80 Words to use with airiest

It had on one corner a square tower, which began by being a shed attached to the kitchen, then was promoted to bearing up a chamber for grain, and at last was topped off by a fine airy room, projecting on all sides over the other two, and having great casement windows reaching close up to the broad, hanging eaves.

As mutton, when freshly killed, is never tender, hang it almost as long as it will keep; flour it, and put it in a cool airy place for a few days, if the weather will permit.

It was in this delicious place, under the shadow of "smooth Quantock's airy ridge," that Wordsworth's genius came of age.

as the roosting-place of dreams in gloomy Orcus: "Full in the midst a spreading elm displayed His aged arms, and cast a mighty shade; Each trembling leaf with some light visions teems, And leaves impregnated with airy dreams.

But, tho' the streets of Cattaro are narrow, yet they are civilized and airy-looking compared with those of Traü, and the little paved squares, as so often along this coast, suggest the memory of the ruling city.

Nature, that heard such sound, Beneath the hollow round Of Cynthia's seat the airy region thrilling, Now was almost won To think her part was done, And that her reign had here its last fulfilling: She knew such harmony alone Could hold all heaven and earth in happier union.

We are little airy creatures, All of different voice and features; One of us in glass is set, One of us

When by the breath of fortune blown, Your airy castles were o'erthrown; Have I been over-prone to blame, Or mortified your hours with shame?

Believe not Fate at thy command Will grant a meed she never gave; As soon the airy tower shall stand, That's built upon a passing wave.

The lid was raised; the prisoner said, "Behold my airy play!" Then quickly on the wing he fled Away, away, away!

That fluttering whisper, low and near, Was the far battle-blare; An airy rippling motion here, The blasting thunder there.

We were hoisted by the waves upon the beach, and found there a considerable crowd, with the Governor, Sir W. Denison; Sir H. Grant, etc., and a guard of honour, to receive us; Sir W.D. drove me out to this place, Guindy, which is about eight miles from the town, and consists of a charming airy house, in a large park.

Now to the left her ivory neck inclines, And leads in Paphian curves its azure lines; 115 Dark waves the fringed lid, the warm cheek glows, And the fair ear the parting locks disclose; Now to the right with airy sweep she bends, Quick join the threads, the dancing spole depends.

Whether it was owing to the attempt to overcome his impediment by making his speech musical, or to the cadences of his hammer beating time while his brain was shaping its airy fancies, his thoughts ran naturally in verse.

No step retreating, on the sand impress'd, Invites the visit of a second guest; No refluent fin the unpeopled stream divides, No revolant pinion cleaves the airy tides; 235 Nor handed moles, nor beaked worms return, That mining pass the irremeable bourn.

At other times he would tell her of his home beyond the sea, and Maggie, listening to him while he described its airy halls, its noble parks, its shaded walks, and musical fountains, would sometimes wish aloud that she might one day see that spot which seemed to her so much like paradise.

Monty, in his usual airy way, tried to make the best of the situation and draw attention away from his evident inability to cope with the situation.

It was the sensation of being borne aloftaloftby a force external to myselfsuch a sensation as might possibly tingle through an earthworm when lifted into illimitable airy heights by the strongly-daring pinions of an eagle.

It consists of nine stanzas, of which I shall here cite the first three, dividing them into feet as above: "When the fierce | North Wind, | with his | airy | forces, Rears up the | Baltic | to a | foaming | fury; And the red | lightning | with a | storm of | hail comes Rushing a | -main down; How the poor | sailors | stand a | -maz'd and | tremble!

And as I gazed with love and awe Upon that sylph-like thing, Methought that airy form must be The fairy of the spring.

Fallen chimnies, however, expose the airy fraud, and the clock blown completely out of Saint Cow's steeple reveals what a high time there has been.

There'd been dozens and dozens of young ladies that had flitted by in their airy frocksand I never looked twice at them.

His airy gayety, coming to him from a thousand sources, communicated itself to the family, and Ilbrahim was like a domesticated sunbeam, brightening moody countenances, and chasing away the gloom from the dark corners of the cottage.

he said, with an airy gesture.

They mean not to exchange solid money for such airy honour.

80 Words to use with  airiest