17 Metaphors for whips

If patience and a good collie helped the tyro through that ordeal, such allies were quite too feeble to be of service in the supreme trial of bullock-driving, where a long whip and a vocabulary copious beyond the dreams of Englishmen were the only effective helpers known to man in the management of the clumsy dray and the eight heavy-yoked, lumbering beasts dragging it.

Compared with his chastisement the hangman's whip is but a proverb, and the pillory a post of honour.

De bull-whip an' de paddle was all de teachin' we got.

Your whips are rods of roses.

His whip is a torch, and each spur is a match, And over the horse's left eye is a patch, To keep it from scorching the manger.

" "Ah!" said the jovial divine, with a fat smile, "castigation would help her case; the whip is a great sanctifier.

"Oh! Whip is first-rate.

I believe he is a kind master, in the common acceptation of the term; that is, he feeds and clothes his slaves well, and does not overwork them, though the overseer's whip is the stimulus to labor.

Many masters whip until they are tireduntil the back is a gore of bloodthen rest upon it: after a short cessation, get up and go at it again; and after having satiated their revenge in the blood of their victims, they sometimes leave them tied, for hours together, bleeding at every wound.

"I think whipping is a horrid punishment.

'Savages without the resources of a savageslaves without the protection of a masterto whom the cart-whip and the rice-swamp would be a change for the betterfor there, at least, is food and shelter.

"Oh," said they, in 1833, "it is idle talking; the cart-whip must be usedwithout that stimulant no negro will workthe nature of the negro is idle and indolent, and without the thought of the cartwhip is before his eyes he falls asleepput the cartwhip aside and no labor will be done."

The naked whips of the quaking asp were brittle traceries against the hard blue of the sky.

The negro whip is the common teamster's whip with a black leather stock, and a short, fine, knotted lash.

The whip, the stocks, and confinement, were all the modes of punishment he had observed in other places.

I never saw an overseer without a whip; the whip usually carried is a short loaded stock, with a heavy lash from five to six feet long.

The whip and gun, or pistol, are companions of the overseer; the former he uses very frequently upon the negroes, during their hours of labor, without regard to age or sex.

17 Metaphors for  whips