33 Metaphors for wilting

Thou charming idea of a lover I once adored, thou wilt be no more my happiness!

When thou wilt be an adept at dice, thou shalt then have prosperity.

"I will discourse the woman by the hour about the flavor of the liquor, or, if thou wilt, of her own beauty; but to squeeze a drop of anything better than the water of the Lagunes out of the ribs of the felucca, would be a miracle worthy of San Teodoro.

The same sad spirit breathes also through the following passages: "Soon, very soon, thou wilt be ashes, or a skeleton, and either a name, or not even a name; but name is sound and echo.

"Dost mark me well, Pardoner?" "Aye, noble sir, verily and in truth do I. So, next time I think on thee thou wilt be a squat man, middle-aged and black-haired.

And now to thee the kingdom I resign, That kingdom which belonged to Feridún, And thou wilt be the sovereign of the world!

Have a little patience and in the end thou wilt undoubtedly be the King of Persia.

And if thou wilt, here is an earnest-penny Of that rich guerdon I do mean to give thee.

This has made me many errands to the Lord; and now, O God, I leave him in Thy hands: still offering up my earnest prayer that Thou wilt be his director and guide.

Thou wilt feel one day that thou canst not live without Him; thou wilt confess then thy need of Him; and then thou mayest go look for a savior where thou wilt; for He will be no Savior for thee hereafter, that wouldst not value Him, and submit to Him here.

" "Thou wilt remain where thou art.

"At the gallows I have known one, and I hope thou wilt be the second.

And seeking an occasion meet To tell with truth and tongue discreet, While from her eyes the tear-drops start, She opens thus her bleeding heart: "O Zara, Zara, to the end, Thou wilt remain my faithful friend.

Thou wilt be my God in the midst of Babylon, as Thou wilt one day be in Jerusalem above!"

Thus the land will be preserved, and thou wilt be lord forever over him who owes thee tribute.

And when the thirteenth year is complete, thou wilt (again) become the Queen regnant of a king.'

""Do thou also consult with thy brethren and friends," replied Rustem, "whether thou wilt be our guest to-morrow, or not; if not, come to this place before sunrise, that we may decide our differences in battle.

" "Yes," said one of the older women, "thou wilt be a good wife and waste nothing.

thou wilt still be the son of an ancient comrade, and a stricken spirit.

Tell her, if thou wilt, that never, 'Neath the skies may be her home, And if thou that hope hadst ever, Tell her of a world to come!

Bishops must have no flirtations with Muses, heavenly or earthlynot that I am now altogether certain that thou wilt be a bishop.

"But our ruthless foe wilt be punish'd anon; Bundled out without pity or parley, His office and occupation gone, Lost, disgraced, despised, undone,

Then was Dacian much abashed and said to her: Wilt thou be Christian?

Wag, and thou beest a lover but three days, thou wilt be heartless, sleepless, witless, mad, wretched, miserable, and indeed a stark fool; and by that thou hast been married but three weeks, though thou shouldst wed a Cynthia rara avis, thou wouldst be a man monstrousa cuckold, a cuckold. BAR.

"Surely not: still thou wilt have removed one of the principal grounds of temptation, and in that thou wilt be greatly the gainer, for we know that Jacques Colis hath been robbed as well as slain.

33 Metaphors for  wilting