134 Metaphors for writer

The French writers are the best.

The writer was a contemporary of Shakespeare, and something of Shakespeare's spirit breathes through the pages of this forgotten play.

The writer was evidently an admirer of Spenser, and has succeeded in reproducing on his Pan-pipe some thin, but not unpleasing, echoes of his master's music.

That the loose statements and unfounded speculations of this book should come from the author of the monograms on Cirripedes, and the writer, in the natural history of the Voyage of the "Beagle," of the paper on the Coral Reefs, is indeed a sad warning how far the love of a theory may seduce even a first-rate naturalist from the very articles of his creed.

23.In the following example, the apostrophe and s are used to give the sound of a verb's termination, to words which the writer supposed were not properly verbs: "When a man in a soliloquy reasons with himself, and pro's and con's, and weighs all his designs.

But the writer who seems to exceed all others, in error on this point, is Joseph W. Wright.

Nevertheless the writers in Tottel's Miscellany were real reformers of English poetry.

These have the merit of returns derived from a general census, which my other data lack, because I cannot for a moment suppose that the writers of the latter are a haphazard proportion of those to whom they were sent.

The first great masters of the Greek language in prose were the historians, so far as we can judge by the writings that have descended to us, although it is probable that the orators may have shaped the language before them, and given it flexibility and refinement The first great prose writers of Rome were the orators; nor was the Latin language fully developed and polished until Cicero appeared.

The writer was the betrayer.

Had all the writers on English grammar been adepts in this philosophy, there would have been much less complaint of the difficulty and uncertainty of the study.

The present writer is a prophet by use and wont.

E.H. Burritt was first assistant, the writer was second assistant and commissary, and Samuel R. Bond was secretary.

" I sent the foregoing scientific deductions to the "Resident Physician," and the bearer told me afterwards that the venerable Esculapian only observed,"Well, the writer of that must have been a most egregious ass.

Prose writers, he adds, are as badly infected as "versers," even scholars and preachers.

Such a Writer, I doubt not, was the celebrated Petronius, who invented the pleasant Aggravations of the Frailty of the Ephesian Lady; but when we consider this Question between the Sexes, which has been either a Point of Dispute or Raillery ever since there were Men and Women, let us take Facts from plain People, and from such as have not either Ambition or Capacity to embellish their Narrations with any Beauties of Imagination.

If it be objected that the names of the writers of some of the private letters are withheld, all that I can say is that it is done for reasons regarded as altogether adequate, and that the writers are persons of the first respectability and citizens of Texas, and have such means of obtaining information as to entitle their statements to full credit.

The writer was Valerio Belli, who describes himself as a cornelian-cutter.

It doesn't matter at all whether the writer is a poet, a scientist, a traveller, an essayist or a mere daily space-maker, if he have the God-given grace of wonder.

Some ingenious writers in the last century, the most notable of whom was Karl Marx, set out to prove that, in our modern society, workpeople are "exploited," robbed of the "whole produce of their labor," to the full extent of the return which accrues to capital.

The writer was a lawyer in Paris, and Ferragut suspected by the luxurious paper and address that he must be a celebrated maître.

By the time the 1985-87 language agitation was drawing to a close, this writer was a chief sub-editor at the Herald.

Most other writers in this way are either simple moralists, or simple lawyers, or even sometimes simple theologists.

If the spelling be not exact, Miss Rawlins, said I, you will excuse it; the writer is a lord.

An anonymous writer is a literary fraud against whom one should immediately cry out, "Wretch, if you do not wish to admit what it is you say against other people, hold your slanderous tongue.

134 Metaphors for  writer