12 Words to use with agreement

He will roar you down, he will bury his face in his hands, he will undergo passions of revolt and agony; and meanwhile his attitude of mind is really both conciliatory and receptive; and after Pistol has been out-Pistol'd, and the welkin rung for hours, you begin to perceive a certain subsidence in these spring torrents, points of agreement issue, and you end arm-in-arm, and in a glow of mutual admiration.

Practice In English; a workbook in fundamentals, test in agreement achievement.

If we look at these conditions as a whole, it appears that on the continent of Europe the power of the Central European Triple Alliance and that of the States united against it by alliance and agreement balance each other, provided that Italy belongs to the league.

The agreement of his desire with his own judgment, with the precept of his taste, pleases, lack of agreement displeases.


There was a silent feeling of agreement manifest among them; their looks responded with that indefinable expression which always follows when a speaker has uttered the thought that has been slumbering in the hearts of his listeners.

Agreement provisional,' Properly baited with sound L.S.D., Ought to entice you!"

The courses in mathematics, mechanics and physics are the same as those in the engineering school; but the technical studies embrace drawing from casts, wood, stone, brick, and iron construction, turners' work, slating, plastering, painting, and plumbing, architectural drawing and designing, the history and aesthetics of architecture, estimates, agreements specification, heating, lighting, draining, and ventilation.

Having been considered in the light of binding agreements subsidiary to the principal treaty, and to be carried into execution without delay, they do not provide for any formal ratification or exchange of ratifications by the contracting parties.

I said, in my opinion, if war was forced upon France then on the question of Moroccoa question which had just been the subject of agreement between this country and France, an agreement exceedingly popular on both sidesthat if out of that agreement war was forced on France at that time, in my view public opinion in this country would have rallied to the material support of France.

In return for the possession of the land, and for the protection guaranteed by the European governments, one, and one only demand was madenamely, that a certain accommodation should be offeredthe amount determined by agreement year by yearboth for these Retreat-houses in general, and for what were called "Hospitals-of-God" in particular.

The parties shall by agreement arrange for the submission of the controversy to arbitration mutually agreed upon, or to the Arbitral Tribunal hereinafter referred to.

12 Words to use with  agreement