154 Metaphors for water

VI Chapter I.] B. WATER Of all inorganic substances, acting in their own proper nature, and without assistance or combination, water is the most wonderful.

" "Ténès; built upon a dunghill, Its water is blood, Its air is poison, By the Eternal!

The water was a soft, deep purple hue, brightening into blue.

The waters that had been Ireland's protection now became the high roads of the invaders.

" Then the prince asked the water what it had to say: "I agree with the other two" said the water: "to return evil for good is the justice of mankind, it is by drinking water that your very lives are preserved; yet you spit into it and wash dirty things in it; shall not the snake return you evil for good?"

O, the water is so coldbut if my strength will but last me out to bring you up honestly, my sweet child!"

But in the first years of the thirteenth century, Peter des Roches, Bishop of Winchester, rebuilt the little house in a healthier situationubi aqua est uberior et aer est meliorwhere the water was purer and the air better, and this new house, finished in 1215, of course also bore the name of St Thomas of Canterbury.

Rothsay Water is a very considerable arm; and was conjectured to communicate with Prince Frederic's Harbour, and, if so, would insulate the land between Capes Torrens and Wellington.

In this country, the elevated lands of Texas and New Mexico are admirably adapted to the fine-wool sheep; and upon the head-waters of the Missouri and the Yellowstone is another district much resembling the Spanish sheep-walks, where the mountain-sheep and the antelope still predominate.

Water in the head is a formidable disease, and not unfrequent in its occurrence.

It is true, the sweet, cool, grateful draught, that was to be got from the gushing spring, must be forgotten; but rain-water collected in clean rock, and preserved in well-sweetened casks, was very tolerable drinking for seamen.

The waters would be ruddy and golden at this hour, but by day ran brown and sluggish enough over the mud banks of the Alt.

We have already remarked that broths were in use at the remotest periods, for, from the time that the practice of boiling various meats was first adopted, it must have been discovered that the water in which they were so boiled became savoury and nourishing.

The thirsty mountaineer knows well that in every Sequoia grove he will find running water, but it is a mistake to suppose that the water is the cause of the grove being there; on the contrary, the grove is the cause of the water being there.

Q.How much water will a pound of coal raise into steam in ordinary boilers?

Water is the liquid usually employed for cooking grains, but many of them are richer and finer flavored when milk is mixed with the water,one part to two of water.

Which best to kindred hearts would guide? Water, was Prudence' pure suggestion, But that they thought too cool a tide!

As the boat rounded a point, a deer started out from among the reeds on the right, and went dashing and snorting across the river directly in front of the boat, and five or six rods ahead, the water being only about two feet in depth.

In scenes where a lake adds such wonderful effect, Switzerland is quite supreme; we know of no view in the Pyrenees, of a comparable nature, that could pretend to vie with the harmonious loveliness of the panorama that can be seen at sunset from Montreux across Lac Leman, when the water is rippleless and the mountains are bathed in a rosy flood.

"Say, cap'n," said one of them, "what ought I to carry home to the children for a souvenir?" "Why, colonel, it strikes me that some of this here ocean water would be right interestin'.

The water is the serious obstacle; but it is safe to say, from the character of the formation, that the deep pool does not extend very far.

Water was the source of her poverty, she has made it the source of wealth.

If you had buried nine husbands, so much water as you might squeeze out of an Onyon had been teares enow to cast away upon fellowes that cannot thanke you.

The town of Southampton stood looking south-west upon a tongue of land thrust out south into the water with the estuary of the Itchen upon the east, and Southampton Water upon the west, upon the south were the vast mud-flats swept by every tide which the great modern docks now occupy.

It seemed strange to me that the water was the poorest fare we had.

154 Metaphors for  water