46 Metaphors for worshipped

Even more after their own hearts was the long novel, Franz Sternbald's Wanderings (1798), a vibrant confession, somewhat influenced by Wilhelm Meister, of the Religion of Art (or the Art of Religion): "Devout worship is the highest and purest joy in Art, a joy of which our natures are capable only in their purest and most exalted hours.

Whether this large catholicism, this worship of heroes, is the best of what now remains of religion on earth is certainly questionable enough; and if we regard it in no other light than merely as an idolatry of persons, there is an easy answer ready for it.

Public liturgical worship is a kind of art, a very delicate and beautiful art; and just as the appeal of what is spiritual comes to some through worship, it comes to others through art, or poetry, or affection, or even through some kinds of action.

Worship, without doubt, is the same word as worth- ship.

IV WORSHIP How poor is all my love, how great thy claim!

Kohlhaas cried, "Your worship, those are not my horses.

They are the most excessively religious people on earth and wage wars even against one another on account of their beliefs, since their worship is not a unified system, but different branches of it are diametrically opposed one to another.

All worship of him, and reliance upon him, will be idolatry, as much as the worship of angels, or men, or of the gods of the heathen would be.

Sun worship was the original creed; but as abuses crept in, other gods were variously introduced at the altars, Mercury being the most noted.

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All my achievements, all my policies, all my statecraft were in the dust; but the worship of me had become a national habitso foolish and meaningless, that nothing, nothing but some vast calamitysome great social upheaval, was ever going to stop it.

It would be difficult to maintain that ghost-worship or ancestor-worship is a potent factor in the evolution of the deathless Ti-ra- or the immortal Creator -pi, who has nothing of the spirit about him, especially as ghosts are not worshipped.

Mr. Tylor, however, is chiefly concerned with Animism as 'an ancient and world-wide philosophy, of which belief is the theory, and worship is the practice.'

While Pachacamac, without temple or rite, was reckoned the Creator, we must understand that Sun-worship and ancestor-worship were the practical elements of the Inca cult.

He worships you blindly, and if his worship has become an unholy thing, it is because the thought of losing you has driven him nearly distracted.

But this worship of the beast and his image is the very work which the two-horned beast endeavors to enforce upon the people.

In my opinion, the plural verb is here to be preferred; because the pronoun their is plural, and the worship spoken of was a personal rather than a national act.

The Zulu godless ancestor-worship, then, by parity of reasoning, is, like their material culture, not an early but a late development.

She, who designates the rival party as false, and wicked, and vaintracing all their actions to the basest motives, declaring their worship of God to be only one general hypocrisy, their conduct at home one fearful scene of crime, is blind to the faults on her own side.

"Worship is a homage due from man to his Creator."Monitor cor.

I know not where I am, I am so glad: your worship is the welcom'st man alive; upon my knees I bid you welcome home: here has been such a hurry, such a din, such dismal Drinking, Swearing and Whoring, 'thas almost made me mad: we have all liv'd in a continual Turnbal-street; Sir, blest be Heaven, that sent you safe again, now shall I eat and go to bed again.

No, truly, sir; I am a poor man fetcheth my living out of the fire; your worship may be a gentleman devil, for aught

This is enough for our present satisfaction to remember that the profession of, and belief in sorcery or witchcraft, supposes the existence of two deities, the one, the author of good, and the other the author of evil; the one worshipped by good men for good things, and for good purposes: and the other by bad men for bad things and purposes; and that this worship is sorcery and the worshippers sorcerers.

IMAGE WORSHIP in the Christian Church is reverence, as distinct from the supreme adoration of the Deity, paid to the crucifix and to pictures, images, or statues of saints and martyrs, and understood really as offered through these to the personages whom they represent.

Its worship was at first simple,the common prayer, the evening meal together, the remembered words of the Master, and the closing hymn.

46 Metaphors for  worshipped