185 Metaphors for yours

Yours be the joy, be mine the punishment.

Yours is the best after all.

After all are done, I will compare them, and see if yours is not the best.'

Yours was a fight to make life more, wasn't it?

I wonder what that girl o' yours is thinkin' aboot the nooif

" "And your being a waiter?

" "Ah, my dear," says Manuel, diplomatically, "I did not like to speak of that, I confess, for you know these blondes go off in their appearance so quickly" "Of course they do, but still" "And it not being her fault, after all, I did not like to tell you about Dame Alianora's looking so many years older than you do, since your being a brunette gives you an unfair advantage to begin with.

"It's not worth your being a target for a dead shot," he said.

he said, throwing away the end of his cigar, "yours is not a bright home, I fear.

"Yours is really a very dangerous position," she said, "and I should be acting unfairly towards you if I told you otherwise.

Yours is the delicatest rain-bow-hued melting piece I ever flavoured.

Yours is the victory, and let the other men, too, bestow their gratitude for this upon you.

Yours are all the years, Jenny.

Yours, &c. In an old History of Bermuda, published in the year 1661, is the following passage: "There is great store of fish, which being mostly unknown to the English, they gave them such names as best liked them, as porgie-fish, hog-fish, yellow-tails, cony-fish, &c." EXTRACT.

"Yours was not a secret that you could very well tell to me until you could thoroughly trust me, especially as your father had been implicated in the theft of those documents from Malta.

Yours isn't the only play in the world!

Yours should be a land of flowers, Perfumed air and sunny hours; Eastern fires within you rise, Matchless, melting, dark brown eyes.

Yours are the morning and the day: You should be taught of wind and light; Your learning should be born of play.

I don't mind your being a Yankee if you continue to act that way.

Here, I've been admiring your fine talk about your being a laborer, about what you'd do if you ever got the power.

My trade is peace, and politics, and liberty, while your's is war.

Yours is a cruel government, Harold, that would make traitors of such men.

how can you answer your being a tippling when you should stand Sentinel? Core.

" "It's true," said Aaron, "and yours is the wite.

Yours is honest, open cut and thrust!"

185 Metaphors for  yours