41 Words to use with affairs

BUSH, ROBERT N. Cooperative contemporary affairs test for college students.

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In half an hour he returned, and begged me to keep the affair secret.

But if he's guilty, he won't bring one.' 'Anyhow,' I said, 'I feel it is our duty not to let the affair drop.

The Foreign affairs reader.

"Nell, don't let that little affair o' yours with Sims be known," he said, quietly.

(Public affairs pamphlet, no.107)

The affair hath need of deliberation, I do assure you.

" "You said a while ago that you would know all about this affair day after to-morrow.

We beg and entreat, as you will answer to your country, to your own consciences, and, above all, as you will answer to God himself, that you will hasten and encourage, by all possible means, the enlistment of men to form an army, and send them forward to headquarters at Cambridge, with that expedition which the vast importance and instant urgency of the affair demand.

4.A new year has commenced, but the old afflictions are still continued, both inwardly and outwardly; for even in temporal affairs disappointments rage high.

Well the whole affair doth show So much curious contradiction, That, my thought, a brief discourse You

In state affairs education should have authority reserved to it, and certain established interests, especially the rights of property, should be exempted from popular control; and the effectual means of securing these ends is to magnify the representatives of education and property to such a degree that they will retain deciding power.

Pete had a small compass, a gimcrack affair hangin' to his watch-chain, an' we pulled by it west-sou'-west towards the nighest land, which we made out must be some one or another o' the Leeward Islands; but 'twas more to keep ourselves busy than for aught else: the boat was so low in the water that even with the Trade to help us, we made but a mile an hour, an' had to be balin' all day and all night.

We went a long, long way outfar beyond the thirty-fathom line, which is, as all sailors acquainted with those waters know, a good seven miles from shore; indeed, as I afterwards reckoned, we were more than twice that distance from Berwick pier-end when the affair happenedperhaps still further.

Because, replied Hippocrates, domestic affairs hinder, necessary to be done for ourselves, neighbours, friends; expenses, diseases, frailties and mortalities which happen; wife, children, servants, and such business which deprive us of our time.

But now, to the all-important point on which the whole affair hinges!

He had a feeling that Claire, having exhausted the novelties of her position as accompanist to Lily Condor, was beginning to find the affair irksome.

" "But, Aunty," I cried, "what a horribly prosy, matter-of-fact affair life would be in any other view!

Every father and mother is witness to what I am about to say, viz., that every father and mother have shown in the domestic affairs matchless power of suffering.

In farming affairs money can be got together only in the slow passage of years; experience has proved that beyond a doubt.

Such talk is not nice, Leonan affair!" "Love-affair poppycock!" said Leon Kantor, lifting his mothers face and kissing her on eyes about ready to tear.

"Thou makest no reply?" "Signore, you have my answer; affairs press, and my visit to the convent of San Bernardo has been made.

I thought last night we had a great failure, and that nothing will make that affair prosper.

It takes an organization finer than the ordinary to perceive, and live up to the perception, that the fact that you have hired a man for a certain sum of money per month to cook your food or drive your horses gives you no right to ask him in regard to his private, personal affairs prying questions which you would not dare to put to common acquaintances in society.

41 Words to use with  affairs