138 Metaphors for year

Henry Bayard's chief pleasures were walking, riding, and playing all manner of games, from jack-straws to chess, with the three younger sisters, and we have often said that the three years he passed in Johnstown were the most delightful of our girlhood.

From the literary view point these last troubled years were the best of Dryden's life, though they were made bitter by obscurity and by the criticism of his numerous enemies.

The years might have been weeks, and he might have been just away on a business trip.

The five years for which the triumvirs were originally appointed were now fast expiring; and it was settled that their authority should be renewed by the subservient senate and people for a second period of the same duration.

Seventy-eight years is a long time to live in this world.

"Up at West Point," Laura continued, "Dick told us that the first two years were the hardest for a man to keep his place.

The succeeding year Publius Servilius and Lucius Antonius nominally became consuls, but in reality it was the latter and Fulvia.

The plot failed, not a little owing to young Lorenzo de' Medici's address, and the remaining few years of Piero's life were tranquil.

A year was twelve long, long months.

The year 1814 was not a line of unbroken success, though American victories were many and brilliant.

Fifteen years is a fair estimate for the lifetime of mill with ordinary repairs.

Thirty years of happiest experience, of hearty endorsement by native pastors and foreign missionaries are sufficient testimony to the wisdom of the steps then taken.

Pope very justly observes, that "every year is a critic on the last.

Twenty years was the difference between forty-three and sixty-three.

The year of Jubilee is the Hebrew solution of the problem," (p 71).

Dakie had been about in the world somewhat; his two years at West Point were not all his experience; and he knew what queer little wheels were turned sometimes.

An hundred years of political, military, legal, and social precedence were the inheritance of the men chief in the cabinet, the council, and the camp.

Two or three years, at least, would be perfect bliss.

The next five years were probably the sanest and the busiest in his life.

In our first article on the Roman Catacombs we expressed the belief that "a year was now hardly likely to pass without the discovery" of new burial-places of the early Christians,the fresh interest in Christian archaeology leading to fresh explorations in the hollow soil of the Campagna.

One dayit is the end of March now, the year is no longer a swaddled baby, it is shooting up into a tall striplingI have been straying about the brown gardens, alone, of course.

Chapter 13: Surveying a Forest The summer vacation that year was great fun.

o' the George while I pay my rent, till nine hundred and ninety-nine year be rin oot; and a man, be he ne'er sa het, has time to cool before then.

One of these grows out of the present state of the law concerning the Patent Office, which a few years since was a subordinate clerkship, but has become a distinct bureau of great importance.

A year is too great a sum to give for a statue of California.

138 Metaphors for  year
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