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120 Metaphors for  villages

120 Metaphors for villages

The Village is the only municipality in the province that requires all residents and businesses to recycle.

The second village is Pirlangimpi, 27 kilometres west of Milipakpiti.

The small village on the distant shore is Elsenberg.

The village of Grunau was the Lutheran parish head for this enclave.

Our village is a favourite meet of the V.W.H. foxhounds.

"And whenever you cross the stream," said Brigitta, "you are, as it were, in another world, all is so dreary and withered; but every traveler declares that our village is the fairest in the country, far or near."

Unlike any other cultural institution in the region, Hancock Shaker Village is both a museum and a working farm.

By 1835, the port of Sunderland was so important that its name was used when the three old villages became the a borough.

The Abashyrma River flows near Alikovo; and the closest village is Siner.

The village was Vers, and the castle, which was built by the English, is called the Château de Béars.

Those picturesque villages are generally the perennial hotbeds of fever and ague, of squalid penury, sottish profligacy, dull discontent too stale for words.

The Deserted Village was in point of fact an imaginative idyll,the supreme idyll of English poetry; but Goldsmith insisted that it was a realistic record of actual conditions.

Our farmers, our villages are the very basis of Atmanirbhar Bharat, and in the recent past, these areas have liberated themselves from many restrictions and tried to break free from many myths, Modi said.

There was a larger crowd than usual around the forge, as the advent of the stranger had gotten into the wind, and the village Vulcan was a person who not only looked the whole world in the face, but no one of the maiden ladies of Fairfield could have excelled his interest in looking the whole world as much in the inside pocket as possible.

As if by the touch of a magic wand, what was five years ago a little Indian village is now a large and flourishing city, which is increasing at a prodigious rate.

"They tell me," said Eve, "that all American villages are the towns in miniature; children dressed in hoops and wigs.

The Village of Cheticamp, situated on Cape Breton Island between mountains and the sea was the subject of this video made at the height of summer.

The village is east of the Oriskany Creek.

The nearest villages are Hopesay and Aston-on-Clun.

Though a village is the scene of meeting between my two principal characters, and gives occasion to other characters and relations in general, yet I no more describe the manners of village inhabitants.

Like other places on the bank of a stream, the village was once the centre of a brisk cloth trade.

The resort village of Allens Mills at Clearwater Lake in the town of Industry, just five miles east of Farmington, was no exception.

This village is the boundary wall between Swat and Buner, serving as the gateway to Buner valley.

He knew that the French villages, the only settlements in the land, were the seats of the British power, the head-quarters whence their commanders stirred up, armed, and guided the hostile Indians.

We passed Faidò and Giornico, near which last village are the remains of an old castle, supposed to have been built by the ancient Gauls, and stopped for the night at Cresciano, which being entirely Italian, we had an opportunity to put in practice the few words we had picked up from Pietro.

Their villages are not concrete masses of picturesque filth, as are those of the Moslems, but are loosely scattered among orchards of mulberry, poplar, and vine, washed by fresh rills, and have an air of comparative neatness and comfort.

The village was a few Chinese stores, a Catholic and a Protestant church, a graveyard, and a scattered collection of homes.

Its neighbouring village is Barton.

Similarly it may be shown that the village, the city, and the county are governments in miniature.

The village and the factory were a maze of trenches, redoubts, caves, stairs up and stairs down, machine-guns, barbed wire, enfilading devices were all ready.

Before the battle, however, the village of Waterloo had been the headquarters of the Duke and there he rested for two days after the battle was won.

The village was once a noted emporium for cloth, and "Dunsters" were quoted at reputable prices by every chapman.

Besides its entertainment purposes, the village is a learning resource for school groups.

Really disappointed to hear that Village might become a cross-gen game.

A Russian village after nightfall is the quietest human habitation on earth.

All the village was early astir, and as I was dressing, it seemed to me that every fisherman in the place was hurrying down to the beach.

Other villages had been points of topical importance; they had been in the midst of a fight.

The central village, called Markova, is the residence of the priest and boasts a small rudely built church, but in winter it is a dreary place.

At the present writing, the village has become a respectable station, with a good Church and Parsonage.

Frequently the village Brahmin is simply a sensual voluptuary.

Its little adobe villages, queer and quaint as they seemed to Middle-Western eyes, were centers of established life.

The desert gradually disappears, villages are not so few, the density of the population increases.

Other villages are Kialapain and Basara.

Near Killternan village, a short distance off, is yet another cromlech whose top-most boulder exceeds both of these, weighing not less than ninety tons.

The days of his wanderings must soon be over, but before he left India he wanted to see the missionary in actual contact with the immemorial paganism of the villages, for he had discovered that the village is India.

The only village between the pass and the Kunar river is Ashreth.

One of Mr. Punch's correspondents writes to say that while the flattened villages and severed fruit trees are a gruesome spectacle, for him "all else was forgotten in speechless admiration of the French people.

The neighbouring villages are Belad-el-Ader, Zin, Abbus; and the sacred villages are Zaouweeat, of Tounseea, Sidi Ali Bou Lifu, and Taliraouee.

The main village of Rapa is Haurei.

The village near us was Chaya, where there is a military station.

Bradpole village is a mile north of Bridport Town station.

The village, he knew, might be fifty miles from land, for these Eskimos lived on the ocean's roof during the entire winter and hunted seal and great-seal, moving only now and again when game became scarce.

The river is our river; the village is our village; the people are our neighbors; Beulah belongs to us and we belong to Beulah, don't we, Peter?" Mother Carey always turned to Peter with some nonsensical appeal when her heart was full and her voice a trifle unsteady.

The village itself was an object of extreme interest; and, after contemplating the war-like preparations of the chiefs, we turned with pleasure to gaze on the beauty of the surrounding country.

The other villages are Agraharam, Darialatippa, Farampeta, Guerempeta, Kanakalapeta, Kurasampeta and Mettakur.

Hear the voice of valleys, the voice of meek cities, Mourning oppressèd on village and field, till the village and field is a waste.

The village Abyaneh, near Natanz is a well-known holiday resort today.

A typical village in Behar is a heterogeneous collection of thatched huts, apparently set down at randomas indeed it is, for every one erects his hut wherever whim or caprice leads him, or wherever he can get a piece of vacant land.

The village Hampden, in the present case, was one Timothy Bennet, of whom there is a fine print, which the neighbours, who are fond of a walk in Bushy Park, must regard with veneration.

The neighbouring villages are Belad-el-Ader, Zin, Abbus; and the sacred villages are Zaouweeat, of Tounseea, Sidi Ali Bou Lifu, and Taliraouee.

At Craster, another fishing village and a favourite holiday haunt, is Craster Tower, which has been the home of the family of Craster since before the Conquest.

The first village with the name of the river as a prefix is Came, two miles from Dorchester.

The large village was the birthplace of Admiral Hardy, whose ugly monument upon the hill does not improve the landscape.

The village was formerly the location of RAF Wymeswold which has since closed.

The aim of the game is to use the right combination of tactics to make a small village become a mighty empire, and finally build a World Wonder to level 100, which will make you the winner that round.

Turning to my mother, I urged her to tell me more about Dawée's trouble, but she only said: "Well, my daughter, this village has been these many winters a refuge for white robbers.

The villages are frequent and well built, and the hills are studded, far and near, with the villas of rich proprietors, mostly buildings of one story, with verandahs extending their whole length.

Turning to my mother, I urged her to tell me more about Dawée's trouble, but she only said: "Well, my daughter, this village has been these many winters a refuge for white robbers.

The quaint village of Tadoussac, located where the Saguenay Fiord meets the St. Lawrence River and accessible by ferry from Baie-Sainte-Catherine, is a popular jumping off point for many whale-watching excursions.

The villages are a thing of the past.

The villages are full o' little children.

Henry Mitchell III, Commissioner District 1, asserted, "The Sanctuary Village has been a project of rewards to the Citizens of Douglas County.

The most touristic village on the island is Nidri which is in the east of the island.

Within the parish but nearer the village of Kingsdon is Lytes Cary House, situated a little distance from the Glastonbury and Ilchester road.

The 'Place du Village' is a person area right in the heart of the village, housing most of Anzère's cafes and restaurants.

The little village of Rievaulxthe name is Norman-French, but is pronounced Riversis situated close to the river Rye, and 2-1/2 miles from Helmsley, on the Thirsk road.

Mr. Conner continued: Pontiac's village and residence near Detroit was Peach Island and the main shore directly abreast of it, north-east.

The Statement of Heritage Character (Document 6) notes that today the Village of Rockcliffe Park is a distinctive community of private homes and related institutional properties within a park setting.

Global Village is the first family destination for culture, entertainment and shopping in the region and amongst the most visited worldwide.

The first considerable village I passed through was Stanley, which gives the name to that old family of British peers known in history by the battle-cry of a badly-pressed sovereign, "On, Stanley, on!"

The official synopsis of the series reads, A remote village becomes the theatre of a breathless battle when a two-century-old Betaal, a British Indian Army officer, and his battalion of zombie redcoats are unleashed.

Value Village is another similar cost-effective supplier of used clothing.

The village is a mite worked up over this murder and they might get kind of upset if they thought Tobey was still loose.

The little village of Rievaulxthe name is Norman-French, but is pronounced Riversis situated close to the river Rye, and 2-1/2 miles from Helmsley, on the Thirsk road.

[Footnote 52: "It was a received opinion amongst the antients that a large, busy, well peopled village, situated in a country thoroughly cultivated, was a more magnificent sight than the palaces of noblemen and princes in the midst of neglected lands."

The village of Hagley is a short distance from Bromsgrove, in Worcestershire, whence the pleasantest route to the park is to turn to the right on the Birmingham road, which cuts the grounds into two unequal parts.

A small village in the Jhelum Valley, and a village on the way into the Lolab viâ Kunis.

The village of Domremy itself was once a dependency of the abbey of St. Remy at Rheims.

It is uncertain whether the village or the city itself is the spot of which Bede writes, "venerunt ad civitatulam quandam desolatam, quæ lingua Anglorum 'Grantachester' vocatur."

The Village of Lynbrook's current mayor is William Hendrick.

The nearest village is Hattuvaara.

[Illustration: CARPENTERS AND BLACKSMITHS AT WORK] As I have said, every village is a self-contained little commune.

But the village of Khounzákh, or Avár, at the eastern extremity of the Avár country, has ever remained the heritage of the khans, and their command there is law.

"The village might be Boscastle, and the island is surely Lundy....

The next village was St. Pierre-Toirac, also built upon the hillside above the Lot.

The whole village was thereall the men had their trades.

The village is home to two pubs, as well as the church, shown adjacent.

The first three villages are all "Winterbournes "Earls, Dauntsey and Gunner.

When asked whether the village across the valley was Sunrise Mountain the local peasant could reply: "How should I know?

Dick Lee had been more than half right about the village being a dangerous place for him, with such an unusual amount of clothing over his ordinary uniform.