Also he had no respect for the W.C.T.U. "The trouble come o' drinkin' too much water."

The real trouble with the theme is its hopelessly prosaic ugliness.

They are not an emotional people in the dales, and her trouble was too deep for useless tears, but as she glanced about the room all she saw wakened poignant memories.

Even when resolved to leave Streatham, her one great difficulty is the dread of parting with Johnson, and the pecuniary troubles are the solid and conclusive reason.

All the new troubles were the troubles of other people.

"When I cooked, the greatest trouble I had was gettin' away.

An even greater trouble was their sister Harriot, whose care was assumed in 1785, and who was a member of Washington's household, with only a slight interruption, till her marriage in 1796.

However, the trouble is, Barbara's as wild as a hawk, though I don't know where she got her wildness.

Man Trouble is a 1930 American crime drama movie directed by Berthold Viertel and starring Milton Sills, Dorothy Mackaill, Kenneth MacKenna, Sharon Lynn, Oscar Apfel, Roscoe Karns.

I have known her to attend at the bedside of a poor dying person when the doctor had told her that the trouble might be smallpox.

You see, the trouble hez always been thet befo' we could git any physic measured out, he come thoo.

The only trouble is the delay: a liquidation drags on so long."

Well was the ignorant lampooning Pack Of shatterhead Rhymers whip'd on Craffey's back; But such a trouble Weed is Poetaster, The lower 'tis cut down, it grows the faster.

"What was the trouble?" pursued Racey.

His trouble was rheumatism, and the hot days were his best.

The only trouble she had was the extreme irritability of the optic nerve, which, though without inflammation of the eyes, sometimes confined her to a solitary chamber.

Our trouble from the first has been the channel to the harbor is well strewn with observation mines, which would certainly result in the sinking of one or more of our ships if we attempted to enter the harbor, and by the sinking of a ship the object of attempting to enter the harbor would be defeated by the preventing of further progress on our part.

The trouble is, a rag-tag group of previous residentsโ€™ ghosts arenโ€™t happy with their plans to turn the house into a hotel.

I dare say it is mistaken vanity to suppose that if it was emptier I should do anything worthier of record in the political, literary, or educational lineand at all events it would be hard to find a happier or, I trust, more thankful heart than mine, my troubles being in fact the result of many blessings.

It is not meet that the dead come back, and should we permit it, great trouble may be our portion."

"I want you to tell me what the trouble is, Wabi," he demanded.

My trouble is comin' on!

The political troubles of France have been a hindrance hitherto to the attention of the Government to the Telegraph, but in the mean time I have gradually pushed forward the invention into the notice of the most influential individuals of France.