41 Metaphors for well

The actual well seen is the ideal.

The well are scarcely ever more than eight hours, at most, in the same room.

But in biography the thesis is popularly and solidly maintained, so that it requires some courage even to hint a doubt of it, that the better a man was, the more truly human life he led, the less should be said about it.

But the "better" is only a deceitful sham, kept up by excited and overwrought nerves,the same thing that we see over and over and over again in all lives which are temporarily kindled and stimulated by excitement of any kind.

MICUS Well, be all accounts, we're no better off than those who heard St. Peter himself preachin'.

He says that the officers, among other matters, "must be able to judge, not only of the prices, but also of the goodness of all kinds of corn, cattle, and household provisions; and the better to enable themselves thereto, are oftentimes to ride to fairs and great markets, and there to have conference with graziers and purveyors."

And the Goose Well, the Goose was a Goose In Johnny Crow's Garden.

" The higher the river is ascended, the more extended the flats become, and the better is the quality of the soil.

This well is the mother of all waters, which well is divided into four parts.


Therefore it is that in its praise, Solomon, the wisest of all men, exclaims, "Better is wisdom than all precious things, and more to be desired" (Prov. viii.

The more ignorant, the more narrow, the more mean, the more unnatural, you can contrive to be, the better will be your lot in this sad monastery of Mammon.

In some communes it was believed that the livelier the dance round the fire, the better would be the crops that

It is here that the beautiful Alice meets the facetious Charles in his disguise of an old woman; and on the bank over the Well is the spot where tradition relates fair Rosamond yielded to the menaces of Eleanor.

They experienced the truth of those words: "Better is a dinner of herbs where love is, than a stalled ox and hatred therewith," Prov. 15:17.

"The well is a hundred yards from the house.

Better were the dead than those who lived, in the eyes of Arthur's queen.

The Hand-Book afterwards says, "That the, in expressions like all the more, all the better, &c., is no article, has already been shown.

The "Well of Knowledge" is a filthy, putrid hole filled with slime and rotting vegetation.

The more wages men can get for honest labor, the better is the condition of the whole country.

The well is somewhat nearer the road.

But keeping house well is another affair,I had almost said it has nothing to do with creating a home.

Hence when the bonfire is burning low, the lads leap over it, and the higher they bound, the better is the luck in store for them.

This Dr. Ash supposes to mean, "The deeper well the well is, the clearer water the water is.

* HART-LEAP WELL Composed 1800.Published 1800 Hart-Leap Well is a small spring of water, about five miles from Richmond in Yorkshire, and near the side of the road which leads from Richmond to Askrigg.

41 Metaphors for  well