33 Metaphors for wounds

It is impossible to enumerate the Evils which arise from these Arrows that fly in the dark, and I know no other Excuse that is or can be made for them, than that the Wounds they give are only Imaginary, and produce nothing more than a secret Shame or Sorrow in the Mind of the suffering Person.

For love is a perpetual flux, angor animi, a warfare, militat omni amans, a grievous wound is love still, and a lover's heart is Cupid's quiver, a consuming fire, accede ad hunc ignem, &c. an inextinguishable fire.

A wound received in fair and honorable battle should be a tie that binds.

She demanded of her father, her brothers, the guests, whether the wounds given by a tiger were dangerous?was this animal far from the villages?

As it is supposed that Basilius is dying, Quiteria is married to him as a mere matter of form, to soothe his last moments; but when the service is over, up jumps Basilius, and shows that his "mortal wounds" are a mere pretense.

Wound about her neck was a huge, glittering, cotton-stuffed cobra, and her bracelets were in the form of tiny garter snakes.

Every wound and sore, when antiseptic precautions are not used, becomes a most active and dangerous focus, and every patient suffering from an infective disease is probably a focus for the production of infective particles.

"My dear fellow," the surgeon answered, "your wound is no jest.

The wounds we had to treat were correspondingly severelimbs sometimes almost completely torn off, terrible wounds of the skull, and bullet wounds where large masses of the tissues had been completely torn away.

"It was not far from the Castle of Fürstenstein, near the spot where the gallant Blucher, with the brave army of Silesia, won such glory, that the Baron of Fürstenstein met a maimed soldier, who was endeavouring to reach Berlin to claim his pension, and whose age denoted that his wounds had long been his honourable though painful companions.

The wounds in my head are mere abrasions of the scalp, and not serious.

I had heard an old army surgeon say a wound in the spine was instant death.

Merry flung his blood-stained weapon aside and bent over the man, saying sincerely: "I hope your wound is not fatal, M. Montfort.

But sword and javelin, sharp and keen, Wound deep each sinewy jaw; Midway, remains the huge machine, And chokes the monster's maw.

The wounded were: Alden, Bohannan (burned), Enemark and himself.

She spoke with the glow of professional enthusiasm, with that certainty, peculiar to sincere doctors and nurses, that a complicated wound is a fascinating object.

He said the wound was a mere scratch,too slight to have sent him out of the fight, had not the blood run down into his eyes and blinded him, preventing his aim.

My wound was no pretty thing to see, but was of little consequence, a missile having torn the surface only.

His heart had withstood the importunate batterings of many a love siege; the wounds had been pleasant ones and the recovery quick.

These wounds they bore would be the medals they would show their children and grandchildren by-and-by.

And when his wounds were countedthey were just the number of the Café des Exilés' children, less Galahad.

Though the wound was not fatalnot even very seriousa sharp fever fastened upon Calvert, and, in the delirium of the few days following, Mr. Morris was easily able to learn the cause of the duel.

On a former occasion I had been laid hold of by the thumb, and the wound was a long time in healing.

Of the French on the islet, quite half were hurt; but the mortal wound received by their leader was the blow that all lamented.

I see no necessity for a home thrust, Master Jacopo; but a smart wound, that may put matrimony out of the head of the Duca for a time at least, and penitence into its place, would be better" "Strike to the heart!"

33 Metaphors for  wounds