101 Metaphors for worst

Phr. bad is the best: the worst come to the worst; herba mala presto cresco

Perhaps the very worst of these presidents in recent times has been the notorious Domingue, who was overthrown by an insurrection, as they all are sooner or later, and compelled to fly the country.

Worse is an adjective.

The worst of the affair was the diabolical malice that led Wieck to have the letter put into her hand just before her chief Berlin concert.

The worst of ills, and hardest to endure, Past hope, past cure, Is Penury, who, with her sister-mate Disorder, soon brings down the loftiest state, And makes it desolate.

PEMBROKE LODGE, March 29, 1848 John returned to dinner, but some hours later than I expected him, which in times like these, when each hour may bring an account of a new revolution somewhere, or worst of all, of a rebellion in Ireland, is a trial to a Minister's wife.

"Worst to me was th' mill.

The worst are good enough for such a trifle, Such a proud piece of Cobweblawn. Lady.

The worst I know of him is the selfishly prudent advice he left behind for his son.

Bad is the dead sea they bring upon me, choking and deadening; but worse is the deader dry sand they leave me on, if they go before bedtime.

And the worst of it was the way she went on about it.

I am no cynic,far from it; but the worst of life is the monotony of the bill of fare.

Worst of all in that final disintegration of his great soul was the interest he took in the atrocious frauds of spiritualism.

This, indeed, is somewhat qualified by a previous observation, that The worst of Prince Giovanni, as his bride Too quickly found, was an ill-tempered pride.

And the worst was a vague shadow of family distrust and annoyance.

Worse still was the railroad problem, which has been in South Africa a bone of contention ever since the opening of the mines of the Rand offered a rich prize to any port and railway that could capture the transit trade.

Of all tyrannies, the worst is that which can thus keep account of its subjects, and which sees, from its seat, the limits of its empire.

The best of these lodgings were but indifferent; and the worst were abominable and noisome pits.

" The worst of all results from this iniquitous system was its effect on the Negroes themselves.

True; Worse am I then the horrid'st fiend in hell

"The worst of him was his virtue," said Duclos.

The worst of our situation is a want of soil, to grow any vegetables in.

Of all the shorthorned fatheads that I ever seen, the worst is this Gasparthis Jigthis Cold Feet.

I know what's the matter; I've sailed these seas afore, and I've been along the coast of this bay all the way from Negapatam to Jellasore on the west coast, and from Chittagong to Kraw on the other; and I have heard stories of the strange things that are in this Bay of Bengal, and what they do, and the worst of them all is the Water-deviland he's got us!'

The worst he had written was bitter satire, yet not more bitter than that of Swift or Pope.

101 Metaphors for  worst