6 Metaphors for wrinkled

But the wrinkles of some old people are characterless; running in all directions, appearing as though a finely-woven cloth had left its impress upon the face, revealing a life aimless and idle, or distracted by a thousand cross-purposes and weaknesses.

The most of them carried something in their hands,faggots, covered baskets, small sacks of potatoes, or corn, or beans; and when the load was heavy they walked with a sharp, jerking turn of the hips to right and left that was almost like a dislocation, and the wrinkles in the faces of these heavy-laden ones were deep folds, as in the hide of a loose-skinned beast.

Jo's wrinkle became a fixture.

And so I concluded that wrinkles were no disgrace, nor the fairest faces of the young any protection against them.

I am of your opinion, that wrinkles are a mark of wisdom.

But not in vain had he grown old: more than the white hairs on his head were the sage thoughts in his mind; his wrinkles and furrows were inscriptions that Time had graved, and in which he had written legends of wisdom that had been tested by the tenor of a life.

6 Metaphors for  wrinkled