98 Metaphors for willing

But if the will ([Greek: proairesis], the purpose, the intention) being what it ought to be, is the only good; and if the will being such as it ought not to be, is the only evil, where is there any strife, where is there reviling?

Oswald, doubtless, wishes to live, and his mother desires that he should live; but this mere will for life cannot be the differentia that makes of Ghosts a drama.

Without being advocates for every man being his own lawyer, it is not to be denied that the most elaborately prepared wills have been the most fruitful sources of litigation, and it has even happened that learned judges left wills behind them which could not be carried out.

It is extremely important to note that the will is not a separate power or faculty which can be cultivated apart from other phases of consciousness.

This is because the Will, taken in itself, is the lord of worlds; since everything belongs to it, it is not satisfied with a portion of anything, but only with the whole, which, however, is endless.

Dear Will's such a swell, And he dresses so well, (Tom says that he puts on a great deal of dog), His tenor is fine

Then he gave it to Will Dawson (he's in my patrol), because Will is troop treasurer.

Therefore, persistence in the aims of the will and the belly will be concentricity; and, to be sure, the will is the centre, the kernel of the world.

Because the will is not a separate faculty, but the expression of the whole nature, as that exists at the moment of "willing."

To know what one wills, and, what is more difficult, to know what the absolute will, viz., reason, wills, is the fruit of deep knowledge and insight; and that is obviously not a possession of the people.

he cried, and like all strong natures he had not long to wait before his will became the inspired act of another.

But the subjecting the will is a thing which must be done at once, and the sooner the better."

But the personal will is a factor in other moral 'syntheses'; for example, appetite 'plus' personal will=sensuality; lust of power, 'plus' personal will,=ambition, and so on, equally as in the 'synthesis', on which the conscience is grounded.

And every man who himself does, and in every possible way strives to get done, God's will among men, is Christ's co-worker and fellow-builder.

They hope to attract that good will which must, after all, be the real foundation of our prosperity and strength in India.

Israel thus grew into the conception of the Infinite Power, manifest in the order of nature and in the order of conscience as conscious Power; One in whose image man was made, the Father of the mystic "I"; whose nature is the law of creation, whose purpose is its plan, whose will is its exhaustless energy.

Much ill-will and sectarian prejudice are the natural consequence; in fact, the Act is a perfect apple of discord throughout the Canadas, and has engendered more animosity and resentment than any one legislative act, sanctioned by the Home Government, since the acquisition (if so it can he called) of the country.

My will was nerveless, when I contemplated Time, which stretched before mea vague, limitless sea; and I only kept Endeavor in view, near enough to be tormented.

" It was not merely humanity, and not at all good-will toward these two men, which held him back from saving his life first; it was mainly that motto of nobility, that phrase which has such a mighty influence in the army, "An officer and a gentleman."

Not obedience, not mutual help, not benevolence, but the will to rule or desire of power, is with Nietzsche fundamental, the primary impulse in the history of the whole progress of the world, and still of first importance for the further development of mankind.

"Destiny is our will, and our will is our nature," he says.

Donnegan, my will is a rock.

The will of heaven is his happy fate.

The will itself is the most diabolically exasperating document that was ever produced by the perverted ingenuity of a wrong-headed man.

"Oh, my golly, Massa Will! aint dis here my lef eye for sartain?" roared the terrified Jupiter, placing his hand upon his right organ of vision, and holding it there with a desperate pertinacity, as if in immediate dread of his master's attempt at a gouge.

98 Metaphors for  willing
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