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195 Metaphors for  yours

195 Metaphors for yours

Regarding the discipline, bullying and ignorance, yours was obviously neither a pleasant nor a happy experience.

Yours be the joy, be mine the punishment.

On one day I had three letters about the air-balloon[1109]: yours was far the best, and has enabled me to impart to my friends in the country an idea of this species of amusement.

Yours is the best after all.

The labour'd earth your pains have sow'd and till'd; 100 'Tis just you reap the product of the field: Yours be the harvest, 'tis the beggar's gain

But your pain shall be your power; you shall be the life-bearer; you shall hold the motive; yours shall be the desire, and your husband's the dominion.

"Such a visit as yours is an agreeable break in my routine work.

"And your being a waiter?

"Ah, my dear," says Manuel, diplomatically, "I did not like to speak of that, I confess, for you know these blondes go off in their appearance so quickly" "Of course they do, but still" "And it not being her fault, after all, I did not like to tell you about Dame Alianora's looking so many years older than you do, since your being a brunette gives you an unfair advantage to begin with.

Galway, convinced that this stranger did not know how to shoot, turned to Jack: "It's not worth your being a target for a dead shot," he said.

"Yours is really a very dangerous position," she said, "and I should be acting unfairly towards you if I told you otherwise.

" "Yours must be indeed a strange profession, Mr. Fairfax, if I may say so," she continued.

The labour'd earth your pains have sow'd and till'd; 100 'Tis just you reap the product of the field: Yours be the harvest, 'tis the beggar's gain

"Yours will be the last two carts," the count said.

Yours is the delicatest rain-bow-hued melting piece I ever flavoured.

Yours " How like her that letter is,egotistical, vain, foolish; no, not foolishnarrow, limited, but not foolish; worldly, oh, how worldly!

Yours is the victory, and let the other men, too, bestow their gratitude for this upon you.

Yours are all the years, Jenny.

I dare say, now, yours are all married chaps, that hold on to their wives as so many sheet-anchors; they say that is often a good expedient.

"Yours was not a secret that you could very well tell to me until you could thoroughly trust me, especially as your father had been implicated in the theft of those documents from Malta.

'Your being security for Mr. So-and-so,' said he.

Yours should be a land of flowers, Perfumed air and sunny hours; Eastern fires within you rise, Matchless, melting, dark brown eyes.

Yours are the morning and the day: You should be taught of wind and light; Your learning should be born of play.

"Perhaps yours is the healthier state of mind; if you can only find the said good.

I don't mind your being a Yankee if you continue to act that way.

Here, I've been admiring your fine talk about your being a laborer, about what you'd do if you ever got the power.

Your will be your owne Law.

Yours is a cruel government, Harold, that would make traitors of such men.

Yours is not the only local party that tends to view volunteers as leaflet dispersal machines.

how can you answer your being a tippling when you should stand Sentinel?

Yours after him, Master Ironmonger, however hard of digestion may be your wares.

" "It's true," said Aaron, "and yours is the wite.

Yours is a poetical family.

Yours is a new species of biography.

I mean about your having been the Lone Wolf twenty years ago.

I'm being paid to do certain things, and" "But that needn't prevent your being a gentleman," she interrupted.

I see my way now to get there and keep there; and there's a kinder poetic justice in your being the man to help me up.

Thankes, Divine Powers; Yours be the triumph and the wonder ours.

I told the ladies about your being the best friend of their charge's mother, and that you would surely go to see her now and then in the hospital.

Yours is the only opinion that I really care for.

" "That too is an old human story," the head said, "and yours is a delusion that comes to most men in middle life.

Yours is a sympathetic nature.

'Your's sincerely, 'HUGH BLAIR.'

240 Now could you help me at this hard essay, Or for your inborn goodness, or for pay; Yours is my life, redeem'd by your advice, Ask what you please, and I will pay the price; The proudest kerchief of the court shall rest Well satisfied of what they love the best.

I won't stand your being a girder.

Your being a lawyer makes you unusually quick to see objections, and a lawyer is always harder to convince of a thing than the ordinary man.

That Muckluck o' yours is a minx."

"Yours is a coop," said Ford to his friend from India; "but ours is big enough.

Wait till night, and you shall be Left alone with mystery; Light this lamp's white softened ray, (Another wonder by the way,) Then with humble faith and prayer, Ope the door with patient care: Yours be calmness then, and strength For the sight you see at length.

Cops will choose to overlook minor offenses many times if your not being an ass about it.

Still, it may be well to inform you that the impression of your being a Frenchman and Raoul Yvard is very strong; and if you can show to the contrary, you would do well to prove it by direct testimony."

Yours is the key To all things that were and To all things that be While the lark's trilling, While the grain's filling, Laugh with the wind At Life's Riddle-me-ree!

Yours, with every kind remembrance, C. L. Martin Burney was the grimy-fisted whist-player to whom Lamb once observed, "Martin, if dirt was trumps, what hands you would hold!"

Yours is the domestic style, chaste and frigid!"

"Is that straight goods, about your being a fire-eater?" "I was once.

If yours is the other model you can't.

Yours is the killing power.

"Yours are younger than mine, mon enfant," retorted the fat concierge; "and, as I see Mam'selle Hortense coming up to the door, I'd advise you to make use of them for yourself.

"Yours is the same, poor Sagrario.

"That is his business, and minenot yours, rusty son of a stable-sweeper!" was the answer.

Not that we have a fear of your becoming a dangerous class.

Yours are Hampden's Russell's glory, Sydney's matchless shade is your, Martyrs in heroic story, Worth a thousand Agincourts!

Yours is the spirit of the suicide and coward; surely, this is unworthy of you.

Itā€™s stressful enough if your is car written off by your insurance company, but if you donā€™t know the processes involved, itā€™s even worse.

We are very proud of the circular steps and very proud of your being an American consul.

Show me that you have as much perseverance as you have candour, and I shall not despair of your becoming every thing that I could wish." Here Cecilia's countenance brightened, and she ran up the steps in almost as high spirits as she ran down them in the morning.

"What at?" "Your being Mrs Bossier's grand-daughter."

Callandar's your name, Mark saysany chance of your being a cousin to Dr. Callandar of Montreal that cured Mrs. Sowerby?"

Yours is an uncommon hand, but it could be forged.

"Wot put me in mind o' your being a conjurer," said the latter, filling his pipe after a satisfying draught from the mug, "is that you're uncommon like one that come to Claybury some time back and give a performance in this very room where we're now a-sitting.

"Yours is a fine idea, Mr. Dawson.

Of course, as Mark says, your being a Presbyterian will make considerable diff'rence.

If yours is a new company, you must establish yourself in the marketplace.

the [iii] lily of the vale; 1793. Long may ye float upon these floods serene; Yours be these holms untrodden, still, and green, Whose leafy shades fence off the blustering gale, Where breathes in peace the lily of the vale.

But I was making (emphasizes the word ā€˜callā€™ as in ā€˜call girlā€™) long after your were Toots.

Yours is dark" "Father," said I, "I am here disguised.

Yours is the only evidence that could convict these people.

As to Macedonia and Gaul and the remaining provinces and legions, yours are the decrees, Conscript Fathers, according to which you assigned to the various governors their separate charges and delivered to Antony Gaul, together with the soldiers.

A gentleman has the freedom to act as he choose without your being the spy upon him.

But your pain shall be your power; you shall be the life-bearer; you shall hold the motive; yours shall be the desire, and your husband's the dominion.

Yours may be a mere passion for her beauty.'

"Yours is a noble cause," he said.

These Men need not be concerned with you for the whole Sentence; but if they can say a quaint thing, or bring in a Word which sounds like any one Word you have spoken to them they can turn the Discourse, or distract you so that you cannot go on, and by consequence if they cannot be as witty as you are, they can hinder your being any wittier than they are.

"Yours, O LORD, is the greatness and the power and the glory and the majesty and the splendour, for everything in heaven and earth is yours."

"Very well," she went on, "Yours be the decision!

Yours is a man's affair, and no one will condemn you; but we have to suffer for every single thing.

"Yours is a Sad Case," remarked the Second Traveler.

Yours will be a sorrowful old age.

The future good and ill, on either hand: But if an humble husband may request, Provide, and order all things for the best; Yours be the care to profit, and to please;

Perhaps yours is an exception, though, to be candid, I have my doubts of it.

Yours is really an admirable, though somewhat complex character.ā€

What's the matter with your being a Christian?"

Yours, Mademoiselle, was the first intention.

I am too proud of the compliments you honour me with to affect to decline them; and with respect to the comparative view I have of my own labours and yours, I can only assure you that none of my little folks, about the formation of whose tastes and principles I may be supposed naturally solicitous, have ever read any of my own poemswhile yours have been our regular evening's amusement

I cannot stress this enough - your is critical information in OTA Reception Results posts.

I don't mind your being angryin fact, I think you ought to be.

"There can now be no manner of question, my dear Paul," he said, smiling affectionately but sadly as he looked at the young man, "about your being my son.

Suer as yours is Raphaels And Tread-wayes

The circumstance of your being a person who, from habits and education, should have been above committing so base a crime, only aggravates your guilt.

"I am not denying," replied the Crane, "that yours are far gayer than mine; but when it comes to flying I can soar into the clouds, whereas you are confined to the earth like any dunghill cock.