7 Metaphors for tumults

Therefore to serve was high beatitude; Tumult was therefore gladness, and the fear Ennobling, venerable; sleep secure, 435 And waking thoughts more rich than happiest dreams.

After this inner tumult came equanimity.

In truth, as there is no medium between war and peace, it is quite plain that a tumult, if it be not a sort of war, must be a sort of peace; and what more absurd can be said or imagined?

"Can a Dahcotah woman want courage when she is to be forced to marry a man she hates?" The tumult within is stilledthe strong beating of her heart has ceasedher hand is upon the handle of her knife, as the moonlight falls upon its glittering blade.

And that a "tumult" is a more serious thing than a "war" may be seen from this, that during a war exemptions from military service are valid, but in a tumult they are not.

The tumult in government is, I believe, excessive, and the efforts of each party outrageously violent, with very little thought on any national interest, at a time when we have all the world for our enemies, when the King and parliament have lost even the titular dominion of America, and the real power of Government every where else.

Parliamentary speeches raise no tumults: but tumults would be a dreadful thorough bass to speeches.

7 Metaphors for  tumults