97 Metaphors for uncles

Not much like buying and selling cows, or growing wheat on the slopes, or lying out on a cold winter's night to shoot a few wild fowl; and I have you to thank for it, my first and best friend!" "Nay, your uncle is surely your best.

His uncle was a personal noble, a prince, higher in rank than the best of the Mandarins, and directed the deliberations of the Ping-pu, the Council of War.

What, uncle, is the character you've stoop'd To fill contentedly through life?

Her uncle is an American citizen and is very patriotic; he was on the last Liberty Loan committee.

My father, my uncle, my mother, my brother, my sister, and the little girl who was born at our house last night are all shoemakers.

I was a complete orphan, and my uncle, with whom I lived, was her father's attached friend.

" "Uncle is a sailor!"

Somehow, I don't fancy," she added, "that my uncle is the sort of man to keep valuable things where they could possibly be stolen.

This uncle was a typical capitalist and money-lender of a much lower and coarser type than his nephew; Nepos aptly describes him as "familiarem L. Luculli, divitem, difficillima natura."

The fact was, that his uncle was sexton to the ancient church of St. Mary Redcliffe, at Bristol; and the parchment was the fruit of theft.

So that it may be said truly that your uncle is a credit to you all.

"You know wot your uncle is, Gerty.

This uncle was a monk, and called Father Gottlieb, and was considered at that time a very learned man.

But if Uncle was a blow to my preconceived ideas, I will venture Sada startled a few of his traditions as to nieces.

As Robert's uncles were republicans, he learned the doctrine from them.

Oh, not much, only that a grand-uncle of mine is after dyin' in America and leavin' me a fortune of a hundred thousand pounds.

"All the same, the uncle is the elder by a week.

But before he could make up his resolution as to what measures of revenge he should take, now he was certainly informed that his uncle was his father's murderer, he was sent for by the queen, his mother, to a private conference in her closet.

His uncle must be some relative of this Peje Nicolao.

His uncle was a tempered weapon of war that despised quarter; and as for Aunt Maria, he rather wanted to hurt Aunt Maria for her own good.

But how strange that she should come into your shop!" "Perhaps," suggested his uncle, "this woman, representing herself as Ida's nurse, was her mother.

His uncle had been a bishop and his father a member of the Parliament of Paris.

I.I Start on my Travels My uncle, Canon Perez, was a worthy priest.

So the uncle of Elma Heath was "The Strangler of Finland," the man who, in four years, had reduced a prosperous country to a state of ruin and revolt!

"Uncle was a stock gambler, and when he died he was discovered to be bankrupt.

97 Metaphors for  uncles
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